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4+ Venn Diagram Template How to Use One

By choosing the right Venn diagram template you can improve your own needs without compromising anything. Not many people understand the importance of the diagram, but when you are to compare and contract different entities, this diagram can be quite helpful. If you think that such a diagram is only useful in the school or academic setting, you are hugely mistaken. On the contrary to what people believe, you can actually use this diagram for any activity that you want.

A Deeper Insight about Venn Diagram

When you want to use your logics to compare two different things and then contrast them. Comparing different items will require you to find the similarities as well as the differences. The Venn diagram template is generally coming with two circles that are very close to each other – so close that they are overlapping to one another. On the overlapping section, you write the shared similarities while the other space is used to write the differences. It is pretty easy to understand, isn’t it? With this diagram, comparing things would be easy and simple. And the diagram can also be used to compare more than 2 different items  – you can use it to compare 3 or 4 items.

How to Make Use of the Diagram

Whether you need the diagram for school activity or other needs, making use of the available Venn diagram template is encouraged. You can always make the diagram manually, but wouldn’t it be better (and also neater) if you use the template? The template generally comes with bold lines and accurate dimension, which can be different from the manual one.

When you want to use the diagram, here are the stages that you can do:

  • Decide from the beginning of what kind of template you want to use. Do you want to use the diagram with lines or the one with provided space for names and class (generally used in classes at schools)? Do you want to use the plain and basic diagram or the colored one? Do you want the plain design or the one with background patterns? There will be different sources for the diagram, depending on your needs.
  • Browse around for the available source. It is possible that the website has its own sections and categories. Others may have more mixtures of the designs. It would be a good idea to bookmark the website that you like
  • Once you have chosen a certain design or option, check the options, especially for the download and save. Can you download it? Is it only available for printing? Can you save it in a digital form? Such things should also be considered
  • What kind of template do you like? Do you want the fixed one or the flexible one? A lot of people prefer the last one because it enables them to do changes to the template.

In the overall end, feel free to do whatever you want with the template. Whether you want to have a manual one or the fixed one with the Venn diagram template, be sure that it can help you.

5+ Blank Venn Diagram Template, the Various Types

You’d be surprised to know that there are different kinds of blank Venn diagram template. Depending on your resources, you can find different variants of the templates, including the different purposes and designs. Some templates are designed for adult users while some are for kids. These diagrams are mostly printable although some of them can be saved in any digital format.

What Is Venn Diagram?

If you have taken a math class before, you probably have been assigned a task to compare two different items as well as contrasting them. You have probably used this diagram without you even realizing that it is called Venn diagram. Basically, this is the diagram to help you grasp the logical relationship idea between different entities.

Venn diagram is generally two circles that are intersecting or overlapping one another. In the intersecting middle part, you can write the similarities. On the outer part of the circle, you write the differences. This kind of diagram can be used to compare more than two different items – even three or four. Just be sure that each of the circle is intersecting one another so you can list the similarities as well as the differences. The diagram is pretty basic, but a lot of people like to use the blank Venn diagram template because it is simpler and easier. The templates are generally available in different formats, such as subsets, intersection, union, and such thing alike.

Different Types of the Diagram

As it was mentioned before, there are some different types of blank Venn diagram template.

  • The template for students. In most cases, the template is already available with name section
  • The pdf format. This type of template is usually set and fixed, and you won’t be able to change it. You can always print it or save it, and distribute it among the students.
  • Lined diagram. This diagram comes with lines to make writing easier.
  • The blank template. It offers a more flexible space for the writing. Whether you need a lot of space or only a little space, the blank diagram is able to accommodate it.
  • The vertical diagram. This diagram is basically just the same as the horizontal one.
  • More circles template. In this diagram, you have more than two circles – it can be three or four circles.
  • Colored circles. In this diagram, the circles are coming in different colors tto make arrangement easier.
  • Word diagram with heading. On each circle, including the overlapping section, there is the header that provides title for the each section.
  • The printed card form. In this type of diagram, the template is generally a printed one, and it comes with colored form. It makes learning easier, and it is definitely appealing to the eyes.

All in all, there are different kinds of different Venn diagram for your needs, depending on your personal preference and also requirements. Be sure to consult only reliable and trusted sources, and choose the ones offering you easy save or download. With the right blank Venn diagram template, you will have no problem or whatsoever.

6+ Fishbone Diagram Template

Fishbone Diagram Template Sample


Some people are familiar with the fishbone diagram template sample, but some are not. If you are not familiar enough with this kind of diagram, you need to read this article carefully.

When you want to know the causes of a problem until you find out the root causes, you will need this fishbone diagram template sample. This diagram can make you more understanding of the problem you face.


Fishbone Diagram Template Sample

The fishbone diagram is about a cause and effect diagram. It is a visualized tool to categorize the causes of a problem to be identified to seek the root of the problem. It combines the brainstorming practice and the template of a mind maps.

The fishbone diagram template sample is like a skeleton of a fish. This skeleton performs the causes of the problems. The smaller the bone is, the more detail the causes will be. How to create this template?

1. Fishbone diagram template sample process

This template is to analyze the phase, such as to define, analyze, measure, control, and improve.

  • The fish head is to list the problem. The problem is in a statement format.
  • Then, you need to draw a horizontal arrow that is pointing the head. This is to draw the fish backbone.
  • The spine with arrows that makes the first bones of the fish can state the identified causes contributing to the problem.
  • After knowing the causes, your team members can do brainstorm to give any supporting information which may contribute to the problem. You can start to ask them using the Why.
  • You have to continue the process until the root causes are found. Then, you can identify them to solve the problem.

2. Why you need to use it

There are several reasons you can see to use this fishbone diagram template sample. They can be:

  • This diagram can identify the causes that can be possible coming with the problem.
  • It can develop the product since you have known the root causes.
  • It can avoid the problem from occurring again in the future because you have understood the causes, and you seek the solutions.
  • You can be sure that there will be corrective actions to solve the problems.


Since this diagram is essential in problem-solving, you have to know better about the fishbone diagram template sample. You can use this diagram when you face a problem and need a solution fast.