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Account Ledger Template and how to make it in Microsoft Excel easily

Keeping track of every business process will be important because you will know the progression of your business well. One of the best ideas to manage this part is creating the account ledger template. You can create this template in Microsoft Excel that will let you customize the codes and categories without any difficulties.

The account ledger template idea can be set up for you easily so that you can get the right into the data-entry process and have records that are easy to review and compare. You should not worry if you never create this idea because the template will let you customize and edit suitable with your needs easily.

How to create an account ledger template in Excel simply 

To start creating this ledger template, you can open Microsoft Excel and click the file tab and choose the new link. In this part, you can type ledger into the search box when the available templates windows appear. This step is easy to do for common people because the post office has Excel which is easy to operate.

Furthermore, you also need to understand that Excel does not have a button on the available template windows so that you need to pay attention to this step. Moreover, you can scroll through the business ledger form to arrange the best account ledger template design suitable for your need without any difficulties.

How to make an account ledger template interesting

Besides, you can arrange this ledger template interesting if you can review the text on the template properly. It means that you have generic words that you need to replace with your preferred business terms. Next, you can locate the G/ L Code on the template to make the design of this ledger is awesome.

If you want to have a different term or appearance on your account ledger template format, you can click into the cell and type over the placeholder text. After that, you can click into the first cell in the G/ L Code column with 1, 100, or 1000 depending on the template that you need to create on your computer.

Drop the cell to arrange the best ledger

You can arrange the best template if you press the Enter key to drop the cell below the current one. This part is important because it can change the G/ L code as required. You also can repeat the step to match your required ledger terms. Pay attention to this step to arrange the best ledger template well.

After that, you can move to the next column and click into the cell to the right of the first G/ L Code. In this part, you can change the placeholder term that can be used as your marketing in the account ledger template worksheet. You can continue to press enter to change the terms in the column without any difficulties.

Save As the template 

When you have finished editing and customizing this account ledger template, you can click the file menu and select Save As on your computer. You can enter the name of the ledger file and click the save button on it.

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