4+ Pay Stub Template Sample


Do You Want to Make a Pay Stub Template Sample? Here’s What You Need to Know


The financial details can be obtained from a pay stub template sample. This template will make you easier to list the pay period as well as the date and other information.

As an employer, you need to provide your employees the pay stub template sample. This document will help them to know the details of their earnings. So, you need to be accurate in providing them this kind of template.


Pay Stub Template Sample

A pay stub is a form that is used to give information about the employees’ paycheck. The employees can keep this document as the record of the payment they get. A pay stub usually provides some information about the earning like the gross earnings, deductions, and the amount issued of refund.

The pay stub template sample should consist of several items that are understandable to both the employers and the employees.

1. What Should be in the pay stub template sample

There are several elements of the pay stub that should be in the template

  • The information about the company

The necessary information of the company, such as the name and address, are generally listed in the pay stub.

  • Employee information

If you want to create one of the pay stub templates, you need to state the information of the employee, such as the name and the ID number. It can include knowledge of social security.


  • Details of the Payment

Since this pay stub is usually attached to the paycheck, the details are essential. You can state the sum of money of the employee earnings, and the taxes paid as well.


The details information of the payment can be in the form of the check number, Pay Period and Pay Date, income amounts, and the types, and deduction lists.


2. How to Create a pay stub template sample using Ms. Word

In the Ms. Word program, including 2003 to 2016, there are pay stub template collections. You can use it as one of yours to be given to the employees.

  • Open the Ms. Word and type ‘pay stub’ in the search box
  • Choose suitable pay stub based on your needs
  • The screen will appear the template you choose
  • Then, you can change the logo with your company logo and the business information based on your company
  • It is available in the header of the template
  • There will be tables to state the needs of the pay stub. You can fill them accordingly.

Now, you can make your pay stub template sample. Happy Trying!


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