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12+ Weekly Planner Template Functions

If you are an organized person, then you know how important it is to have a weekly planner template. In fact, if it is even possible, you have the templates for daily planner, monthly planner, and all kinds of planner possible. Not many people understand the importance of a planner, especially when it comes to managing their activities and schedules in a more orderly fashion. But you know better, right?

The Major Functions of a Planner

No matter how organized you are, you know that time management can be a real problem – it somehow poses its own challenges for different people. Let’s admit it: Our productivity level will be different from day to day. There are days that we are the most productive ones and there are days that aren’t. There are days where the task and the responsibilities would be piling up and there are days that are more relaxed and laid back. The planner is supposed to help us get organized with better arrangement. It can be done to manage your priorities so you won’t be overwhelmed. You don’t want to spend the whole day moving here and there in such an unproductive manner only to lose the opportunity to enjoy your ‘me time’, do you?

A planner should help you focus on the right track – you will focus on the tasks at hand, finish them off, and then you can relax. These are the reasons why the weekly planner template can help:

  • You should be able to track your activities, tasks, and responsibilities anytime and anywhere. Do you have a new update for tomorrow’s meeting or have you noted down your task for this evening?
  • You have the needed focus to stay right on track and move on. When you don’t have any planner, it is so easy to forget things and then get lost astray in your sea of thoughts. Don’t you think it would be better if you can start the day reviewing your planner and then say ‘Ah, I need to get this done,’ Instead of .”My gosh! I totally forgot about buying the grocery!” by the end of the day?
  • The planner helps you to stay focused on the things that matter most. You can make the priority and then followed by the not-so-important tasks
  • The planner can also improve your creativity because you have this sense of doing an important task.

Tips in Doing Fun Planning

Sure, you may consult the weekly planner template for your weekly planning but it doesn’t mean that everything should go boring and plain. Here are some things that can make it fun:

  • You can print out the different templates, compile them into an attractive organizer, and decorate it your way.
  • Just because you are printing the templates, it doesn’t always mean that it should stay that way. Feel free to decorate with markers, colorful pens, washi tapes, and so much more. It’s up to your creativity.

Never underestimate the power of a planner. If you can choose the right weekly planner template, then you should have a try.

5+ Risk Management Plan Template

Protect Yourself and Team Using A Risk Management Plan Template Sample

risk management plan template sample is useful to run a project because it contains several essential components of the risks that may come with the jobs in the project.

You can ensure that you have a smooth project since you make the risk management plan template sample. This template can be valuable to run your project. If you wonder to know how to create it, here’s what you need to know.


Risk Management Plan Template Sample

It is a kind of document that is made to foresee the risks and estimate the impacts of them, and the responses when one of the dangers happens. The risks are uncertain conditions that can occur during the project execution.

When they occur, it should be identified and analyzed to get the causes and the impacts, and how to respond to them. Creating the risk management plan template sample will make the jobs easier.

1. The components of a risk management plan template sample

There are several things to be considered in providing this template.

  • Definitions

This component is about to define the meanings of the Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High that the risks are included. If you create the template, make sure that you define those terms definitions.

  • Assumptions

It is about the assumptions of the impact on the analysis of the risk. You can start to ask questions to yourself about the premises of the project costs, the schedule, the expertise your company has and their experiences, the relationship of the persons involved in the project.


You also need to count up the similar project you’ve ever done, and they’re successful. The issues that happened in the previous projects also need to be considered to create it.


  • The structure of risk breakdown

After you obtain the risks that may happen in the project, you have to break them down to have a specific list of the project.


  • The matrix of probability impact

This matrix is about the detailed definition of the structure of effects that can be used by the risk register. It will help you to consider the determination of probability and the values of the impact for each risk event. You can understand the factors of them as well.


  • Confidence estimate

It is about the analysis of the potential deviation from the plan of the project.


  • The risk register

It is about the list of the most critical risks that a project faces. It is how the project management team would deal with them.


2. The Content of risk register

The risk register is the chore of the risk management plan template sample. It consists of the description of the risks, probability, and impact of the risks. It also mentions about the risks, the priority, and the plans of responses. You have to consider those things in creating this template.


After you gain the things, now, you can start to write your risk management plan template sample. Good Luck!



6+ Development Plan Template Sample

Manage Your Life Using Personal Development Plan Template Sample


A personal development plan template sample can help you to map the directions you want to take to achieve the goals of your life.

It is a template to manage the action plan you need to do in your life. Using the personal development plan template sample can help you to track the efforts and the goals you set.

A personal development plan template sample is a kind of document you can use to set up the goals of your life. If you have a clear plan, you can get the benefits of it. You can feel more relaxed and more directed to living your life.


Steps To Write the Development Plan Template Sample

All you need to do in making a personal development plan is to follow the steps. Here are some steps that need to be done:

1. Determine the goals

The goals will help you to direct your life into a settled one. You have to know the things you want in your life. Goals can be divided into long-term and short-term goals.

2. Set up the priority of your goals

If you have several goals in your life, you need to think of the steps to help you achieve those goals. Make sure that you have the prioritized goals to be completed. The prioritized goals are the goals you consider more important that you will take steps to accomplish them.

3. Deadlines are essential

The deadlines here don’t always mean the time you have to finish the goals. The deadlines are how you picture yourself in the future. By having this picture, you can be motivated and inspired to create realistic steps to achieve what you picture yourself in the future.

· Knowing the opportunities and threats

· Make yourself developed

4. Networking

You can’t achieve the goals by yourself. The influence of people around you will affect the way you act. You can use them to smoothen your steps in getting the goals.


5. Progress

When you finish with all the things, this is the time for you to run the plan. In the middle of your journey, you need to measure the progress of your action plan. It allows you to reflect on the steps you’ve taken so far.


6. State the steps on the personal development plan template sample

The plans you’ve thought should be written on the template. It is to notice whether there is an alternative to run the programs as well as to revise them. You can download a sample personal development plan template and follow the instructions in filling it out.


The personal development plan template sample can be beneficial to manage your life to be more settled since you know what to achieve and the steps to do.





3+ 5E Lesson Plan Template

5E Lesson Plan Template Sample Makes Teachers Easily Creating The Comprehensive Lesson Plan


5E lesson plan template sample is a document that teachers need to make their jobs more comfortable to do. This template consists of many things that the teachers need.

Before running the instructions, teachers will make a lesson plan to support them, delivering the lesson materials to students. For some teachers, creating a lesson plan can be time-consuming while others think the other way around. If you believe that it is so, you may use the 5E lesson plan template sample for your class instruction.


What is 5E Lesson Plan Template Sample?

This kind of template is a document of the lesson plan. That is important to obtain primarily for teachers to know the directions of their instructions in the class. This template allows the teachers to create a constructive model of instructions in the classroom.

This template is not boundaries by the ages. It can be used by the teachers who teach the students of all ages, including the adults. But do you know what 5E is?

1. The definition of 5E

The lesson plan that is based on 5E is created to fulfill the constructive model of learning. This 5E is about Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and the last is Evaluate. Each phase has a specific process.

  • Engage

The present learning experiences of students are connected to the past learning experiences

  • Explore

Providing the students with a joint base of experiences. In this phase, students identify the concept, skills, and processes as well as to develop them.


  • Explain

Students explain the ideas they explore before. This phase allows the teachers to introduce the terms, definitions and explaining the concepts, skills, behaviors, and the processes


  • Elaborate

It is to extend the conceptual understanding of students. This phase offers them to practice their behaviors and skills.


  • Evaluate

It is to encourage students to do a self-assessment about their understanding and their abilities of the key concepts and development of skills.


2. What are in the 5E lesson plan template sample?

The template usually consists of several terms to describe each phase of the 5E model of teaching.

  • The teacher’s name, the date of the class instruction, the grade of the students, and the materials are in the template.
  • The essential standards and objectives are clarified in the template. There will be space for the aspects.
  • Differentiation strategies used to meet the different needs of students should be stated in a particular space.
  • The activities of each phase are described well in 5 different spaces of the template.


That’s how to fill up the 5E lesson plan template sample. Happy Teaching Teachers!


3+ Project Plan Template Excel Sample

A Project Plan Template Excel Sample: A Toolkit of the Manager

project plan template excel sample can be beneficial for the managers to manage everything involved in a project.

This template can be an essential part of any project run. It is helpful for the managers to plan and report the progress of a project. Using this project plan template excel template can make the tasks of the manager easier.


What is a Project Plan Template Excel Sample?

It is a template that is to deliver the scope of a project. This template can facilitate stakeholder communication. They can assume and decide on further plans.

The template is about a list of stakeholders, scope statement, the schedule of the project, the cost baselines, the plans of management as well as the communication plan. It can consist of the change of the course in a project. Why do you need to make a project plan template excel sample before starting a project?

1. The benefits of using a project plan template excel sample

  • Excel is useful to create a project plan which needs many columns to describe the lists required for a project. The program allows the managers to fill up the columns quickly with the titles of the agenda and the formula of accounting as well.
  • The communication among stakeholders can be improved, which can provide feedback from them in the process of running a project.
  • It can offer the people involved transparency because they will know precisely how to get the information in every step of the project running.


2. How to Make a project plan template excel sample

  • After you open Ms. Excel on your computer or laptop, you can start with the headers of the table. You can leave the first row in your spreadsheet blank, and type a header on the second. You can write Tasks, Responsible, Status, Start, Days, and Endin each column in the second row. Budget, Cost, and other additional headers can be added in the next columns of the second row.


  • After you obtain the table consisting of the information above, you can start filling up each column with the needs of the project you run. Explain any single thing you need on the columns you provide. Those columns will make you easy to plan and manage the project. If you need formulas to calculate the budget, Excel delivers them for you.


Those are how to create a project plan template excel sample. This program will ease you to plan and track the progress of the project.



6+ Communication Plan Template

Secure Your Plans with Communication Plan Template Sample

With a communication plan, you can stay in control even if something goes wrong. Make a good one using a communication plan template sample.

The purpose of the communication plan is to provide information to stakeholders in a company when something is wrong. This must include company policy, which stakeholders must accept what, and who gives it. If the company does not have a communication plan, it will not be ready when disaster strikes.


Functions of Example Communication Plan Templates

The backbone of a successful project is a good communication plan. Although it would take a lot of effort to make it, this is not an impossible task. A communication plan is useful when you are starting a project in your business or company.

Managing better communication with every aspect of the company

With a good and functional communication plan, you can manage communication in your company better than ever. There is nothing worse than a sparse conversation in a company or organization.

This usually causes problems in a project or company. Your organization or project can be helped with a good communication plan template sample. can help your project or your organization. When you make and follow a plan like that, it will keep everyone informed.


Minimize misunderstanding or confusion

Communication is an important aspect of a company’s survival. With a communication plan, everyone will understand how the communication process works.

Employees, stakeholders, customers, and every staff will know what to say to whom. This will lower the number of confusion or misunderstanding.


 Appropriate recipients get the relevant message without any mixup

When you approach someone with a problem and having no answer for that particular problem, it can be very frustrating.

With a good communication plan, this will not happen. The plan will have the list of who do you come to with each problem. The one who receives the message about the problem will be the one that is most qualified for the job.


It also states how the message is delivered. This means everyone will know what to say and say it to whom.



Pay attention to your communication plan and your project will do just fine. You will have a consistent message for the audience that saves them from their problems and appears right when the word is needed. Just do not forget to find a good communication plan template sample.





3+ Financial Plan Sample Templates

The Importance of Financial Plan Sample Templates

The use of a financial plan sample templates is needed to run a business or independent monthly needs. Because using a financial plan will facilitate you in managing all forms of financial affairs.

Arranging finance is not only the business of people who are struggling in the field of business or banking economics. Everyone must be able to regulate its financial system properly, whatever the area of work and what is being done. Therefore the use of financial plan sample templates is essential.


Some companies or independent business people have a sound financial system and filing mechanism because proper commercial rotation is what can make a business continue to spin well.

Production and all forms of business activities require a sound financial program, and its uses as a reference and evaluation system that is recorded — starting from expenses, income, and budget plans.


The Content Contained in a Financial Plan Sample Templates

Conceptualizing a useful financial chart requires considerable analysis and research on the market situation. This case relates to the income and expenditure made. The exchange rate curve will also affect the business needs that we have.

1. Budget plan

A budget plan within a specific time frame is the main thing to note. Because by using the shopping plan, we understand the items we need and avoid unexpected expenses.


2. List of income and expenses

Besides the budget plan. A sample financial plan template must be supplemented by a detailed list of income and expenses. We will know how much money we need to meet the budget of the shopping plan by looking at how much revenue we get in a specific time frame.


3. Unexpected Costs

A list of contingency fee plans should also consider. It’s a very good concept to spend a few percent on untouched funds. It can be used to make anticipation because unexpected things sometimes happen.

Some of the lists above are things you should consider in making a financial plan. Sometimes many people or companies are too optimistic about creating a sample business plan template. Therefore they will be surprised when faced with something unexpected.


Unwanted things can happen at any time; therefore, including a list and chart for unexpected costs is one right solution. The more we anticipate, the better the budget plan will function. So using financial plan sample templates is a good choice for good business.






5+ sample succession planning template

How to Success with Sample Planning Template Succession


Being successful is everyone’s dream. But in achieving success, the process will always determine the final result. At least we have to plan it well with a sample succession planning template.

Being successful is not an easy road to pass; it takes a variety of struggles and meaningful experiences on the way to success. Sometimes people see the progress that we achieve very quickly, but behind it all, there is a lot of learning and time schedules that are a waste of time.

To be successful, you need a plan and a mature strategy. Success can achieve in any field, business, art, education, and so on. All that requires a succession planning sample template as a reference and a plan that can be compiled.

Everything that is arranged neatly will be better than any destiny; at least you have the effort to achieve what you want with a cleverly arranged plan. Although many people tell stories about accidental success, behind that, after getting the success, you will face with maintaining your success.

Some Tips for Creating a Succession Planning Template Sample

Making a good and neat plan is not just a matter of dividing time on essential issues. It takes a lot of backup ideas, opportunities, and more in-depth research about what you are doing.

1. Opportunities

One of the things that you have to interpret well is the opportunity. You must know when the right time is to take a chance, and you also have to know when you have to end a plan if conditions do not allow.

2. Research

To be successful requires quite in-depth research. Studying the environment and opportunity also requires a reasonable effort and analysis. Moreover, learning from experience is the best thing.


3. Time table

Many people do not understand the concept of time table. In short, this concept is a chart made with a clear and orderly structure in managing activity in the short or long term. By using a time table, all activities and improvements can be analyzed.

Some of the tips above are tips that can be applied to support your successful career in any field. Success will not end at a certain point of achievement. Therefore a fortune is a periodic success.

Finish from one step to another. Don’t try to put points too far. Achieve what you can try first, slowly start using the sample succession planning template.

With a series of regular success plans, your mindset will always be surrounded by positive affirmations that will build confidence in achieving success.






5+ Action Plan Sample Template

Ease of Using The Action Plan Sample Template


The issue of setting priorities and irregular schedules is a problem for some people. Especially a project planner must at least have an action plan sample template.

As a project planner, meeting needs by completing lists to minimize the potential for human error must be a top priority. In this case, the action plan sample template needs work; some project planners or people who work in the organizer field often forget this.

Sometimes people only focus on significant needs and look like sound and stage in a music scale event so that these people do not so notice the variety of individual and detailed requirements. This is undoubtedly for project planners in business fields whose context is more complex and has more complex needs.

The priority scale becomes the main menu of most people, especially those who have a reasonably high mobility intensity. For the sake of preserving the efficiency and effectiveness of time, a list of work records and drafts that have not yet complete must always accompany these people’s daily lives.


Convenience by Using the Action Plan Sample Template

When we have a list of things to do and all orders following the procedures and mechanisms that apply, it will significantly simplify the work. Therefore the function and purpose of owning an action plan sample template are highly prioritized at this time.

1. Make work more efficient and effective

Saving enough time will make performance progress more optimal. So you can use another time for something else that makes you more productive at every single time.

2. As a reminder

Sometimes a project planner or ordinary worker tends to forget things that are considered small but are quite crucial so that they harm the long term. By using a draft, this will facilitate the work.


3. Building a priority scale

Management priority with a more structured plan will make it easier to get efficiency. Having excellent skills in the division of time will affect productivity.


For the sake of supporting productivity and desire that achieved from a project planner, ethical awareness and attitude of anticipation must consider. Sometimes activities and busyness that suddenly and must be done can forget some of the lists that have been set well before.


At present, there are already many templates for making various action plan sample templates available on the internet. Free to download and vary, you are free to set your priority scale, to achieve optimal work results. With a productive work system and doesn’t waste much time, you can spend the remaining time you have to do other things that support your career or your interests and talents.




5+ Strategic Plan Sample Template

The Best Free Strategic Plan Sample Template


You will need a strategic plan template sample to facilitate the running of your business. Strategy becomes essential when you design a company. Besides, maintaining a business also requires the right approach. You may not take bold steps for your business.

What Are The Advantages Of A Strategic Plan Sample Template?

Of course, you will get benefits when using a strategic plan sample template. Some of the things that you will get include:

  • Templates are free to design your business strategy
  • Strategic planning can help align your business goals to a greater extent
  • Your vision and mission can be clearly defined
  • You can use a strategic plan to deal with changes that might be experienced
  • Your business achievements will be more focused on precise planning

How To Use A Sample Strategic Plan Template?

When you utilize a strategic plan template sample for your business, then you need a few things that you need to go through. That you will pass easily but will require seriousness. Some of the steps required include:

1. Download the template

You can use a model that suits your needs. Downloading templates for free can also help you to be more efficient.

2. Make an introductory statement

This section will explain briefly about developing your business plan. You can also convey the required time at this stage.

3. Include background statements

You can write information related to the organization’s history, structure, partners, and supporting institutions. It can be used as a brief business statement that clearly describes your business.


4. Create an organizational structure

Information about the organizational structure will be relevant and need to be included. That will help you to evaluate the way your business operates.

5. Make a clear vision and mission

Vision must be made briefly but able to describe the goals to be achieved. Create a purpose that is in line with your vision. Make sure to use language that is easy to understand.


6. Make an executive summary

This section will be the final summary that can help employees, investors, or anyone who reads to understand the plan you are making.

A strategic plan sample template is beneficial for you to prepare a care plan for your business. Templates you can use to make it more efficient in making. The most important thing depends on how you implement the strategic plan that you have made.