Writing an Airport Ticket Agent Cover Letter Professionally

With so many countries promoting their tourist destinations, the number of people buying airplane tickets and flying to other places is increasing. One job that is closely related to this situation is the airport ticket agent. Aside from taking care of the customer’s order, airport ticket agents have numerous other duties as well. If you are interested in applying for the job, it is better to take a look at some requirements and job descriptions before sending the airport ticket agent cover letter.

Job Descriptions of Airport Ticket Agents

Airport ticket agents handle the airplane ticket reservation for the customers. They give the information on the availability of airplane tickets and other related information such as the price, the seat availability, the discount, and the airlines. Sometimes, they provide the best recommendation if the customers do not have much experience in purchasing airplane tickets. Not only handling the reservations, but they also handle the cancellation of the ticket or if the flight is delayed. Airport ticket agents do not only handle the ticketing but they help to check the customer’s baggage and help to lift them. The uniforms of the airport ticket agents depend on each airline they represent and they usually work as ground staff at the airport.

Qualifications of Airport Ticket Agents

The job can be very demanding at times. Someone must be physically strong to be able to lift the customer’s baggage and stand up for hours. From the education itself, the bachelor’s degree is preferable but someone can apply for the job with a diploma or high school degree. To handle the ticketing, someone must be good at operating a computer and administrative skills. They also need to have organizational skills to handle the customer’s information and flight schedule. As the main duty is to face the customers, airport ticket agents need to have outstanding communication skills. If you have all the needed qualifications, you may proceed to write the ticket agent cover letter, as it is shown below.

Sample of Airport Ticket Agent Cover Letter

This is the sample of an airport ticket agent cover letter sent by someone who just graduated to apply for a job at ABC Airlines.

Dear Mr. Timothy Newman,

I am writing this letter to apply for a job at ABC Airlines to fill the position of airport ground staff as the Ticket Agent. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Travel and Tourism from XYZ University

From my education, I gain the knowledge of how to deal with customers and I am confident that I am good at it. I also know how to communicate and deliver information in a professional manner. I can work effectively by doing multitasking but I always ensure to finish it well. I am skilled in operating computers with some needed word processing and basic office programs. English, Mandarin, and French are some languages that I can use to communicate professionally.

I can work under the pressure and take important decisions to help the customers with their problems. I am willing to work hard to be the representative of ABC Airlines.

Please, feel free to contact me at 123-123-123 for the interview. Thank you.



Diana Hayes

You can write a longer airport ticket agent cover letter with more detailed information. We hope it helps!


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