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Media Kit Template: What Should You Include?

What a blogger or vlogger could ask is probably his or her audiences to grow bigger. The question is how? Collaboration with brands or getting some type of coverage by the press can be the answers. Influencers will need more exposure to his or her blog or other social media if they are considering the bright future of what they are doing now. Choosing the perfect media kit template is the best way to start.

What is a media kit?

You can think of a media kit as a document consisting of a CV, business card and work portfolio for a blogger, social media influencer, photographer, or videographer. Having a media kit will open a door for partnerships and eventually revenue for influencers. A media kit is very useful since it is usual for brands to ask for media kits from influencers before they want to work with them.

What should you include in a media kit?

Two important things you need to think about when you want to make a media kit is the design and the information you need to share. To make your job easier it will be better to find the media kit template first and then modify it with your information.

The following are the things that must present in a media kit template :

  1. Bio

Bio will be the first thing that will be read by a brand or journalist. It must perfectly represent you as well as your brand. You need to show your interests, personality, and passion projects in this part. A good option is to put a photo of you so the introductory part is complete with the readers knowing you by the face.

  1. Social stats

Be honest about your follower account on each social media account, this will show to the brands that you are being true and ready to be trusted. It will also be better to include the followers or subscriber count as well as the engagement rate. Because brands want to make sure that the followers are active and engaged.

  1. Demographics

Include the information about your followers’ demographic such as age, language, gender, etc. brands would want to know if your followers are the ones that they want to reach.

  1. Website and blog

If you have a blog or website, your chance to have a brand that wants to work with you is bigger. A post on a blog or website lasts longer than Instagram posts. The brand would wish its products to be displayed for a long time.

  1. Previous partnerships

Giving information about your previous collaboration will show the style of collaboration and professionalism.

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