5+ Letter of Recommendation


Writing a Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation or can also be called reference letter is a document that may become a requirement for certain job, internship, scholarship or university application. It is used to make applicant looks more “worthy” than others. Don’t worry if you are being asked on making them since there are lots of letter of recommendation template sample available. But if you prefer to be personal and write it yourself, here are some guides for you.

What is letter of recommendation?

Before you are writing one, you must know what exactly letter recommendation is. Like it is said before, letter of recommendation has purpose to give extra weight and consideration for someone in order to apply for a job or college. It is usually made by former teacher, boss or supervisor and friend. Mainly, there are 3 types of letter of recommendation, for employment, college application and character reference.

Basic tips and rules

Like the other letter, the writing format and appearance must be considered. Besides it will give impression to the reader, it will reflect and represent your capacity as a teacher, supervisor or friend of the applicant. You can search the common appearance of letter of recommendation template sample first.

Overall, letter of recommendation shouldn’t contain more than one page. It will makes your writing has more weight and don’t look exaggerated. Using minimal 11-point font and keeping the font in basic styles (times new roman, arial, etc.) will improve the readability of the letter. Ten, to make the appearance of the letter organized, maintain a left alignment and use 1” to 1.5” of margins.

Letter of recommendation format

If you are already seeing letter of recommendation template sample, the common things that must be included on letter of recommendations are introduction, applicant’s overview, personal story and a closing statement. In detail, the letter of recommendation format is;

First, on top of the letter you must include your contact information or a letterhead followed by the date and addressee’s information. Then, like with the other letters, it begins with salutation. The salutation must address the specific person or institution with name and title.

After it, you should introduce who are you to the applicant, are you a former supervisor or teacher. You also should mention how long you have known the applicant. Then, on the next paragraph contains the applicant’s achievements. You should highlight the achievement or strength that is related to the applicant’s application.

On the next paragraph, you can tell the applicant’s personality and characteristics. Also, you can tell the reason why applicant left the job, if it is an employment letter of recommendation. Make sure the reason is neutral or positive. It will make more acceptable for the new company that applicant applied to.  At last, to end the letter you should give the recommendation about the applicant. Besides, you must show the willingness if you are ever to be asked some questions.


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