The UCLA Appeal Letter and its example 

UCLA does not set aside space in the class for a student especially that appeal admission decision. Therefore, you need to write a UCLA Appeal Letter that will support documentation receive extreme scrutiny by admissions officers. The condition under this letter will make a difference in the admission office’s original decision to be extraordinary.


What are the things to include in a UCLA Appeal Letter?

When you are writing this UCLA Appeal Letter idea, you need to include some things to make it easy to read. This letter has to bring the light new academic and personal information as well as information about the extenuating circumstance that has not been present in the application.

How to create a UCLA Appeal Letter?

To write this UCLA Appeal Letter template needs some steps to make it interesting to read. Here are some of the steps that should be arranged in your letter:

  • You have to begin to write this letter by writing an introduction to make the recipient understand your aims to write the letter
  • In the body paragraph, you need to give proof that the high school transcripts were mixed up with other students with the same name
  • To end your letter, you have to say your happiness about the situation where are working

Tips to write a UCLA Appeal Letter

Furthermore, you also will need some tips to make your UCLA Appeal Letter format easy to understand. With these tips, your letter can be arranged easily. Here are some of the tips:

  • You have to get straight forward to the point the reason the student believes the original admissions
  • Write the name of the student and application number and date of rejection
  • Send this letter to an individual in the Admission’s Department

The example of a UCLA Appeal Letter

To facilitate you in writing this letter, you also need to get some reference by reading some of the UCLA Appeal Letter examples. The example will lead you to write a letter without any difficulties. You also can use the following example to customize your letter.

Here is an example of the letter:

Dear Ms. Kelly, 

I am sending this letter to inform you that your office has confused my high school transcript with those of another student with the same name resulting in the rejection of my application for admission to UCLA for the upcoming semester. 

I graduated from high school with Tony C. Adam and he lives in my neighborhood. I am also not sure if my high school counselor confused the transcripts or if they were mixed up after they arrived at the UCLA Admission Office. 

I contacted the UCLA Admissions Office and spoke with a representative named Christian Howe. He confirmed that the GPA recorded for me was 3.15 instead of 3.76. Also, I found out that the combined SAT score recorded for me was 1900 instead of my correct combined SAT score of 2200. 

I will be happier to come to your office and meet with you regarding this situation. I hope you will get in touch with me very soon as I have other college offers but UCLA will be always my first choice. 



Tony Adam

Tony A. Adam

That is all about a UCLA Appeal Letter. Your letter will be nice to read if you do understand the function of this letter well.


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