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Free Rental Agreement Template Contents

Getting a free rental agreement template is possible because such a template can be found in reliable websites and sources. Also known as the lease agreement, this kind of agreement has a legal binding between 2 different parties, mostly the tenant and the landlord. The lease agreement would cover the residential agreements and the important elements that should be found in this written document.

The Most Crucial Elements

F you see the free rental agreement example, you should know that the agreement has these elements:

  • The premise, which can include the basement, the attic, a condominium, an apartment, or a house
  • The landlord who is the owner of the premise. This party is often referred to as the Lessor.
  • The tenant who is the renter living in the premise. This party is often referred to as the Lessee
  • The rent which refers to the sum of money paid by the lessee to the lessor
  • The term which is the time length where the tenant has the right to stay within the premise


Why Is the Agreement Important?

Why would you need the rental agreement?

  • First of all, when two parties are making a deal, especially in the formal tone, they need to have a formal written documents that would bind them legally. Based on the law, the two parties have their own rights and obligations.
  • The documents are designed to help both the lessor and the lessee to understand their rights and obligations. The documents are also designed to prevent further problems that may arise if the detailed points haven’t been laid out in the detailed manner.
  • The documentation can provide evidence and it can be used as a proof. The oral agreement, doesn’t have any legal binding power, and it can’t be used in the court of law. Whereas the written documentation is more accurate, it is not so with the oral one.


Some Example Details

These are some examples of free rental agreement points that can be made between the lessor and lessee.

For the landlord, they promise to:

  • Respect the lessee’s privacy, including not making surprise visit.
  • Maintain and repair the AC or heater
  • Provide a clean and also safe home to the lessee
  • Return the lessee’s deposit if they are proven to treat the premise well like their own. The condition should be good by the end of the lease
  • Tell the lessees in advance about their coming or entering the premise to show something, six something, or show someone else the property

For the tenant, they promise to:

  • Pay the lessor each month on time within the specific date or day
  • Pay the utility, including heating, water, gas, and light
  • Live in the premise with immediate family
  • Not to have pets without asking the lessor first
  • Not starting any illegal business

If you are the landlord, having the agreement can provide a big help and relief, especially if the property is damaged during the lease. If you are the tenant, you make sure that your rights are all covered. That’s why it is crucial to have the free rental agreement template for composing the actual document.

8+ Confidentiality Agreement Template

Every entrepreneur seems to need to protect all confidential information and the confidentiality agreement document will help you to get that. We will show you why this thing is important as well as the guide to create one.

About the confidentiality agreement

We also call it as the non-disclosure agreement or the NDA. In order to protect the confidential information of your property or business, you need to have this document to maintain the competitive advantage. Basically, it can be used to protect any intellectual property from going into the wrong place. Writing the NDA before share the confidential information is important, so both parties accept every duty and privilege.

The purpose of the confidentiality agreement

The NDA is really useful to protect your business.  If you want to protect your confidential information about the business and do not want it goes public, this form will make it legal. If another party did the opposite then you can bring it to the legal way or suing the party who has violated the signed contract.

Other than that, this form can also be used for a consultant who has confidential information about a company or project. The form will separate the information that can be and cannot be revealed to the public. The agreement is formal and both sides have to sign on the document. Generally, there are two types of NDA documents.

The first is a unilateral NDA, which is about one party that agrees to not disclose a certain kind of information about another party. This is the most common NDA contracts. If you have a business and you use a service from contractors then you can use this document to not share the information outside.

The second type is a mutual NDA, which will include both parties to acknowledge not sharing each other’s information to the public. Typically, the mutual NDA is used when both parties have confidential information.

How to write a confidentiality agreement

This document is very straightforward compared to other documents for business agreement. Other than the signatures of both parties, there are at least two main things you must include in the document. First of all, make sure which type of NDA you will use.

The first thing that must be included in the document is the confidential information that cannot be shared with the public. It must be clear and exact because, in fact, you can state a very specific piece of information that you want to protect. The term “business practice” is hard to define after all.

Other than that, do not forget to state the period of the NDA will last. The time frame includes the date of the NDA will run.

The guidelines for the NDA document

If the NDA is violated, the party who shared the information to the public can be sued for damage and payback the profit lost from another party. Even in some cases, it can lead to a criminal charge. Feel free to ask a lawyer if your agreement is breached by another party and this is the end of the confidentiality agreement.

4+ Sales Agreement Template Sample

Be More Convinced in Selling Product Through Sales Agreement Template Sample


sales agreement template sample is instrumental when you have to sell the products to other parties. This template will be helpful both for the seller and purchaser.

The sales agreement template sample is also well-known as a template of a business purchase agreement. This template will be used when there are parties involved in making a corporation in product sales.


The Definition Of Sales Agreement Template Sample 

Before talking about the BackgroundBackground to make this template, it’s better to know about the sales agreement. It is an agreement in which two parties who are the seller and the buyer agree to the rights to the sale.

There are several terms of the deal between both involved parties in the sales agreement template sample. The arrangements are about what should be included and excluded in the template that is known by both parties.

1. The Background to create sales agreement template sample

When you decide to make a template of this agreement, there will be several backgrounds as the base elements you need to do it. They can be:

  • When you want to sell a particular product. This agreement will probably be used by the seller and buyer to complete the terms of the agreement.
  • The agreement will set forth the restrictive clauses which can ensure that both parties abide by the restrictions
  • The contract can avoid the misunderstanding from both parties. It can be used to check both parties have agreed on the terms before the transaction happens.

2. What should be in the sales agreement template sample?

There are some terms you need to know to create a template of the sales agreement.

  • Restrictive Clauses: the template may contain the conditional statements, including non-solicitation, confidentiality, covenant to compete, and non-disclosure.
  • Liabilities that are assumed: this could be about the loans, balances.
  • Assignment and assumption
  • Products: there will be a description of the sales of the product.
  • The attorney needs to be involved in making this agreement. It is essential to understand the local law, which as the umbrella law for any transaction.


The careful steps should be taken in composing the sales agreement template sample so that the bad situation and condition assumed do not happen in the future.


If you still hesitate to make this sales agreement template sample, you can search on the internet to give yourself an overview of the agreement. Then, you can create one by yourself, or you can download the template and customize it based on your need.



5+ Lease Agreement Template

Get To Know More About Lease Agreement Template Sample


lease When a lessee can agreement template sample is used when there is an agreement of property rental by a lessee. This agreement should fulfill the needs of both parties.

Rent property like an apartment or a house, there is a bunch of paperwork assigned. One of the standard paperwork attached is the lease agreement template sample. Both the tenant and the owner will be bound by this agreement.


What Is A Lease Agreement Template Sample?

It is a contract that is made and known by the landlord and a tenant or lessee. Through this agreement, a landlord gives a lessee the right to stay and live in a property during a specific period.

The lease agreement template sample will help both parties to understand each term of the agreement. Moreover, the involved parties can give an objection to one of the words written in an agreement. So, what is included in it?

1. The terms in lease agreement template sample

The template consists of several sections that should not be missed, such as:

  • The all parties’ names involved in the agreement
  • The location of the property, as well as a description of it.
  • The occupancy limits and terms
  • Utilities included and the rent fee
  • Security deposit
  • Late fee
  • Maintenance, repairs, and alternations
  • The access to the property
  • Pets terms and rules
  • Signatures of both parties

2. The difference between the lease agreement and rental agreement

For some people, they view these two agreements as one. If you still get confused with both terms, you need to read this part carefully. These two agreements have a slight difference. That is in the part of the period of the contract.

For the lease agreement, it is usually between the landlord and the lessee who rents the property. The period that is usually stated in the lease agreement template sample is more extended than the rental agreement. It is about 6 to 12 months.


While the rental agreement usually has a shorter time. It is generally for 30 days or month to month agreement. The rental agreement will be renewed if the end of the month is nearly coming, but different treatment is for the lease agreement. It is not restored until the mentioned time is over.


Now, you have known the difference between those agreements. If you want to create one, especially the lease agreement template sample, it is essential to know the tenants. You can be sure that there will be not any problem disturbing you in the future.



3+ Rental Agreement Template

Secure Your Rental Agreement with a Rental Agreement Template Sample


Rental agreements, be they housing, car rental, heavy equipment rental agreements, or other rental agreements, have been approved by the Criminal Code. According to the Indonesian Dictionary, rent means the use of something by paying money, while renting means using (borrowing, accommodating) by paying rent.

The Contents of a Rental Agreement Template Sample

A rental agreement template sample can help you in making your template sample. In a regular rental agreement, there are a few things that have to cautioned greatly. Those things are as follows:

1. Identity must be clear

Don’t forget to always ask for the identity data of tenants. Identification can be in the form of National ID, family card, and a photo. Adjust the data according to identity on the contract agreement.

2. Articles must be clear

Explain the articles in making a letter in detail and detail that is easy to understand. It would be better if it is directly to the core and not general.


3. Imposing sanctions

Sanctions can be written one by one in the contract. Sanctions can explain if the tenant is late paying, and what is the grace period for paying sanctions, and the deadline is over.


4. Make sure the agreement stamped

The stamp is used to confirm that the agreement is of legal value so as not to be misused and not treated arbitrarily. There is also a need for signatures on the stamp duty of both parties.


Types of the Rental Agreement

When you are searching for a rental agreement template sample on the internet, there are lots of types to choose from. The type you use depends on what kind of rental are you conducting. A few of those types are as follows:

  • Housing rental agreement
  • Car rental agreement
  • Shophouse rental agreement
  • Apartment rental agreement
  • Office rental agreement
  • Villa rental agreement
  • Restaurant rental agreement
  • And so on


A lease agreement is an important part of renting something. As long as your rental agreement is excellent and strong, you can rest easy, knowing that there is no problem with your rentals. Make sure every detail is filled correctly, and find yourself a nice rental agreement template sample to help you make the rental agreement you need.






5+ Contract Agreement Template

Knowing the Contract Agreement Template Sample

Before starting to work in one company, the business usually gives you the contract agreement template sample, adjust the rule of the business. Engaging in this, follow and read down below.

The businesses now not just give the job vacancy, then the employee shakes the hand and accepts it in the company. Now, the applicant should write the identity and sign the contract that consists of a work rule. The contract document usually includes the applicable standard for the applicant during work on the business. The applicant should read and understand the content of the report, as well.

What is the Contract Agreement Template Samples

Contract agreement template sample is one of important document that made from company to applicant. The contract agreement usually used for proof of work relationship and understanding from the applicant about company rule.

The contract agreement template sample made to the more comfortable company to get proof and consequence from the applicant. It could be an essential document needed if there is something unwanted happened.

 The Tips, Sample, and Use the Contract Agreement Template Sample

Remember, the contract agreement template sample is essential to the company and applicant. You should understand the tips, examples, and how to use them.

1. Tips

The contract agreement template sample for each company might be different. But, you should know the excellent condition of contract agreement such as there are company and applicant, work implementation, a specific time, salary received, deal, authority, the arranged object must be transparent.

2. Sample

The sample of contract agreement should be consist of a clear statement such as the title of the document and agreement purposed, duties and job responsibilities, construction contract, contractor, owner, contract agreement.

3. How to use

The contract agreement made for agreement company and applicant. The simple way to use the contract agreement template sample is to make the record be a printable template. So, you can make the report more without you make it from the beginning. The business provides the new contract agreement, and the applicant should fulfill the statement inside of the report as transparent. Make sure all of the components on the document has full. Before the applicant gives the signature, make sure already to read and understand the contains of the report.

You have to know what is the contract agreement template sample, tips, sample, and how to use it. You can use the report as your reference before you sign the contract agreement from the company that you proposed.



6+ partnership agreement template sample

The best option for partnership agreement template sample

Running a business sometimes requires you to seek several choices. It is essential to have an original template for your company in term of letter. This partnership agreement tells information about treaty between two or more institutions regarding sharing responsibility after dealing.

There are many different templates for a partnership agreement. Having a template sample is very good. It can guide you on the creating process of your own design. To select the best template in your searching, you need to consider these following recommendations:

Be specific in your keyword for searching partnership agreement sample  

This way will help you selecting your need for partnership agreement on the internet quicker. The Internet provides you a ton of information within a second. It can be overwhelming at a certain point. You may need more time to spend on getting the best template sample option possibly.

Visit many websites for comparison

You should visit more than website to acquire your desire of agreement template for partnership. It is very appropriate to click more than three website addresses. The more you open a website, the richer information and inspiration you get for the best selection.

Download template with editable feature

The editable feature in partnership agreement template sample may create an easier way to finish your work. This template is ready to use after you download it from the website. Some adjustment is needed to fit your preference very well. You are possible to choose any design along with various features in the template.

Furthermore, there are some desirable samples of partnership agreement that most people use for doing their business. This article will provide some of them as your information. The templates have this categorization in particular:

A basic template for a partnership agreement

The template is generally basic. It is similar with regular template for partnership agreement.   You may say it is plain. This template only provides function without consideration of design.

Modern partnership template sample for business agreement

This is more elegant template; you can use this modern partnership template sample for business agreement. It has more eye-catching design among other templates in this article. It is the best option ever.

When you already found the best template after searching, you can use it right away. It is very easy to use the template. You should edit the template before formally used. This template is a partnership agreement template sample for general usage.

4+ Employment Agreement Templates

Employment Agreement Templates Free

Employment agreement template sample can be used to legalize your job agreement with a new employee. This template usually includes the responsibilities, hours of work, rate of salary and so on. There are so many things that need to be included based on your need. If there is a misconception or disagreement about the employment terms, then both parties should refer to this contract letter.

Here, you will find the best and free employment agreement template sample that you can use to make your own contract.

What do you need to include?

There are common items that you need to include in this template:

  • The benefits
  • The employment term
  • Their responsibilities
  • Compensation term
  • Non-compete clause

The employment template or contract is a standard item for businesses in each industry. As the employer, the employment contract will help you to communicate your expectations clearly to a new employee. It also gives you more legal protections and a document that can be used as a reference if there is any conflict in your business.

For employees, the employment contract can be used to clarify their working details and it can be used as the reference point for its employment term. They can go back to the contract for the support if they feel that their jobs just far beyond what things were agreed before. Ensure that this contract reviewed by the law professional so it suits the local regulations.

Can you use the employee agreement template for a freelancer? 

You should know that freelancers are not a permanent employee. Thus, freelancers won’t need any employee agreement but instead, you are able to use the independent contract agreement per project as to the best solution.

What is the difference between a temporary employee agreement template and an employee contract? 

A temporary contract will be used for all temporary employees that they have. Still. It includes all necessary details from the employment agreement, but it decides a specific period where the agreement is still valid.

Can you write it on your own? 

Making your employment agreement contract by yourself will involve you to get navigation of the minefield in the legal issues. You can use a free employment agreement template sample for a better guide and how to do it.