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Superintendent Resume for Appealing Job Application to Send

Superintendent is not a small position for people to apply for. It wouldn’t be strange that it might be quite a daunting task to write appealing resume to land you the job. However, don’t ever let such thought scares you. We’re here to help writing superintendent resume that’s better than any others.

For that, you will have to take a look at the resume yourself. Then, it is necessary to learn about the procedure as well. We have everything covered in this article. It will guide you through the making. So, let’s learn one by one and make sure to pay attention to everything. Let’s get down to it below.

Sample of Superintendent Resume

Looking for inspiration? It is best to take a look at the sample right away. Before writing, it will give you a picture of how the resume should look like. Of course, that’s not the only thing you need to know of about resume making. As for the sample, we have one provided for you. Here we go then.

Vey Sterion

Personal Info

                Phone   : (555) 464-447-011

Email     : veysterion_9098@yahoo.com


Passionate job seeker who is highly interested in the education of students. Seeking for the opportunity to work at ABC Independent School District to put knowledge and skills in the field into good use. Having high score and experience to offer, eager to be part of the group.



ALX Independent East School District

2019 – present

  • Supervise school principals along with district staff
  • Work together with the school board members
  • Take care of fiscal operations

Assistant Superintendent

AAA Independent School District


  • Provide assistance to the making of project schedules
  • Monitor the project schedules
  • Have meeting with the clients

School Principal

XYZ Glassboro Senior High School


  • Provide leadership within the school
  • Develop and maintain effectiveness of educational programs
  • Improve teaching and learning


Glassboro State University

Glassboro, New Jersey


GPA: 3.6

Relevant Coursework: Advanced Teaching and Leadership

Expected Graduation: 2006

Membership: Independent School District


Key Skills

  • Hard-worker and fast working
  • Excellent team work
  • Great leadership
  • Communicative


  • Best Member of the Year, 2020-2021


  • English
  • French
  • German

How to Write Superintendent Resume?

Here is the procedure to write superintendent application. It is presented in order, point by point so it is easy to follow. Surely, with such procedure, you will find it easy to write your resume despite it seeming to be quite a challenge at first. What do you think? Shouldn’t you give it a try yourself then?

  • Start with your personal information
  • Follow with career objective
  • Provide your relevant experiences
  • Put your background, such as education, skills, and so on

People also ask

How do you make superintendent resume for starters?

For job resume starters like fresh graduate, you don’t have much to offer other than your knowledge and skills during your time studying in the university. For experience, you may include your time being student delegate, vice president of the student council, or any relevant achievements there is.

How to write the best resume for all job positions?

It is not impossible to make the best resume on your own. Even you can do it. You just need to pay attention to few things that’s often overlooked. Best resume writing is not about choosing the most best looking template to use. Making the best is not as simple as that, but not so complicated either.

  • Determine what position in what organization to apply for
  • Look through all kinds of the job resume
  • Choose entry level/basic kind if you are a starter
  • Go with certain/professional kind if you are experienced one
  • Download the template and customize as needed

What to note down when writing superintendent resume?

To get the best result, here are things to remember for writing resume for superintendent position.

  • Provide reference section if asked, to determine competence and professionalism
  • Outline relevant accomplishments, awards, and training to add more value
  • Don’t miss to include contact details for employer to call for interview

Kinds of Superintendent Resume

Just like any other resume, there are kinds of template to choose one from. As you might have known, each kind serves its own purpose. So, you can’t just choose any and go with it. Surely, you don’t want your resume goes to trash bin without proper read, right? So, let’s see those kinds below.

General Superintendent Resume

General resume is basic or entry level kind. As the name suggests, its target audience is beginners. Despite being simpler than the rest of its kind, you will definitely find it useful for your first time applying for this job. Here, you’ll provide your information briefly without wording it unnecessarily.

School Superintendent Resume

Since superintendent job usually refers to school-related job, you might use this kind to apply for school manager position. It is a rewarding job to obtain, so put all your relevant information in your resume to add your value. The potential employers will know that they finally find the right person.

Building Superintendent Resume

Superintendent position is not only there to aim in schools. It also exists in construction organization as building manager. Just like other job resumes, you start with personal info then follows it with profile, education, work experience, and all. You may make it a bit lengthy with only relevant info.

Project Superintendent Resume

For professionals looking for job opportunity as project manager, this resume is best chosen without doubt. It is professionally made without leaving important details. It starts with personal info then profile follows. Then, there are areas of expertise, education, employment, etc. to come afterwards.

Education Superintendent Resume

This kind could be the right alternative for general superintendent resume. As the name suggests, it is however especially meant for school related superintendent position. You begin with your personal info as usual. What come next though are the education, professional kind, and the others.

To conclude, superintendent resume doesn’t involve around school only. You can hold the position in all sorts of organization, such as construction. What’s to keep in mind is that you have to find the suitable template to go with as per the needs. Don’t choose wrong and end up affecting the chance.

Download Template

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