5+ The printable PDF Cornell Notes Template

The Cornell notes template is known as the most efficient way of taking note, better studying and also for reviewing the subject in more systematically. If you want to make Cornell notes template, you can use Powerful tools, for example, using NoteLedge or simple Microsoft Word to create. In another way, you also can use the printable Cornell notes template that you can download from online.


What is Cornell notes template?

The Cornell notes template is the template that you can create or download to take the notes. A student will need to recite the information that they collect by cover the note-taking column and look at the questions’ made in a cue-words column and sat the question’s answer.

What is a purpose of writing Cornell notes template?

The Cornell notes template is designed for college level or high-school student for taking note when they learning from a subject or from their lecturer. This template gives the student with the summary and key points from the subject.

How to make Cornell notes template

Microsoft has pre-built template and then group it with the function. You also can make it.

  •    Divides the paper into 2 columns, the note-taking column in right that has doubled size from the column in left that will use for key points/question.
  •    Leave 5-7 lines or 2 inches in the bottom of page
  •    Take notes from the lecturer and written in the right note-taking column.
  •    In the left column, assist for future review with relevant questions or the keywords that take as soon as possible when the lecture give the question.
  •    After the notes taken, write a brief summary in the bottom.

Guidelines for taking notes with Cornell notes template

  •    Apply the notes template by tapping in the upper right corner and custom the paper style. the Cornell notes template is available in portrait and landscape mode.
  •    Take the notes from the subject matter. Leave the largest part section for taking the notes that you get from reading the matter, meeting, and brainstorming or from the lecturer.

–    Type the keynotes. Keep the notes you take is simply and pay more attention to make the key point. Paraphrase the note into your own words rather than transcribing.

–    Make highlight from the most important parts with the colored brushes

–    Add photos or videos

–    Get more information

–    Flip to the next page for the different subject

  •    Question and key points taking. On the left section, it is used for taking key points and questions. When you review the material, you can look at the column in note taking in right and then ask yourself with the question to test the knowledge from the subject.
  •    Summary. After taking notes in Cornell notes template, then you will need to make the summary. Use with your own words to write a summary from what you find from the notes and essentials question in the top section. This wills really help you when you review it before exams or class.

If you need Cornell notes template, you can adjust to make it as suit as with your requirement.

Download Template

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