20+ Letter of Intent Template and Its Difference from the Cover Letter

A lot of people tend to underestimate the letter of intent template, thinking that they will never need such a letter. It is so easy to ditch this kind of template, especially if you are already familiar with the CV, letter of application, or the cover letter. But trust me, you are going to need this kind of letter because you will never know what happens in the future.

About the Letter of Intent

Basically, the letter of intent is almost similar to the cover letter. However, they are completely different (in the structure and format) and they are also used for different purposes. Despite the facts that they are both a formal written document, they are completely different. The cover letter is generally used when you want to apply for a specific position or vacancy through the regular channel such as referral, recruiter, or online job. The cover letter is providing the details of reasons why you will be the perfect candidate for the job.

A letter of intent, on the contrary, is the type of application letter that you use when you are applying for the general fields. It is the type of cold-calling application, which means that you are leaving your resume with the hope that you may called one day for a certain position. Who knows, maybe an employer or a business owner is interested in your resume and they may contact you. Unlike the cover letter which is more specific in the details of your skills and your abilities, the letter of intent is more general. The point is to tell them about your ability and skill, but in a less specific detail.  The focus is more about aspiration or networking building instead of position oriented.

Tips in Writing the Letter of Intent

Having the letter of intent template can be quite handy because it helps you to write the letter in the right format. However, it helps to know some things and facts in composing the right letter.

  • You should be able to provide specific details about your skills and also accomplishments
  • You should also mention the reasons why you are interested in applying for the company – or what elements that make them standout.
  • You should write the paragraphs in short ones. Too long paragraphs and too winding paragraphs are not very good. It creates boredom instead of interest
  • Don’t be too detailed about the reasons why you leave the last job. You don’t want to bad mouth your last company, no matter how disappointed you are with them. It should be your personal secret.

Here is the formula for the ideal paragraph:

  • Paragraph 1 is about the introduction of yourself. It should also contain your goal and intention in sending the letter
  • Paragraph 2 is about the background info. You should include a brief and short summary about the relevant skills, experience, and education
  • Paragraph 3 is about the summary or the call of action.

In the end, learn more about how to write and compose the letter. If you know how to make use of it the most, the letter of intent template can provide a great guidance and help.

Download Template

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