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20+ Fall Nail Designs Template for the Improved Aesthetic

What kind of fall nail designs that you want to incorporate when you are designing? What kinds of ideas do you have in mind? The nail may be the small part of your body, but it holds its own aesthetic appeal. When you want to improve your appearance and also self-confidence, you can consider the right theme for your nail. Of course, the fall theme has its own appeal and there are some interesting designs that you can choose.

The Appeal of Fall Theme and Designs

Fall has its own appeal, especially when it is related to the colors. The warm colors can be elegant and appealing, when it is combined with interesting flowery and fall surrounding themes. You can always consult the professional nail service to do your nail, but then again, will you be able to afford it? Why don’t you use some examples or templates for the fall nail designs to improve your own appearance? You can save up money and you can boost your own look without spending a fortune.

The art of decorating the nail can be interesting, even fun because it includes cute colors and appealing designs. But then again, you need to come up with clever and artistic designs (and one-of-a-kind ideas) that will make your nail stand out among the others. You don’t have to spend tons of money just to make your appearance look cute and chic.

Some Great Examples for the Nail Art

There are some basic and also popular fall nail designs that you can consider for your own appearance:

  • Fall is often associated with Halloween, so it is okay to include Halloween colors in your nail. You can combine colors such as purple, black, and orange. Sometimes you can also include green in your design.
  • You can also have Halloween colors as well as Halloween figures on your nail. If you can’t draw your own image, you can use the nail stickers. They have the same functions to improve your looks without a fuss
  • Don’t be hesitant to play with patterns and also graphics. Some people may use lines to combine different colors, but you can also add dots, sprinkles, and other interesting designs to make everything appealing and different.
  • Whatever colors you choose (especially if you are about to combine them all), don’t forget to add in some neutral colors like black or white. It will balance out all of the mixed hues.
  • Don’t rely on the nail polish only. There are other elements or accessories that you can choose to have a mixed texture or effect.
  • Are you afraid of the googly monster eyes? What if you can draw them in a cute design? You can incorporate such a design in your nail.
  • You can also consider having traditional colors of the fall, including brown, yellow, gray, black, orange, and white. Draw the image as you like (not necessarily have to be Fall images. You can even draw turkeys, spider, and even Batman logo) and have fun with the creation.

As you can see, playing with the fall nail designs can be fun and entertaining as long as you know how.

9+ Road Texture Template Flexible Functions

In creative arts and project, having a texture can create a difference in the final outcome – even when it includes a road texture. Textures are created and designed for a purpose, and it is very normal to expect the final result to be different, unique, and one-of-a-kind once everything has been done and managed. But then again, there are different kinds of textures available out there.

Road Textures and the Unique Appeal

Textures will make image creation and design projects look edgy, different, and different – depending on the kind of textures you are using. It is safe to say that textures make the design industry unique in its own sense – and it makes the process of art creation easier.

The road texture may seem like a unique thing to expect, considering that not many art projects would include such a thing. But then again, there are always some uses of the texture. You’d be surprised to find out that such a texture can be quite flexible and versatile in the application.

So, what are the textures used for?

  • For art work and projects. Photoshop mostly gain advantages and benefits in terms of artistic effect when textures are added. When you add the road look and texture to your project, you can enhance the value and overall appeal of the outcome. Since there are different kinds of textures (of the road, of course), you can freely choose the one that fits your work best.
  • As the work display. Let’s say that you are working on a road construction and you want to deliver a message (in your presentation) about how it should look like after the construction is done. Choosing the right texture can help you in the visual aid and delivery so your audience will understand. It will minimize the possibility of error and mistakes.
  • For the background wallpaper. This is common when a user wants to have a highway feel to his device. Whether you feel like you are back on the road or you want to have a free experience on the outdoor (while you are attached to your desk), you can always have this road image for the devices.

After all, the road images, settings, and textures are coming in various images, types, and variants. Yes, you’d probably be surprised to find out that the road isn’t as boring as you think. They can be a great addition to art and creative projects – and they will definitely enrich your project’s values.

The Various Types of Road Textures

So, what are the variants road texture that you can include in your work?

  • Asphalt texture
  • Seamless texture
  • Dark road
  • Damaged road
  • Free road
  • Cracked texture
  • Tileable texture
  • Wet texture

Of course, there are more road textures that you can expect for your art work. Be sure that these textures will make your work unique and different. For instance, a damaged road texture will make your creation look different while the dark road texture can enhance whatever fonts you include in your creation. You have never guessed that such road texture has different variants and options, have you?

13+ Reference List Template for Job Application

What do you know about reference list template? Do you even understand what a reference list? This is a common term among jobseekers – you probably have heard it somewhere. But do you know what it should include?

Understanding More about Reference List in the Work Field

As the name suggests, a reference list refers to the lists of (your) references. But should you always include this kind of list in your resume? If you do, whom should you include? What should (and shouldn’t) you do when having this kind of list. In the event that the hiring managed has asked you to include this reference list, you must have impressed her/him with your skills and application materials – leading to them asking for your reference lists. It is most likely that they will contact the people in your lists so they can be sure about your qualifications.

Reference List Facts

Here are some facts that you should know about the list, so you can consult the right reference list template for your needs:

  • The list will provide the hiring manager several professional contacts that can vouch for your quality and qualification. When the hiring manager contact these people, these people can recommend you – providing information about your skills, strengths, experience, and abilities
  • Basically, the reference list enables a way for the hiring manager to perform a background check. They will likely ask about your working history, personal conduct, and also personal social skills (whether you are cooperative or not, whether you are able to work in a team or not, etc)
  • You don’t need to include the reference list within the resume unless the hiring manager asks for it.
  • The reference checking generally takes place by the end of the application procedure.
  • Never mix your reference list with your resume – they should be separated.
  • Although it is good to have a reference list ready upon request, you don’t want to include such an information in your resume (usually at the bottom). NEVER write ‘I have prepared a reference list upon request or when you ask for one’. You statement will make (your) resume look old and then outdated.
  • Don’t forget to ask people in your reference list whether it is okay to include them. You need to inform them that you are going to include them in the list – while asking for ‘permission’ at the same time. If they are okay, then you can continue with the list.
  • Thank the people in your list properly. You may be able to get the job because of your ability but then again, a strong recommendation and a convincing reference also help you land the job. They have the share in your success in getting the job.

Remember to compose the reference list properly. Include their full names, their titles, and also the company of your previous working history. You should also include the information about your relationship – whether they are your former supervisor or manager or head office. That’s why having the reference list template can be helpful because it makes the listing job easier.

9+ Reference List Template for Academic Writing

You will definitely need an academic reference list template when you want to produce your own writing. If you want the writing to be legit and considered legal, you will have to consider such a template to help you produce the outcome.

What Is a Reference List?

There are different kinds of reference lists and their purposes. Some of them are used for job seeking while some are used for academic purposes. When you are writing, there are some sources that you will refer to. That’s called the reference list. The aim is to help your readers find your resources easily. The reference list also gives professional credits to the sources, especially the authors, that you have consulted to. If you have referred cites in the articles, texts, or works, they should have the reference list. What if you have personal communications via emails or conversations? Those are exceptions because you can’t retrieve the documents.

How to Format the Reference List

If you see the reference list template example, you will see a certain construction or structure. So, how do you compose the list?

  • Title, which also includes the word ‘References’
  • It is a hanging indent with 5 to 7 spaces for the second and also subsequent lines for each reference
  • Ampersand for 2 to 6 authors use. You need to use ‘&’ before writing the final author
  • Space between references which include double space in between
  • You should remove the underlines so the underscores will be seen
  • One author and two publications. You should write it by the publication year – the earlier year should be written first. If there are the same years of publications, use ‘a’ and also ‘b’ after the year and it should be written inside a bracket. For instance, Morrison, K. (1999a).
  • Upper case or capital letter. You need to use the headline style with all words being capitalized, except for the prepositions and articles if you are writing the journal title. If you are writing a title for the article or book, you only capitalize the first word.
  • The same first author but different second author. You need to arrange it in alphabetical order by the subsequent or second authors.
  • Place of publication. The full abbreviation city should be written.
  • Page range. When you are writing a page range, use an en dash instead of the hyphen. There shouldn’t be any gaps in between the en dash and the numbers.
  • Use the square bracket. The square brackets are included if the resource is considered important for the medium, format, and description.

Consulting the Right Sources

When you want to choose the right source, consider these things:

  • Be sure to choose different kinds of reference list template, especially with variations of forms, such as a reference for one author, one author with multiple works, three authors, or more than seven authors.
  • Choose reliable sources with easy way of downloading and keeping. Those with complicated procedure should be avoided, unless you don’t mind with it.
  • Be sure to choose the one with simple arrangement and extensive collections, especially with different layouts, formats, types, and such thing alike.

In the end, making the reference list doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult as long as you know which reference list template to choose.

10+ Firearm Bill of Sale Template General Facts

In the event that you are taking part in a firearm transaction, it is crucial to manage firearm bill of sale. Never underestimate such a paperwork because it can lead to legal problems. If you fail to address such a paperwork and documentation, you may violate the law.

Firearm Bill of Sale Understanding

It is a written legal document that manages the sale and record of the firearm transaction. It is considered a crucial documentation in the firearm management. The document contains the information of seller and also buyer, the firearm details, the sale location and price, and such thing alike. It signifies the moment when the firearm ownership is being transferred from the seller to the buyer.

The firearm bill of sale includes FFL or Federal Firearms License, which is given to gun businesses and shops allowing them to manufacture, sell, and transport ammunition and also firearms in America. The FFL has to follow the rigid regulations and procedures and it includes background checks so the buyers can buy the firearms.

Composing the Paperwork

In firearm bill of sale management, you will need a certain paperwork so the seller can register the firearm and the transaction. The paperwork is generally already provided in a certain format and layout – you only need to download or save the template. So, how do you manage the arrangement?

  • You need to consult a reliable source or website having the complete collections of such a template.
  • Download and the print the papers – make sure to have the complete formats – so you can finalize the transaction.
  • Each party involved in the transaction should be identified and recorded. Each of the seller and the buyer should be recorded in details, including the ID, the name, the address, and also the photo. Make sure that each party should be written in details so it will avoid mistakes or possible legal problems in the future.
  • After the completion of the details of the seller and also the buyer, you need to complete the details of the firearm and the transaction. Such information such as the firearm make, year of production, type or production, caliber, serial number, and such thing alike should be included in another section of the paperwork.
  • After all of the information has been included and written in details, each of the party should sign the disclosure. Before signing the paperwork, it is important to check the details. Even after the signature, everything should be checked properly.
  • It would be better if the process of the transaction is witnessed by two people and a public notary. It is a crucial step to verify everything.


All in all, such a documentation shouldn’t be missed or skipped. In fact, this is an important step in firearm transaction that will determine whether the transaction is legal or not. It does take time to handle everything and the entire management, but it is worth the time. In most cases, it may take up to 2 weeks to complete everything, including the paperwork and the overall management firearm bill of sale.

6+ Rubric Template Many Benefits

When you are constantly struggling with the right way to improve your teaching performance, keep in mind that the right rubric template can guide you to the right direction. This kind of template is mostly popular and familiar among teachers (and students) but you can tweak it and use it for your own requirements. Before you start collecting the template, there are some basic facts that you should know and understand.

Rubric Template and Its Function

What do you know about rubric? Why such a template is important? For teachers, the rubric is a helpful tool because it makes their job easier. There are some basic functions of how the rubric template is used:

  • It is used to break down teaching tasks and topics so teachers know the subjects, sub-subjects, topics, and other elements important in the teaching process and procedures.
  • It can also be used for grading criteria and assignment distribution. It isn’t only helpful for the teachers but also for the students because students can understand more about the nature of the task and what they are expected.
  • The rubric can be divided based on the criteria and also purposes. Naturally, when it is used for different purposes and projects, the structure will follow suit – it is completely flexible and adjustable. For instance, if a rubric is designed for an easy, the construction will inform students about the details of voice, details, mechanics, organization, and also purpose.
  • The rubric can be used to describe details and break them down. It can be used for each criteria and the level of difficulty. In short, it provides guidance and also simplified manner for teachers to value and measure their students’ skills (and also ability). For students, the rubric provides them with detailed information of the task or the project.

The Major Benefits

Naturally, everything is created and designed for a reason, including the rubric template. So, what are the perks you can expect from the template?

  • It helps both teachers and also students to define and describe quality
  • Students learn to judge their work, expanding their ability and skill to receive more tasks and also responsibilities in the end. Instead of asking themselves, “Have I done it?” or “Has it finished?”, they are more focusing on ‘What can I do next?’
  • Since the rubric simplifies the responsibility and task of grading (and also work distribution), now the teachers won’t have to waste precious time and energy. They can save up energy as well as cutting the preparation time in half, thanks to the rubric.
  • When implemented properly and utilized correctly, this template can also be useful for parents. Parents may be confused with this concept, but once they get the idea, it is big chances that they may support the implementation because they can see the flow and how everything can be managed neatly. In the end, parents can be cooperative once they understand the function of the template.

Rubric can be super useful and helpful if you know what to achieve. There are different types of rubric template formats, so be sure to choose wisely.

15+ Rubric Template Functionality for Teachers

If you aren’t a teacher, it is highly likely that you aren’t familiar with the so-called rubric template. This is a kind of special template that is commonly used among teachers because it makes their job easier. Although most people believe that this kind of template is super handy for teachers, you can also use it for your own needs. Yes, the main purpose of this template is to provide guidance and easy path for teachers, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t tweak it a little and use it for your own advantage.

The Functions of a Rubric Template

Even if you are a teacher, it isn’t a guarantee that you will be familiar with the rubric template format. After all, not everyone understands how to create one or how to come up with the structure. That’s why there are websites that are providing free templates so you can save or download it and then immediately use it for your own needs. With the template, you don’t need to create everything from the beginning. Simply consult the template and you are good to go!

There are many functions of the rubric format and template that you can use. What are they?

  • The rubric template is mostly used to help teachers in their work. They can use the template to make their workflow easier, especially when they have to divide tasks in groups or sections.
  • The template makes the job easier because it simplifies the overall process
  • Not only the rubric form can help teachers break down their working load, they can also make the scoring job easier. In some cases, the template can be used to make the book (or any literary) review so the entire process is simpler and easier.
  • The template is coming in various designs, forms, and formats. In the end, it is very easy to simply choose one of them and pick the one that suits your needs the most
  • The template has various functions and also forms. They are designed for different purposes and needs. Simply pick one from the collections and you should be able to make use of it to your greatest level.

The Various Different Forms

If you choose a reliable and trusted source for your rubric template, you will see that there are different kinds of variants and formats available for your needs, such as:

  • The template sample. The sample will provide user-friendly format where there will be numbered columns for academic term (each one of them).
  • The template example. This kind of example will give you a direct and also clear understanding on how you should use the template. In this example section, you can see the example for book review, for teacher job division, for students’ scoring and performance, and such thing alike.
  • There are templates available in the form of Word or in pdf. Some of the templates are quite fixed in the formation while some are adjustable so you can always tweak it.


Basically, there are tons of different rubric template formats and shapes that can be beneficial for everyone.

14+ Cardboard Texture Template Significance in Artistic Creation

You have to admit that the cardboard texture has become one of the most appealing and also one of the most artistic elements in the work creation or artistic design. There is a sense of uniqueness and one-of-a-kind with the cardboard. Some people refer it to a sense of being classic, worn, and old-school. Well, whatever effect that you are expecting from the texture, be sure that it can improve the appearance of your work without you having to do any fussy work or whatsoever.

The Importance of a Structure

So, what makes cardboard texture crucial? What is the major function of a structure, anyway? Here are some of the reasons why textures are important in the work of art:

  • Textures give a unique sense of look and appearance to a work or project. When you are making something, the textures will give a unique feel to the final result.
  • Textures are especially useful for app users, especially Photoshop. When you create something without the textures, the result will be bland and plain. Simply by adding textures, you can improve the appearance and also the final value of the product
  • With the already provided textures, you won’t have to make everything from a scratch. Instead of applying effects or drawing, you can simply add the textures and you are good to go.
  • Designers claim that textures are the flexible piece to make their work different, unique, and one-of-a-kind. If you want to achieve a different look to your creation, try changing the textures or playing with it. You will see that the final outcome will be different, depending on the type of textures you are using.
  • Textures make your job easier. You won’t have to break a sweat to make your work look more appealing or attractive. Simply add the textures and voila! Your work is done!

Consulting the Reliable Sources

It would be easy and convenient if you can consult the reliable sources to get the high-quality cardboard texture for your needs. However, there are some considerations you need to make if you are about to consult such sources:

  • Consider the sources that have pretty complete or extensive collections. They should come in various different kinds of textures and effects that can improve the outlook and the view
  • Choose sources that are offering free, or at least affordable, textures and effects without compromising the quality. Some sources and websites may offer free service but their qualities are quite low and even poor.
  • Choose the sources that are offering easy way to get the textures or effects. When you want to download or save the textures, you can do it easily without having to go through fussy or complicated procedures.
  • Use the search engine to direct you to the reliable and trusted sites. From there, you can bookmark or add your collections by downloading the textures.
  • Don’t stick to one type of texture. When it comes to cardboard effect, there are tons of different effects to achieve, such as ripped texture, brown paper texture, worn texture, vintage cardboard texture, and such thing alike.

3+ Essay Outline Template Functionality

If you are a student, you will realize the importance of an essay outline template because it will make your task easier. There are many sources providing such a template, but not all of them can provide such an intensive (and also complete) collections. Knowing the right outline can provide a greater insight on your part, and you can learn more about composing the right structure.

Understanding the Essay Outline

The outline is basically a bare bone of working structure that provides a basic foundation to the project. When you want to write an essay, you need to prepare the overall structure and construction, and the essay outline would be included in the preparatory tool. The outline will help you organize your major thoughts within a single frame or segment. This kind of construction will help organize the thoughts and how it should be ordered within the task. For instance, academic essays generally contain 5 paragraphs so the essay outline should contain around 15 to 20 main points of the idea. From that standpoint, you will have to organize and construct the points to create a flowing logic and ideas. In short, the essay outline template can help you strength and construct your argument without you having to feel confused or overwhelmed.

Paying Attention to the Structure

There are some things that you should know before you are forming an essay.

  • The types of academic or article will determine the structure of the essay itself
  • Despite the various types of the articles, all essays share the basic and standard format that is pretty easy to follow – and not time consuming
  • It is possible that each point contains subpoints and such things alike, so it is crucial to make a draft of your work before you make the real one.

Example of Introduction

If you see essay outline template, the standard format for the introduction will likely in the form of:

  • Introductory statement of the topic – it can be a fun fact, the background history, or a hook statement
  • Present the main topic briefly
  • Introduce body for paragraph 1
  • Introduce body for paragraph 2
  • Introduce body for paragraph 3
  • Introduce body for paragraph X
  • Thesis or research statement


Example of Paragraphs

When you want to introduce the body paragraphs, the constructions will likely happen like this:

  • Topic sentence contains the main points of what will be discussed only in one sentence
  • Argument is about the presentation of the theory in one or two sentences
  • After the argument, it is crucial for you to show the proof of validity. It can be done in one to three sentences
  • Concluding statement. This section concludes your theory and presentation, and you wrap it up as a conclusion.


The Example of Conclusion

The main construction will be:

  • Thesis statement rephrase, where the conclusion is placed on the beginning of the paragraph
  • Restate the main body of paragraph points
  • Overall conclusion and the statements

It takes some times, and also practice, to hone your skills. But then again, having the essay outline template can help because it gives you a chance to develop your ability and also work.

3+ Meeting Agenda Template and Its Importance

A functional and well-structured meeting agenda template can be super beneficial and handy if you often deal with meeting setup and management. Not many people understand the importance of a meeting agenda unless those who often take part in the activity. If you want to have a fruitful outcome and you want to accomplish something, you should think about creating your agenda – or at least consult the right template to make your job easier.

The Importance of a Meeting Agenda

Most people don’t realize that the success of a business meeting depends on some crucial elements, including a functional and resourceful agenda. The agenda can determine the structure, form, and purpose of your meeting so you can plan what to achieve next. Based on the agenda, you can determine what to include in the meeting, how long it should last, and whom to invite for the team members. It is safe to say that the agenda will provide an accurate course of the meeting so it can go as planned – and result in the most satisfying way.

The reasons to have the meeting agenda are:

  • Based on the meeting agenda template, you can determine the course and purpose of the meeting. Is it for brainstorming for the next project? Is it to discuss the obstacles happening to the current project and find out the solutions? Is it for discussing the next project?
  • The agenda can help in having an efficient and effective outcome. Let’s face it; we live in the busy world. It is easy to get caught up in the tangled of schedules, appointments, business management, and such thing alike. Having the agenda can be helpful because it gives a sense of directions, which will be needed by the participants.
  • The agenda will make sure that your meeting will be effective and fruitful. Aftter all, a meeting should be effective instead of dull and boring. The agenda will help make the meeting more useful. If the participants understand what to expect and accomplish from the meeting, they will be ready and be prepared for it – instead of feeling lost and clueless.

How to Compose a Meeting Agenda

If you see some of the meeting agenda template, there are some important elements to consider:

  • Every meeting should have a topic to discuss – whether it is to find a solution to an existing problem or whether it is to start a new project, or such thing alike. Without a topic, a meeting won’t go smoothly as expected. It won’t be even useful.
  • Goal(s). Every meeting should have at least one goal. As it goes back to the topic, the meeting is supposed to generate something or have a fruitful outcome.
  • It is related to the goals where the meeting should be able to deliver something with accurate result. For instance, if you have a meeting that is a part of a series of a new development project, each of the meeting should have its own objective and goal. Even when it is about the smallest details or the sub-project, you should always include it in your plan.
  • There are different kinds of meeting agenda template so be sure to choose wisely of the right one for your needs.