20+ Pinewood Derby Templates Functions

You probably want to look more the collections of pinewood derby templates if you want to take part in the prestigious racing event. The Pinewood Derby can be a worthy and also fun experience for everyone, especially students, boy scouts, girl scouts, and everyone expecting a greater experience taking part in clubs as well as activity groups that can enrich their social interactions.

About the Pinewood Derby

Before we talk about the importance of pinewood derby templates, let’s talk about it from the historical perspective. As it was mentioned before, the Pinewood Derby isn’t only a historical event but also a prestigious race that can challenge the participants’ involvement and participation. The event has all the important elements that most scouts would like to have – it has the thrill, it has the challenges, and it has the building excitement. It also combines the scouts skills and teamwork, while focusing on the final result. In the end, even if your group doesn’t win, you will gain a greater and priceless lesson from working together and entrusting one another.

Pinewood Derby is a racing event that is quite popular among teenagers. You probably have guessed how the event works: Young (and eager) scouts need to build their own racing cars. Besides using the kits, they need to build the cars from plastic wheels, metal axles, and pine wood blocks. The race track itself comes with 2 lanes to 6 lanes and they slope downward to the grounds. Unlike the regular race, this one is only going downward the slope because it is run by the gravity. Yes, the car doesn’t have any machine or engine, so the only way to move it around is by using the gravity.

Each car will have the chance to chase on each lane. They can race whether individually or in group against the entire group. The first derby was taking place in 1953 and it has become an annual event ever since. The race might seem simple but it isn’t. The complication of planning everything, the work of having to build the cars, and the team work have made the race quite complex. But that’s the principle of the event: you are expected to work together with other people in a team work in the hope that you can tackle the obstacles and hindrance.

How to Use the Templates

So, how do you use the pinewood derby templates and manage them?

  • When you consult the source of the template, open the template
  • You can print them up, depending on their format.
  • Be sure that the dimension is properly correct because some browsers and printer may automatically change the image size and also shape.
  • If the dimension isn’t correct, you may want to adjust the dimension again
  • Cut the templates and tape (or hold) it off to the body block.
  • Trace its outline with the pencil and cut the wood body. Use the band saw or coping saw. Don’t forget to sand and file the body for enhanced smoothness and detail.

Those are the functions of the pinewood derby templates and how you can use them for your needs.

Download Template

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