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Luggage Tag Template


The best way to make Luggage Tag Templates on your computer is by editing and printing them according to models that can be selected online and offline. Well, now a lot of online sites that provide free templates in pdf format that are easy for you to edit according to the desired design.

You only need to set up a computer and printer to produce a good template. It would help if you had a high spirit of creativity so that the design results are excellent and exciting. Using luggage tags templates can be useful for your business as long as they are packaged well.


How to Make a Luggage Tag Template

Learn how to make Luggage Templates that you can make yourself easily at home through the methods below.


  1. Find a Template

The first step you should take when creating a luggage tag template is first choosing a template that suits your favorite designs, so the results are fresh and attractive.

You can find the best templates through online multimedia; You can directly search on the Pinterest menu and then find the model as you like.

Or you can also make luggage templates online by choosing the software of your choice using InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Quark software that you can use to make business cards.


  1. Arrange Design Arrangement

Next, the thing you have to do is set the design arrangement so that it looks clear that it is pleasing to the eye. Use templates with colorful designs that are structured from grid designs that are simple but look attractive.

Add info items for social media icons, emails, or phone numbers that are easy to read as one of the things you should pay attention to is choosing a font that others easily read.

  1. Design Your Tag

When finished, you can directly print the paper luggage label on a regular computer, laminate it, and attach it to your suitcase. If you have trouble making a particular tag, then give extra effort to prepare various tools and materials.

You can prepare several tools and materials in the form of white card stock, X-Acto knives, laminated sheets, double-sided tape, rulers, eyelet makers, cloth binders, and ribbons.


  1. Print the Luggage Tag TemplateDesign

You should print the label design with luggage for you to choose a white card and then adjust the size to fit your name and contact information. You can use your X-Anto knife to cut, use a ruler to adjust the print layout precisely.


Then fold the tag if the template you want to use has two sections of tape to keep the card folded properly to attach the ribbon.

After that, you can apply laminate sheets to both sides of the tag to make it look more presentable and attractive.


  1. Install Your Luggage Tag

For the last stage, you can attach your luggage tags to be more easily identified. Use tape or another binder more to provide security for your luggage label.

The luggage tag template will help your bag look more attractive to look at, but it does have valuable info for the reader.

Luggage Tag Ideas

Thus the explanation of how to make luggage tag templates that are easy for you to make at home.



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