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The Secret To Make A Good Twitch Banner Template To Level Up Your Page


The Twitch banner template is a useful promotional media to increase the coffers of the number of viewers interested in your live streaming. Twitch allows users to watch and broadcast live streaming activities while showing skills when playing games. Appearances on the broadcast twitch platform include audio commentary from the player. Usually, the video player is in the corner of the screen recorded via their webcam. And there is a running chat from the audience so that streamers can respond to comments or questions that arise like other live streaming applications. Of course, this increases the interaction between streamers and viewers.

Tips Simple To Make An Eye Catching Twitch Banner Template

Creating an attractive design such as a twitch banner template is indeed tricky. In a banner must have a philosophical so that it can describe the personality and also enhance branding. The information included in the design must be filtered so that it is proportional and not excessive but does not reduce the information that must be present in the symbol. Some tips for making this banner is:

  1. Choose The Right Dimension

Before starting to make a design, the first thing to do is determine the exact boundary and size. It is because the right size affects the quality of the banner. After all, if the size does not match, the pixel image becomes ugly, and the design broken. The right size for the twitch banner template itself is 1200 pixels x 380 pixels. But for HD and full monitor, it is recommended to use the size of 1920 pixels x 480 pixels.

  1. Select The Best Template

Next, to make attractive designs, you need to choose the template that best describes your personality.

  1. Put Relevant Color, Photo or Icons

For a more attractive design, you need to pay attention to tone colors’ choice in the template. Choose a quality photo and put icons or logos proportionally.

  1. Minimize The Text But Still Readable

Making a good twitch banner design should minimize the text as much as possible but is still readable. The information conveys to the reader. Elegant and straightforward banners are more attractive than banners with too much information in the form of text.

  1. Stay Consistent

After making a twitch banner, the thing to do is be consistent. Every template, color, picture, icon, or elements chosen must be used on all your streaming channel branding to be more memorable for the viewers.


Content That Should Be On The Twitch Banner Template Ideas

For the information conveyed to be exact, nothing less, and nothing more, you must understand the content required in the banner twitch. Use the right graphic design or illustrator, don’t forget to enter the logo on your plan. Make sure the banner contains information on your channel URL, your name, streaming schedule, social media and partnerships, and sponsors that support your channel.

Twitch Banner Design Ideas

Twitch Banner Ideas

You can be creative to make your unique twitch banner template. There are many examples of designs that are customizable and downloaded for free. Make your branding for your channel with a twitch banner.





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