20+ Sample Resignation Letter Template Important Elements and Tips

Consulting the sample resignation letter template can be quite helpful and handy when you want to compose a professional document and yet you aren’t really familiar with the construction. Not many people realize the importance of submitting a formal and professional resignation letter. But you should know that it is about your credibility and reputation. You want to leave the company with your head held high, don’t you?


The Function of the Resignation Letter

As the name suggests, the resignation letter is the written document that notifies your employer (as well as the company) that you are quitting. The information is important because it will be processed by other departments, such as human resources and finance. The letter usually informs the employers about the final date of your work, allowing them to find your replacement. In most cases, the resignation letter contains the employee’s willingness to help with the transition, such as completing a project or help with the replacement’s training.

The Construction for the Letter

Take a look at the sample resignation letter template and you will see the important elements:

  • Header, which should contain you and your employer’s contact info (name, title, company’s name and address, the phone number, and also email).
  • Date, which informs the date of the letter’s submission
  • Salutation or greeting. You can write “Dear Mrs or Mr. [name]”
  • Paragraph 1 contains the fact that you are resigning and when will be your last date. Before sending the letter, you can check the company’s policy or your working contract about the required notice – how long should you provide the information beforehand. Some companies may require you to inform them a month earlier, while some may only a week. In general, though, it takes 2 weeks as the standard.
  • Paragraph 2 and 3 may contain the reason for your leaving and your offer to help with the transition. Don’t forget to say thanks for the working opportunity.
  • Closure
  • Signature, followed by your name and your contact info.

The Important Elements in the Letter

If you see the various sample resignation letter template, you should know that they mostly contain these important elements:

  • Simple language and straight-to-the-point contents. You want to compose the letter as thorough as possible and yet keeping it brief, focused, and simple.
  • The appropriate letter should contain only positive things. There is no use criticizing or complaining about the company or any colleague. It should also contain words of gratitude for the chance of working there.
  • Make sure that it contains informative points, such as the fact that you are quitting and the final date of you working there.
  • If it is possible, resign in person first and the formal letter should follow. But in case such a thing isn’t possible, sending the letter will be appropriate as long as you can compose a professional letter.

As you can see, composing the professional resignation letter isn’t as hard as you think, especially if you are consulting the template. By making use of the sample resignation letter template, you can make yourself look professional.

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