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12+ Cool Computer Backgrounds Template for Your Personalized Look

Some cool computer backgrounds can really help you improve your working productivity and creativity, depending on your preference. Although computer backgrounds or wallpapers can be entertaining and soothing, some of the backgrounds are designed with improved functionality and usages. They aren’t only appealing to the visual but they are also handy and functional.

Functions of Computer Backgrounds

In this modern era, your computer is like your personal diary. It is basically the extension of your arms and hands, able to help you manage things. When you want to personalize your computer, making it only unique and different for your needs, you need to choose the right images and pictures that are able to represent yourself.

Cool computer backgrounds are only a part of various computer wallpapers types and variants. Some backgrounds are entertaining and funny, while some are adorable and cute. Some backgrounds have a real backgrounds and images of real places all over the world, giving you a feel as if you have been to those places – simply by having them as your background.

In general, here are some benefits of having the computer backgrounds:

  • It personalizes your computer – making it look different from the others. After all, different computer owners have their own different likes and preferences.
  • The background will add colors and visual appeal to your computer. Without the backgrounds, your computer will be boring, plain, and bland. But with the backgrounds, it somewhat adds colors, patterns, and looks.
  • Some of today’s backgrounds aren’t only pretty and beautiful but also functional. A real-time calendar background, for instance, can help you show the date so you won’t have to add another calendar on your desk. There are also backgrounds with checklist or schedule lines which you can fill in so you know your to-do lists. That’s what I call cool computer backgrounds!

Different Types of Computer Backgrounds

When we are talking about computer backgrounds, the options and the variants are quite limitless. There are some options:

  • There are animal backgrounds – sometimes they are cute, sometimes they are adorable, and sometimes they are real. A friend of mine has this running cheetah background in her desktop and it is awesome to see a real cheetah running across your computer
  • There are baby backgrounds. If you like babies so much, this kind of background will be the best option for you. Do you like twins or triplets? Do you like moving backgrounds where the babies are moving, talking, or even dancing? Trust me, having these kinds of backgrounds is super enjoyable and fun!
  • There are space and universe backgrounds. If you like stargazing, you may like some starry images on your computer. Whether it is a star or a universe, such a background can be soothing and entertaining.
  • There are anime backgrounds. Cartoons and anime are quite popular. You can have your own collections and change the backgrounds once every week. It would be fun!

As it was mentioned before, the options for computer backgrounds can be limitless. It would be best if you are looking for reliable sources for your cool computer backgrounds.

7+ Vintage Background Template Elegant Aspects

So, you are in the artistic industry – whether you are creating greeting cards, you are making posters, or other artistic products – and you are always in the need of classic and timeless vintage background. The background itself will provide a good foundation or platform that will make any background (or creation) that you make in front of the background pop out and stand out. So, what can you do with the background and the vintage appeal?

The Importance of Background Collections

So, what’s so important about the vintage background, anyway? Well, they are different kinds of artistic products whose appeal will simply increase just by adding the vintage aspect. After all, there are a wide range or vintage elements and settings.

Vintage is a wide term because it covers a lot of different aspects. It can be illustrations, frames, gardens, intricate and complicated floral patterns, grandfather clocks, brownish worn effect, and so much more. Sometimes, the vintage effect can come in unique colors – such as purple or violets or red ash – and yet they are still coming with the vintage effect. Moreover, if you are running in the artistic industry, you know that there are different kinds of old paper. No need to worry because there are also different kinds of vintage backgrounds – such as cut glass, dip nibs, wrinkled, engraved fountain pen, burnt edges, stained, bonnets and satin ribbons, and many other unlimited things.

The Appeal of Vintage Background

So, what’s to like about the vintage background?

  • It creates a sense of old and worn and yet done in such an elegant way. It’s like aging with style, and it is something that everyone loves
  • The background can create a sense of classic and elegance without having to make everything look cheesy. Let’s say that you are making a birthday greeting with calligraphy writings. Wouldn’t your creation will be perfect when you accompany your beautiful writing with the world and old-school vintage setting as the background? In short, whatever artistic products or projects that you are making, be sure that they can increase in value and also appearance with this vintage element.
  • The background can deliver a sense of warmth and also homey sensation when you include the vintage element in the design. Think of the vintage colors like brown, ash red, blue, or green, which can invoke the warm sensation to the entire design.

Choosing the Right Design

So, what should you do when you want to choose the right background?

  • Make sure that you choose the right background with the right colors. After all, there are different types of background with its different colors. Choosing the right one will improve the aesthetic appeal.
  • There are different kinds of templates with different effects on the textures. Some templates may come as the smooth look while the others are coming with wrinkled effect.
  • Be sure that your background won’t overpower whatever design or writing you have in front of it so everything should be balanced

In the end, you are free to choose whatever vintage background you like – as long as you choose the right one.

20+ Funny Background Template for Better Humor in Life

It seems that one of the many reasons why funny backgrounds are liked is because people always need humor in their lives. Let’s admit it, life isn’t easy. You need to break from the routine for once in a while and enjoy a good laugh. Although there are many interesting and funny things around you, the fun backgrounds can be one of the greatest sources of entertainment and enjoyment. So, how can you implement such a thing in your life and then make the best use of it?

The Importance of Good Humor and Laugh

Healthy people are those who are stress free. What’s the point of having the wealth of the world or impressive jobs with super high pay, but you won’t be able to enjoy your life and you are always stressful all of the time? Aside from the fact that stress will create health problems, it can also shorten your life.

As it was mentioned before, everyone needs a good humor. A good and pure laugh can be good for most people. It prevents health problems and you get to appreciate life even more. That’s why we have so many good sources providing funny backgrounds that will, at least, make you smile. If you can smile wider or even laugh, that’s even better.

Funny and whimsical background can be about anything – in any form possible. It can be about your neighbor’s dog chasing a rabbit in a funny manner or a baby laughing out loud. The background can be used for anything too, and here are some of the common usages:

  • For your (mobile) device’s background. Whether you are using a tablet, a laptop, a PC, or a smartphone, having the funny picture as the background can bring a smile to your face. Whether the event or the image is yours or you take it online, you know that it can make your days brighter and better.
  • For any printing materials. I have a friend who likes to take funny pictures from the net (without the copyright matter, naturally) and then print them on his favorite things. He has a mug that has super adorable tubby. He has a personal binder with his son’s images as the cover. He has funny wallpaper on his cubicle of a Darth Vader Lego on a bike, and such thing alike. Believe me, having yourself surrounded by those funny images will certainly make your day – and it does make your days better and brighter
  • For casual advertisement. In the event that you have a business and you want to spread out the words about your establishment, having the funny backgrounds can help making it catchy and stand out.

Finding the Right One

In the event that you want to find the right images, make sure you do these things:

  • The sources should be reliable and trusted. If the website alone looks shady, don’t go to it or click anything. Just leave
  • The easy process of download or save.
  • The background can be easily adjusted or personalized.

Those are basically the things you need to know about getting the right sources of funny backgrounds that will suit your needs.

7+ Orange Background Template and the Positive Effects

When we are talking about orange background, we are talking about a bright color that will spark up everything. Whether you are using the background for your printed art project or you have one for your mobile device background, the bright hue will immediately lift up the atmosphere and appearance. Your mobile devices will look cheerful and bright as the day, and your printed art outcome will be amazingly sparkling from afar.

Why Is the Orange Background Liked?

Of course, when we are talking about colors, we are talking about personal preference. Some people like darker hues, while some are really into brighter (and often bolder) colors. Some like the neutral colors more while some don’t really have any specific like. You have to admit, though, that orange is the color of brightness. When you look at the color, it reminds you of the sun or of the bright summer days. Orange may not be as intense as the red, for instance, and the hue has a slight darker mix when compared to the yellow. It is safe to say that orange is a unique color with just the right amount of mixture here and there.

So, what’s so special about the orange background, anyway?

  • It is the color of light and brightness. It reminds you of the sun and the intense heat.
  • It is a color that is somewhat associated with cheerfulness. It is bold and yet not too much. When compared to the red, the orange is somewhat muted.
  • Orange allows you to see the details clearly. When you have the orange as the bacground, you should be able to see the details of everything in front of the background.
  • Orange is basically a flexible color. It can be made light as the yellow, but it can also be made darker
  • The effect of different shades of yellow is all nice and comforting. Light yellow is somewhat fun and whimsical while the darker

How to Get the Background

So, you are interested in having the orange background for any of your needs. What should you do to get the options in your collections?

  • Be sure to check the different sources. Don’t forget to read the term and condition section first before moving forward
  • Check the regulations. Some websites may not require any membership and offer free service. But some may require you to be their members although they may offer you free service. Some may not require any membership but they may charge paid service – but for premium image quality
  • Check the collections. You want to get the source that can offer you different variants of the images – such as the smooth image, the textured one, the distressed paper, the one with images or themes, and such thing alike.
  • You want the sources with simple arrangement. Whether you want to print it or save it, the overall operation shouldn’t be too complicated.

If you are looking for a way to create something that looks sparkling and bright, you should consider using the orange shade. With the orange background, you should be able to achieve the desired effect.

20+ HD Backgrounds Template Role in Design and Art Work

Whether you are creating an artistic work of art or you want to have your own personal collection, the HD backgrounds will create a difference in the outcome. Of course, it would be different if you are using a high quality image and the regular one – the result will be a complete contrast. You can’t really compare a common and regular outcome with the premium one.

The Importance and Details of High Definition Images

You probably don’t think that premium images are real – or if it even exists. But in the graphic world where quality images or designs are important, the quality of pixels and the overall composition will play a huge (and also important) role.

Imagine this: You are working on an important project for web design that involves high quality images. You choose an image that you think have great resolution and outcome. The designs are unique and appealing, and everything seems detailed. But once it is implemented, the pixel breaks. The image you thought coming with the best quality turns out to have low pixel quality that break when it is enlarged or tweaked. It is such an unwanted bummer, isn’t it?

That’s the importance of the HD backgrounds. You want to choose the right image with the right dimension and proportion that won’t break or even damaged when you make some changes or adjustments.

Crucial Things to Consider

So, in your attempts to find the right images for your needs, there are some things to consider:

  • You want to choose the right image with the right dimension and size. You probably going to see a lot of great images, but the size or the dimension may not go as you wanted. It may be smaller than you want, so you need to set it aside.
  • Be sure to choose a reliable (or some reliable) source with the right collections. Some websites may have a wide range of collections with various sizes and dimensions. Some, however, may have limited collections. Some websites are known for their big size images while some are popular for their limitless smaller collections. You need to consider whether they are worthy for your needs.
  • Be sure that the images are detailed and sharp. High quality images should have clear images with detailed smaller parts. The more detailed an image is, the bigger the size will be.

How to Get the High Quality Images

  • When you want to get the HD backgrounds, be sure that you are extra careful about choosing the source. You don’t want to be reckless in choosing a source because it may jeopardize your safety – and your device.
  • It would be better if you can get recommendation or reference about the trusted source or website
  • The layout of the website should be simple and yet clear and easy to maneuver. You don’t want to deal with a source that is fussy, complicated, or difficult.
  • It would be even better if each image has its own description, including the proper way of storage or print. It should have the detailed information about how to use the HD backgrounds and to make the best use of it.

Lightning storm

Lightning storm

19+ Halloween Background Template for Your Holiday Event

Halloween is just around the corner so having the Halloween background template sounds like a great idea. Whether you want to create a flyer with Halloween theme or you want to make a Halloween card, the template can be a great accompaniment to your creative project. There are some ways for you to create Halloween-themed creations but why putting yourself into a trouble when you can have the easier way?


The Festive Holiday!

Halloween is one of the best (and exciting) events of the year. Imagine all the fun in the preparation and also the excitement during the day. Not only you will be surrounded by the scary but cute night creatures but you can also enjoy the tasty foods. Isn’t it fun when you can enjoy the ghost-themed cookies or the cupcakes with bat decorations? With the fun atmosphere and the creative appealing images, you can expect a lot of things from this Halloween celebration.

Choosing the Right Theme

So, what’s the deal about the Halloween background template, anyway?

  • First of all, you can create almost anything with the Halloween theme. Want to have a Halloween invitation? What about creating an announcement banner? What if you simply want to surround yourself with the Halloween theme, such as pumpkin images for the desktop or a wall decoration for your working station?
  • The background can be great for all kinds of things. If you are throwing a party, for instance, you can have the background and print it on a large scale for the party’s decoration. If your kids are into Halloween, you can also print some of the images and then let them have their own creative projects.

Getting the Images

Some people don’t really like the idea that they can use the Halloween background template. They prefer having their own creation and artwork. It mostly happens to those already having their own imagination in their head – they know what the scene will look like and they know what the details are all about. So, what should you do when you want to create your own background for Halloween?

  • Make use of the available apps or software. You can find free app such as Photoshop or Adobe.
  • Once you have the direct access to the software, explore around and learn the available features. What kind of image you want to create? Is it cartoonish? Is it comical? It is realistic? It is in lego-like style? There are different features for different kinds of effects.
  • Make sure that you have covered the entire space. That’s why it would be wise to plan the dimension and size from the start.
  • Once you are done, check what kind of options available for the saving. Some apps allow the images to be published, while some may cater to printing. Some may offer digital saving or even pdf saving.

It is up to you whether you want to make the background on your own or make use of the provided template. Just remember that the Halloween background template is meant to help you, so you know which best for you.