10+ T-Shirt Design Template


T-Shirt Design Template: The Ways on Making a Template with Photoshop

A t-shirt design template is useful to produce a t-shirt. It is very detailed in the t-shirt design so that you can apply it to the production process. To make this design template, you should make a t-shirt mockup first with a Photoshop application. It is essential to make t-shirts manually with digital features.

What is T-Shirt Design Template?

To help you in designing the t-shirt template, you should know the description of the t-shirt template. The template is a preview of a t-shirt design concept showing the image real before you apply it to producing t-shirts.

With the use of mockups, you can see more real designs in the preview only. If you see a catalog of t-shirt products, it is only a mockup only. However, the t-shirt design has changed.

How to Make a T-Shirt Design Template

Before you start it, you should do some ways of creating a t-shirt design template. You should find a polo t-shirt or your design. It is important to ensure that it is not cracked. It is minimally sized at 2 megapixels. To exercise, you should take a polo t-shirt on the internet as a t-shirt design template.

Open a T-Shirt Image on Photoshop

Today, you will select the t-shirt part because it has no background. Of course, it tends to be easier to select. You should activate the Magic Wand Tool and click on the white background. The background has been selected. Then, click right and Select Inverse. Press Ctrl J to be the new t-shirt design.

Duplicate Shadow Layer

Next, you should duplicate the layer of Shadow to be a Mask. Put the layer on the center and add Adjustment, click right, solid color, and choose a color. Then, click OK. In the layer of shadow, it is invisible and click right on Solid Color and Create Clipping Mask. Give the name of the t-shirt.

Changing Blend Mode

You should change a blend mode on the shadow layer to be multiply so that it is more realistic and changes the color. You should test to change the color to be blue. Click two times on the screen thumbnail.

Making a New Design Template of T-Shirt

It is time to make a place for designing a t-shirt to attach. The t-shirt design is attached to the center part. You should make a new layer to adjust the t-shirt design template. It is easy to do when you obey the directions.

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