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10+ Notice to Vacate Template, What to Know about It

The notice to vacate is a crucial written documentation that should be managed between a landlord and a tenant. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with such a letter. But it is a good thing that there is a template that can help you with the composition. By consulting the right template, you can use the guide to write the notice.

Notice to Vacate, the Understanding

The notice to vacate is basically a written documentation or notice that is completed by the landlord or the tenant. The content is a notification about a planning to empty the premise. The notice also functions as the demand to vacate.

It is often that the notice is provided by the landlord, especially if the lease is about to end. The notice is also provided if the tenant breaks the lease because of the inability to follow through the payment or the failure to obey the regulations. In most cases, the landlord will provide 30 days so the tenant can vacate the premise.

It is quite rare for the tenant to provide the notice to vacate, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen or it has never happened before. When such a notice is provided, it is generally to inform that the tenant is planning to leave so the landlord will be able to advertise the premise so a new tenant can occupy it.

The Different Meaning

Different people have different understanding of the term. According to the regulation, the notice to vacate is the letter written by the landlord, intended for the tenant. However, when it is the other way around, it is called the notice of intent to vacate. Despite the different terms, most people understand that such a letter is generally issued between the landlord and the tenant.

The reasons for the notice to be written and issued are:

  • The tenant is lack of payment or they are often late
  • The contract for the lease is about to end
  • The tenant fails to comply with the rental agreement terms

The Important Considerations

There are some considerations and facts that you should notice about this letter.

  • Most people think that oral notification between the landlord and the tenant will be enough. However, if the problem arises, the oral notification doesn’t have any legal power. In the event that the landlord fails to provide his obligations, the tenant won’t be able to do anything. And the same thing also happens when the tenant somewhat damage the property – the landlord won’t be able to do anything.
  • Those who are writing the notice should consult their legal advisor or attorney. The attorney can help with the lease agreement checking and viewing so mistakes and errors can be minimized. The smallest mistake, like the wrong date, can result in a lawsuit

In the end, don’t underestimate the task of writing the notice. It may seem unimportant and easy, but once you have to go down with it, it isn’t as easy as you think. The notice to vacate template can help but you should also make sure that the content won’t violate the law.

5+ Eviction Notice Template

An Eviction Notice Template Sample: A Notice to Vacate the Property


A lessor has a right to release an eviction notice. It can be released when the lessee broke the agreements. The eviction notice template sample helps do this.

The eviction notice template sample is crucial to use if the tenants fail to pay or vacate the property. There is a right of the landlord to give them one. When there is a miscommunication between the lessor and the lessee, this notice can be helpful. How to create the note?


The Definition of Eviction Notice Template Sample 

This notice is a written document to comply with the lease agreement. This notice can be released when the lessee or tenant fails to pay the property used. The eviction notice contains several things to be stated. Both the landlord and the tenant need to understand the terms in it. Here are the things you have to know before you release the eviction notice template sample.

1. Types of eviction notice template sample

  • Pay Rent: The landlord gives the tenant only a few days to accomplish their payment
  • Cure of Quit: The landlord (lessor) provides the tenant with the amount of time to achieve the specific actions in paying the rent
  • Unconditional Stop: The owner does not have any conditions that allow tenants to stay at the property.
  • Notice to vacate: This is a notice to terminate the tenancy.

2. How do you create a sample eviction notification template?

  • Mention the name of the lessee

To address the lease, you can use the statement “This is to notify that ______ (Lessee’sLessee’s name) is directed to vacate the property at ____ (address) no later than ______ (date).


  • State the reasons for giving eviction

There are some reasons you can use to provide an eviction notice to the lessee like failure to pay the rent. You can state the reasons why you give the advice clearly in the template.


  • Be Specific and clear

When you describe the rights to release the notice, you need to be specific and clear in stating them. It is to avoid the misunderstanding of the issues.


  • Send it directly

After having the eviction notice, you need to send it to the tenant or lessee. You can give it directly to the lessee, or you can email it. You also can use the service of the post if the lessee is away from your home.


Those are you need to know about the eviction notice template sample. After identifying them, you can decide the best type of it for your tenants.



5+ 30-day Eviction Notice Template

30-day Eviction Notice Template Sample Which Can You Try

If you work in the administration of an agency, of course, you will be familiar with the 30 day eviction notice template sample. That is a must for you to understand and know, especially if you are involved in the administration of the legal entity as well.

The eviction letter is usually created as a notification to residents around the area to be evicted. Evictions are often carried out by the government to relocate to the area.

What is 30-day eviction notice template sample?

That is a 30 day eviction notice template sample. The letter will usually be given to residents who are still occupying a place in the area to be evicted so that they immediately move.

The contents of the notification letter, in addition to the notification, of course, there is also an order to immediately leave the place, the deadline to move immediately, and the actions that will be taken if not following the eviction warning letter.

Is the 30-day eviction notice template sample really important?

Whether or not it depends on the needs of you or the institution where you work. However, it might be better if you do have the template. This is so that you don’t have to make it from scratch, and just follow the template.

What is in the 30-day eviction notice template sample?

Typically, the contents of the 30-day notice template sample contain a legal policy to strengthen the reasons for the eviction, the reason for the eviction, an order to evict, and also sometimes a description of the cost of replacing the eviction.

How to get a 30-day eviction notice template sample?

It is very easy. If you or have previously made an eviction notice, you can use it again to serve as an example sample. However, if you want to have a new template, you can search for it on the internet. There are many who offer it or make yourself.

The existence of an eviction warning letter is certainly very important so that it can become a legal basis for carrying out evictions. If not, of course, this will be a problem and obstacle to carrying out these evictions. That way, residents will also object to letting their locations be evicted for no apparent reason. For this reason, in order to avoid obstacles, you should always have a backup of 30 day eviction notice template sample.