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Flash Card Template


Flashcards are used as an extraordinary learning tool to help children understand what is conveyed by the teacher. As a useful learning medium, you can download flashcard templates on online sites, or you can also create your templates in Microsoft Word that are very easy and ready to use.

We can make it ourselves with the creativity we have so that the results look intriguing so that other people are also more interested in seeing the flashcard you make.


How to make your flashcards

While making a flashcard using Microsoft Word is surprisingly easy to do, let’s find out how to make it below.


  1. Open Microsoft Word and select a new blank document

The first step to making your flashcards is to open Microsoft Word, click the Layout tab, and set the page size to be the size of the card you want.

Set the page layout to the size of 4 “x 6” and choose a landscape or portrait layout. You can choose the best one, in your opinion, to produce the perfect flashcard when printed.


  1. Set the Menu size down in Microsoft Word

Next, you can set the derived size menu from Microsoft Word, which shows the page size. Just type what you want to write on the card by pressing Ctrl + Enter to make a new card.

Of course, writing is the central focus part seen by other people, so the script must be excellent and easy to read.


  1. Click the Design Tab

Next, to beautify the flashcard template, click the Design tab and then add themes, colors, and effects that make the card look more prominent and colorful. If you have finished, then you can click save the document.

How to Make a Flash Card Template by Mailing

You can also make flashcard templates using mailing easily, let’s find out how below.


  1. Click the Mailing Tab

Open Microsoft Word first and then start by clicking the Mailing tab, the options are at the top left. After that, a new menu will open, which you can continue by clicking the labels cost then selecting the options button.

After that, you can click on the index card from the menu to the right of the selection; then, you will find the correct index card size measurement.


  1. Arrange Layout Design

Make the appropriate layout design settings in the form of fonts, images, and sizes. Positively the choice of font colors will significantly affect the flashcard to look more attractive.

  1. Save the Template

Although the instructions for making a flashcard template are relatively straightforward, you should save the model by jumping directly to the formatted document to enter the new information needed to create a new index card.

  1. Print a Flash Card Template

The final step is to print a flashcard template easily: Open File> Print. Now choose the size you wanted for the card: 3.5 x 5 or 4×6. You may select Narrow Margins for flashcards to be more efficient or adjust the size to your liking.


Flash Card Design Ideas

That’s about the explanation of how to make a flashcard template through Microsoft Word that is easy.




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