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3+ Reference Letter Format Template for Effective Effect

Do you know how to compose the proper and correct reference letter format? If you don’t, no need to worry or be ashamed. Not everyone has the skill to compose such a letter because of various reasons. First of all, not everyone has ever been asked to write a reference letter. Second, not everyone is WILLING to write such a letter, considering the heavy social burden and mental responsibility it bears. But it doesn’t hurt to learn about the letter and the right structure. Who knows? Maybe you will have to write this kind of letter one day.


Reference Letter Functionality

If you want to think of it, a reference letter is basically used to vouch for someone – for some people, it is considered to endorse someone regarding their character, knowledge, ability, skills, and experience. It is common for the admission manager or committee to ask the reference letter when you apply for a further academic grade or when you apply for a job. Since the hiring manager or admission committee isn’t familiar with your ability, they need the extra information to help make crucial decision. So you shouldn’t be too surprised when you are asked to include the letter along your resume.

Compose the Reference Letter

Here are some facts about the reference letter that you should know:

  • The structure of the letter is similar to other letters
  • You need to provide the information about the nature of your relationship with the person being recommended – aside from the information you provide about his/her skills, ability, and qualification.
  • The construction for reference letter for either employment or education is just the same although the contents should be different.
  • It would be a great idea to see (and then review) the examples so you know how to properly construct, manage, and compose the letter
  • Don’t be too rigid when constructing the letter. Be ready to be flexible and make changes, especially if you want to make sure that the letter will fit the required contents.


How to compose the reference letter format correctly? If you want to compose the letter properly and correctly, there are some elements that you should include:

  • Contact information. You need to write the recipient’s contact info as well as yours. The recipients and your contact info should be written on the top part of the letter. But if you send the letter by email, your contact info should be included in your signature.
  • The way of writing the subject should be ‘Reference for [first name] [last name]’. For instance, Subject: Reference for John Watkins
  • If you know the name of the recipient, include ‘Dear [name]’ but if you don’t, no need to write salutation at all.
  • Paragraph 1 containing your explanation to the person being recommended, such as how long you have known them, how you know them, and why you are considered qualified for the letter
  • Paragraph 2 containing specific info of the person being recommended, including their qualifications, their contribution, and why you are writing the letter.
  • This is the part where you can offer more info when needed.

As you can see from the reference letter format, you won’t have to deal with difficulty if you now the right format.

7+ Sponsorship Letter Template, Functions and Elements

Those who are seeking for sponsorship often use the so-called sponsorship letter to convey their messages as well as requesting for sponsorship – usually in the financial sector. Not many people know that there is such a template for the letter. As long as you understand the basic purpose and you know how to make use of it to the highest level, the letter can be super beneficial and useful.

The Sponsorship Letter in General

This is the letter used to request services, goods, or money for sponsorship. This kind of letter is generally sent by an event organizer or a team to businesses or people. When the businesses are willing to provide sponsorship, they get an exchange in promotional form. The promotion usually covers the company’s logo, product, and names – they will be advertised within the event.

What does the sponsorship letter include?

  • The request for the service or products or money from the company
  • The reasons why the businesses can benefit from sponsoring the event or the team
  • The letter also includes the various levels or sponsorship amounts
  • As a part of a personalized letter, this type of letter can be easily adjusted and tweaked so the contents can be simplified to a certain needs.

Sponsorship Reasons

When a team is requesting for a sponsorship, they have various reasons. The reasons may include:

  • The reason why the team wants to have the donation – they may need the traveling cost, they want to buy a new equipment, etc.
  • They may request a sponsorship for an event, helping to establish the opportunity as well as the credibility of the event organizer.
  • In short, the sponsorship is generally requested is relation to the cost and the budgets. In most cases, the allocated budgets aren’t enough than the actual cost so the events will need to have the extra income. That’s why the team is looking for financial assistance and the extra money.

Sponsoring Teams and Events

When the team sends the sponsorship letter, it may be appealing to a business – mostly because they know that they have the opportunity to promote their products during the events. They may request for elements such as:

  • Having the company’s logo – placed on the uniforms, equipment, or trophies
  • Having the opportunity to sell products on the behalf of the company’s name
  • The businesses can request for such a thing – depending on their negotiation with the requesters asking for the sponsorship. In most cases, the requester and the business can have a serious discussion of the benefits they can gain.

A Word of Advice

Despite how professional or how well the letter is composed, there isn’t always a guarantee that the letter will be fruitful. In some cases, the companies (being asked for the sponsorship) may not see the benefits of giving any sponsorship so they may reject the request. It is also possible that they don’t have the resources and the finance so they can’t help you with the sponsorship. It is worth to try, though, because the sponsorship letter can be an effective way to ask for financial aid and assistance.

19+ Recommendation Letter Template Example for Functional Use

Having different kinds of recommendation letter example can be quite handy and useful, especially if you are required to write such a recommendation letter. Not many people know that recommendation letter comes in various types and models, including academic and employment letter. Based on the different types of letters, there are different formats and elements included in the letter. If you know the difference, you can come up with different outcome without compromising the quality of the contents.

About Recommendation Letter in General

Despite the differences of the letter, the letter has one shared similarity: it is used to vouch a person about his/her expertise, personal qualities, and professional abilities. Whether you are an academic professor or a former supervisor asked to write such a letter, you need to know the basic structure of the letter. Yes, the letter is based on your personal experience and interaction with the person being recommended, but it doesn’t mean that you can jumble everything on a piece of paper and blabber your experience with the person. You can say that writing such a letter can be challenging, so the recommendation letter example can be a good guidance.

The Different Types of Recommendation Letter

If you want to consult professional websites and check the types of templates they have for this kind of letter, you will see that they have different kinds of letter type and variant.

  • There is a template or example for professional and very formal letter of recommendation, including the handy tips to compose everything and mail the letter
  • There is a template for a recommendation letter written by a friend or a co-worker.
  • There is a template for the letter – both in the form of traditional letter and email. Such an information is usually accompanied by examples to make it clear
  • There is a template for academic recommendation letter written by an academic professor for the sake of continuing one’s study.
  • There is a letter to ask someone (your former supervisor, employer, or professor or teacher) to write the letter in behalf of your name. In some cases, you may learn about requesting such a letter politely so people would be willing to help you.
  • There is a template for personal or character recommendation letter. This is basically just the same as the regular letter but with the focus on the characters and personal traits.
  • There is a template for email recommendation letter. This is focusing on sending the recommendation letter via email.

If you see the various recommendation letter example, you can decide which one to choose for your personal needs.


Important Considerations

There are some things that people fail to see when it comes to writing a recommendation letter.

  • Not everyone can write the recommendation letter. Such a letter is written by someone who is very familiar with the person being recommended.
  • The letter should feel familiar with good knowledge of the person. If the letter is written by someone who isn’t familiar with the person being recommended, it will feel empty and bland.

The recommendation letter example can provide a guide for composing the letter, but don’t forget to include your personal opinion to it.

20+ Personal Letter Template Format, the Different Types of Letter

When we are talking about personal letter format, there isn’t any rigid or exact standard regulation to write the letter. After all, a personal letter is different from a formal letter which has its own standard, regulation, format, structure, and construction. A personal letter has a free form and it isn’t as rigid as the formal one. But then again, there are different kinds of personal letter and a standard guidance in the writing.

Personal Letter and Its Understanding

As the name suggests, a personal letter is a letter containing personal info such as news sharing, lifestyle introduction, and such thing alike. That’s why a personal letter format is more flexible and free. It is a letter that is often exchanged between friends. Unlike the formal letters that are often included in formal matters, such as business or politics, the personal letter is about your personal life and how you connect to other people. It is basically like using the old-school and traditional methods of reaching out and interacting with people – communicating and talking about the regular stuff such as school, work, life around you, and such thing like.

Different Variants of the Letter

You probably don’t realize this but a personal letter is divided into various types and forms.

  • Fan mail is a letter directed to your idol. When you admire someone and become their fans, the fan mail will be your expression of admiration. Of course, you need to use polite words to convey your meaning. Who knows? Maybe if they like your letter, they will write you back.
  • Pen pal is someone living far away from you, and you exchange news and information by letters regularly. In the old days, pen pal is done through traditional letter exchange. But now, you can find online pen pal.
  • Farewell is a letter when you say goodbye. When you move out or when you are preparing yourself to be departed from them, this letter is written to state the reasons and to send your best wishes
  • Love letter is the oldest way of communication. As the name suggests, a love letter contains true and pure expression and also affection. It is a sweet letter full of romance.
  • Thank you letter is a letter you send when you want to express your gratitude. Let’s say that you have been invited to a gala dinner or you are given a gift. The thank you letter can convey your message and your appreciation toward the gesture.
  • Get well letter is written when you wish someone to get well soon. When someone you know is hospitalized or sick, you are expressing your concern along with best wishes so they can experience speedy recovery. Such a letter can be a good encouragement so they will recover soon enough.


There are more about this type of personal letter that you can learn about. Condolence or congratulation letter is also included in the section. Knowing how to compose the right personal letter format can really help although the standard form is flexible and free.

9+ Simple Resignation Letter Template to Show Courteous Action

A simple resignation letter can help you with positive memory, good name, and graceful way of leaving your job. Just because you are quitting, it doesn’t always mean that you should leave a bad image with the previous company or employer – no matter how bad they have treated you. Don’t go with ‘an eye for an eye’ thing because you’ll never know what’s going to happen in the future. Who knows? Maybe you decide to go back to working in the old place. Or you will need a reference letter from your ex employer. If you have bad beef with them, say goodbye to those things because it is likely that they will reject you.

The Basic Principle of a Resignation Letter

What’s the function of a resignation letter, anyway? Well, it is basically a written notice about your leaving with the information about the last day of work and when it will be effective. Here are some facts about the simple resignation letter:

  • This letter isn’t an explanation or a confession letter. You don’t owe anyone an apology or even an explanation about your leaving.
  • Even if you don’t state your gratitude for the working and professional opportunity in the company, it would be polite and courteous if you can do such a thing. Again, you want to leave the job in the most elegant manner so being thankful for the opportunity of working there is considered a good manner.
  • Quitters aren’t associated with negative image – it is their attitude that is often getting the negative review. When you quit your job but you do it in the most courteous and polite way, you won’t have to worry about a thing. There’s no hurt feeling. However, things would be different if you create a drama related to your quitting. This what usually creates bad beef and negative reputation.
  • A letter can determine whether you can have a positive and bright future in the industry or deal with the bleak possibility. When you have a bad beef with someone, especially your former employer, it is likely that it will stay. And if your former employer decides to spread your negative reputation over the social media, what can you do? Nothing, right?
  • A two week time period is the standard time limit to submit your letter unless your company has its own policy. Some companies may set a month period or even three weeks period. Read the company’s policy. If you can’t find such a thing, then the two weeks notice should do it.

The Important Element

When you are composing a simple resignation letter, there are some important elements to consider:

  • Don’t forget to include the needed structures and components, such as greetings, contact information, and closing signature
  • The body of the letter mainly consists of these things:
  • Your notification or statement about you leaving the job
  • The last date for you to remain in the company
  • The gratitude for the opportunity for working there
  • The offer to help with the transition

In the end, you can always see the example of a resignation letter to write a proper letter. Who says composing a simple resignation letter is difficult?

3+ Personal Letter Format Template, Writing the Right Format

Because of the modern technologies and its development, not many people are quite familiar with personal letter format. You have to admit that the digital and modern technologies have reduced the social interactions between people. Modern people have gotten used to the social media platforms – interacting with text messages, social media accounts, etc – and they aren’t familiar with the written letter and documentation. However, if you want to share personal info or news, the personal letter can be useful. But how do you come up with such a format?

The Development of Written Letters and Documents

The digital technologies have their own perks and benefits. The emails, smartphones, and computers have helped people to efficiently manage their tasks and activities. However, not many people are familiar with personal writing composition. In fact, not many people are still practicing traditional letter writing anymore because they already have video chats, social media, or message apps. In short, today people are accustomed to have a live talking and conversation with their loved ones instead of writing their feelings down.

On the contrary to what people think or believe, writing a letter doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Writing a letter can be cool and even therapeutically. Once you know about the personal letter format, you can exchange or share news and updates. Of course, the personal letter doesn’t have to follow the standard official formal documents – the personal letter has a ‘free’ structure and construction. But then again, it doesn’t mean that the personal letter doesn’t have its own standard. If you know the general and standard format, it helps you composing a fun and friendly letter.

How to Compose the Letter

It is probably your first time writing the letter, so it is only logical when you aren’t familiar with the proper personal letter format. So, how do you compose the letter?

  • The letter should be started with your address and names on the right upper area.
  • Under the name and address of the sender, you should write the recipient’s name and address. It is common to write them on the left side area. However, it is also possible to write both your sender and recipient’s names and address on the left side area. Just skip a line from the sender and recipient information
  • Write the date on the left side area, under the contact information
  • Don’t forget to write your salutation or greeting. It is a polite way to do
  • Write the contents of the letter under the greeting. It would be better to divide them in paragraphs because it will make the structure neater and easier to read. Whether you want to use indentation or not, it is up to you.
  • Close the letter with a greeting such as ‘Love’, ‘Yours’, or ‘Sincerely Yours,’. But then again, the greetings depend on your preference. After the greeting, sign the letter and include your name underneath.
  • If you forget to include an extra detail, you can include it with a Postscript or usually known as the PS.

That’s the basic personal letter format that you can start with.

8+ Simple Resignation Letter the Elegant Option

You probably have never thought that a simple resignation letter can play an important part in your reputation and social name. When people are submitting the resignation letter, it is often accompanied by drama and negative feelings – often leading to the person resigning gaining negative reputation and bad name. So, what should you do when you want to resign in the most elegant manner without leaving any bad feeling or whatsoever?

Resignation Letter Facts

When you want to leave your job, it is crucial that you do it in the most positive manner. Although you may have some negative beef with the management, some of your colleagues, or even your supervisor, it is crucial that you keep the letter straightforward, short, and simple without having to pour out your negative energy and thoughts. Keep in mind that you only need to have these 3 S when you are writing your resignation letter: short, simple, and straightforward.

The important facts to remember about elegant resignation letter:

  • On the contrary to what people believe, it is crucial to have simple resignation letter. A resignation letter doesn’t have to complicated or fussy.
  • Writing a simple letter doesn’t have to include the reasons for you to leave the job. A simple thank you and the information of your last day would be enough. The thank you note isn’t mandatory but it is needed when you want to show how courteous you are for the experience.
  • Being polite and courteous is needed although some people may choose to show how jerk they are
  • The elegant letter can leave you with good reputation and positive name. When you leave, it doesn’t leave any hurtful feeling or whatsoever. It gives you a chance to get back to the work, when needed. The positive letter can also help you with better networking and connection. Let’s say that you are leaving the job but you do it in a very positive manner. It is possible that your ex-employer will help you with better connection and working expansion possibility.

The Importance of a Resignation Letter

The resignation is created for a reason, and it is done for professional reasons and purposes.

  • First of all, the letter provides information to the HRD and other departments that you are leaving. It helps them make transition process go smoother and simpler. Imagine when you suddenly stop – the chaos they have to deal with your employment record, the accounting management, and such thing alike.
  • It helps the related department to manage their workflow better so they don’t have to make an abrupt change and transformation.
  • It provides an information about the effective time management for the work. Instead of having to deal with the confusion of talking to your employer, the letter can cut all of the hassle and complication.

In the general guidance and line, the resignation letter can provide an effective way to inform the employer about your leaving. It only required info is to state the last working day or date, and the statement that you will leave. A simple resignation letter doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.

20+ Reference Letter Template Main Contents

Consulting the reference letter template can be an efficient way to help you write an effective and efficient reference letter. Also known as the recommendation letter, this task isn’t for everyone. Some people may struggle with the composition and the details, while others may be able to do it flawlessly. If someone asks you to write the letter, it would be wise if you know some specific details first before you proceed with the task.

The Principle of Reference Letter

Reference letter is a written documentation that provides a positive support for the intended person. It should be written in a positive mood, highlighting the personal traits, characteristics, professional abilities and skills, and other positive elements needed – whether it is for applying for a job or applying for schools. If you are asked to write such a letter, be sure that you understand the responsibility of writing such a task.

The Important Elements and Considerations

Although you can always consult the reference letter template, it is the content that matters. Of course, it would be great if you can combine the contents and the layout, but you should pay attention to the contents as the main highlight. To produce and compose such a positive and convincing letter, here are some things you should consider:

  • Really think seriously before you say yes. When you write such a reference letter, you should be able to highlight the positive characteristics of the person. It means that you should know the person in order to write an honest and truthful letter. If you don’t know anything about the person or you only know a little, the letter will seem empty and somewhat fake. It’s better to refuse writing the letter than to produce an empty document – or even worse, write a negative letter about the person.
  • Don’t forget to ask for information about the person. Although you may know the personal personally, it doesn’t hurt to learn about their professional background or history. Ask for their CV or resume. You’d be surprised to know that you will definitely find and learn new things about them.
  • Be sure to get all the (smallest) details. Don’t forget to ask about the submission deadline, what kind of format you should use or he/she prefers, to whom the letter is sent to, and such thing alike.

Composing the Letter

Besides knowing the important elements of the reference letter template, you should also know the structure and layout.

  • Contact information. It should be the contact information of the recipient and yours.
  • This is important so you shouldn’t skip it. It would be best if you can address the person by the name, but if you don’t know, then the ‘Admission Committee’ or ‘Hiring Manager’ should do it.
  • In this section, you should explain you and the person’s relationship.
  • Body overview. This is the section where you can highlight the person’s characteristics and skills.
  • You can offer the recipient to contact you for further info
  • Don’t forget to include your signature and complete name underneath. That’s the complete layout for the reference letter template.

18+ Reference Letter Template for Professional Outcome

Although you can always get the reference letter template from most websites or sources, it doesn’t hurt if you can also learn about the contents or how to compose it well. You may want to have your own collection because you will be asked for a reference letter soon or later. In most cases, most people admit that they are asked such a letter at some point of their lives, mostly at some points of their job. Having the knowledge can be useful and you will never know when you are going to need it.

The Overall Function

Also known as the recommendation letter, the reference letter is a written document that specifies one’s skills, work experience, expertise, academic performance, or personal qualities. It can be written by a colleague, teacher, an employer, a former employer, or someone else.

Keep in mind, though, that such a letter can only be written by someone who knows you personally well enough and he/she can provide a fair assessment and objective opinion. The person should have a certain higher position in an academic institution or working establishment, such as the supervisor, the head manager, the teacher, or the principal. You can’t have a reference letter written by your mom or your friend. It may seem obvious but some people HAVE tried this before.

When You Need the Letter

So, when would you need the letter? And how the reference letter template can help? Here are some facts that you need to know about this kind of letter.

  • When you want to apply for colleges, a volunteer position, an internship, a new job, or a graduate school, you will need this kind of letter.
  • In most cases, you will need to provide at least 3 letters from 3 different people
  • The content of the reference letter should be positive and it is used to ‘endorse’ your attributes and skills.
  • The reference letter can be offered by the applicant or they can be asked by the admission committee or a new employer
  • The letter should be written by those who are familiar with you so the content won’t be empty

The Differences and What to Include

You probably don’t know this, but there are two major types of reference letter:

  • The professional reference letter, which is generally written by a colleague, a professor, a client, or a supervisor that is familiar with your skills and achievement in the work related environment. The letter usually contains your responsibilities and positions in the company.
  • The personal reference letter, which is generally written by a neighbor, a mentor, or a family friend that can provide positive support for your personal trait and characters. It describes the relationship between you and the writer. This kind of letter may be needed for social related work, such as volunteer work.

In the end, choosing the right template for the right reference letter can be worth it. It may take the extra time and effort, but if done properly, it can be a fruitful outcome. Have you started the reference letter template collection, yet?

13+ Apology Letter Template and How to Compose It

Although writing an apology letter requires your personal sincerity in the composition, having the template can really help. Everyone makes error – it is inevitable as we are only human. But then again, if you know how to compose the right letter, it can be a great deal. If the structure is solid and the content is touchy, then you should be able to make a heart-felt and sincere letter that makes the recipient less angry at you.

The Importance of Apology Letter

Making mistakes is humane. What’s important is to own to your mistakes now and to admit it. The question is: how to apologize properly? Knowing how to do it properly and elegantly requires a certain skill. Having written the letter will somewhat create a permanent record – it highlights your actions about how you are responding to it.

Why would you need the apology letter template, after all?

  • First of all, we all have this concept that somewhat believes that making mistakes will tarnish our good characters. But the actual problem is when you aren’t apologizing – it will seriously damage your reputation and characters.
  • Most people associate mistakes with being a bad person. Well, I believe that making mistakes is completely humane as long as you learn from the mistake
  • Most people are ashamed when they make mistakes because they can’t stand other people’s judgment and opinion.
  • People tend to be defensive when they make mistakes because of the previous reasons mentioned before.
  • They are afraid that apologizing will make them open and vulnerable to more accusations. But you need to know that when you don’t apologize, other people will build resentment toward you. There is a sense of ‘an unfinished business’ and for some people, it doesn’t provide the closure they need.

Apology Letter Important Elements

When you are composing an apology letter, there are some crucial elements to include in your apology letter, such as:

  • Simply state that you are sorry. Don’t say ‘I’m sorry, but…” because it will make other people unsatisfied. There is a sense that you are apologizing out of force. Just say, “I’m sorry.”
  • Be responsible. Simply own your mistake. Show them that you are aware of your mistakes and you want to be responsible for it
  • Describe what happened. Instead of being defensive and deflect the blame to others, you can explain them that you completely understand why they are angry and you understand the situation.
  • Come up with a plan. Tell them your intention to fix the issue.
  • Admit your mistakes. A big heart is needed for admitting that you are wrong. People can see that and they can see your quality.
  • Ask for their forgiveness. Apologize. Even if they don’t want to do it, you have tried.

Final Words

As you can see from these examples and stages, you will see that apologizing isn’t as hard as you think as long as you are willing to open up your heart. The apology letter template has provided a guidance but the content should come from your heart.