2+ Network Engineer Resume Template


Network Engineer Resume Template to Look For a New Job

For a candidate that wants to be a new engineer, writing a professional resume is a must. A resume will be a formal document and it becomes a consideration by the recruiter to determine whether the candidate is applied or not. That is why knowing about the network engineer resume template is needed.

A resume will highlight the personal information of the candidate. Besides, it shows the detailed experience, education, skills, and other relevant information to determine that a candidate has some values to be considered.

Here, we will talk about some matters of the resume for network engineers that may help you to arrange your professional document. For those who are curious about it, please read the whole writing below.

Sample of Professional Network Engineer Resume

As we have said before, a resume for the candidate of network candidate is an important document. Here, we have a simple sample of a network engineer resume that can be your guide. See the sample and get the whole information.

Jonathan Christ

Cardiff City, UK | (555) 711-9120 | jonathan.christ@email.com

Professional Summary

Dedicated and hard-working network engineer with great skills at overseeing the complex network of the company with a focus on performance optimization and efficiency. Detailed-oriented and proactive with high communication skills, training, and analytical abilities.


  • Strong planning skills
  • Project management
  • Mobile devices
  • Wireless networking
  • LAN and WAN
  • Teamwork
  • Creative problem-solving
  • IP protocols

Employment Experience

Network Engineer

Blue Ocean Engineering

Dec 2019 – current

Cardiff City, UK

  • Developed and administered the plans for the disaster recovery
  • Installed a wide range of the detailed network equipment
  • Kept the network infrastructure up to date and secure
  • Wrote and maintained the policies for security and monitored the compliance
  • Identified and recommended the needs and optimized the improvement of infrastructure

Network Engineer

Chelsea Technology, UK

Jun 2016 – Nov 2019

  • Analyzed the detailed software and hardware
  • Analyzed the network system for the different system transmission
  • Configured and installed the routers switches and the controllers for wireless
  • Evaluated the complex computer system
  • Worked with the different teams and vendors to develop the data wiring infrastructure


Bachelor of Science, Information Technology


The State University of Cardiff City, UK

How to Make a Professional Network Engineer Resume?

The sample of network engineer resume as above can be a reference to make your professional document. However, to ease you in writing this document, there are some steps as another consideration.

Some steps that you may follow to make a professional resume are:

  • Choose a format of the resume
  • Add the detailed contact information
  • Write an interesting resume headline
  • Add the professional resume summary
  • Details the employment experience
  • List the relevant qualifications and skills
  • Add the detailed education, certification, and awards that you have
  • Proofread the whole document before printing

What are the tips to make a professional network engineer resume?

There are some common tips to be followed when you want to make a professional network engineer resume. Some tips to be applied are:

  • Highlight the detailed skills inside the network engineer resume
  • Open the professional network engineer resume with the interesting summary
  • Include the action verbs
  • Add the hard number of the achievements

What do the network engineer’s skills have?

The professional network engineer needs to have some common but important skills. The skills to be had by a professional network engineer are:

  • Good communication skills both verbal and written
  • Strong documentation skills
  • Ability to follow the different process
  • Ability to learn the different new technologies quickly
  • An analytical mind
  • Teamwork skills

What are the common mistakes that happen in writing a professional network engineer resume?

There are some common mistakes during the writing of a network engineer resume that should be avoided. The highlighted common mistakes are:

  • Too long resume
  • Job-hoping
  • Failure to attract the recruiter
  • Poor format of the resume
  • Incorrect or irrelevant information
  • Focusing on duties rather than the detailed achievements
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes

Kinds of Network Engineer Resume Template

To ease you in writing a professional network engineer resume, here we have some templates of it. Using a template will be very helpful. Well, it is because a template provides the detailed arrangement of the resume’s content. You just need to personalize it to make yours.

Simple Network Engineer Resume Template

When you think that writing a network engineer is very challenging or difficult, this template can be an excellent helper to be chosen. This template is very simple and it can be applied to different occasions and fields. You just need to follow the detailed points inside it.

Fresher Network Engineer Resume Template

For the fresher, it can be a good template to be applied. Writing a professional resume for a fresher sometimes is very challenging. However, the need can be finished properly using this template. Follow the detailed points inside this template and you could get easiness in building personality.

Experienced Network Engineer Resume Template

For the experienced network engineer, getting a new job will be easier than the fresher. However, to join the new management, you need to make a professional resume for a network engineer. Here, this template can be an excellent helper for you.

Professional Network Engineer Resume Template

Do you want to look for a professional template to make a better network engineer resume? Well, this template is an interesting option to be chosen. This template is perfect with detailed and clear information to build a personal value, especially to get the higher attention of the recruiter.

New Entry Network Engineer Resume Template

For the newcomer, it is always challenging in writing a professional network engineer resume. Well, with this detail, of course, making a resume will be easier. It is not only a simple template but also an easy-to-follow template to maximize the result of your resume.

Well, that is all about the matters around the resume of a network engineer to be known. find the appropriate network engineer resume template and write your professional document. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all to get a better position as a network engineer.

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