10+ SoundCloud Banner Customizable PSD Design Template


Best and Free SoundCloud Banner Size Templates

Having a right SoundCloud banner size and visual can represent yourself as an artist who can make or even break down your profile. You want to leave a good impression on your listeners who are visiting your Soundcloud page. Before users can click the play button, the first thing that they will check and see is your Soundcloud profile photo and banner. You can choose the best SoundCloud banner template.

There are some best and biggest Soundcloud profiles across the platform to give you an ideal banner size and best practices so that you can draw more listeners to your profile.

What is the right SoundCloud Banner Size?

The right banner size is 2480 x 520 pixels and it should be uploaded as a PNG and JPEG format. These files should be under 2 MB as the banner requirements; It offers you different banner templates that are pre-designed to fit your needs. If you want to make a SoundCloud banner, then you can make it less than 5 minutes by using the right template.

Best practices to make a right SoundCloud banner

Using a relevant visual

It should include a relevant design and image with your content and branding is very necessary. If you want to make your image in which listeners can associate your sounds and it happens with consistent colors, design, and photos as well. You can make your Soundcloud banner as your representation of your brand.

Less is always more

You can leave more details on your page related to your page in a profile description and do not forget to attach links in your profile. Your banner should be minimal. You can stick with the strong visuals and minimize the text in your banner and profile image.

You can make a strong imagery

Your profile visitors should know what type of music and style that you provide based on your visual. You have to keep a consistent design with the same color and font in a whole your profile image and banner. You can use a high-quality image as the best solution.

Whether you are using Soundcloud as an artist, or for your podcast – this is a new way to discover new music. Having a great Soundcloud photo and page will make a big difference to your page. The visual will help you to look stunning among thousands of other profiles on this platform. You just need 5 minutes to choose or make the best SoundCloud banner template.

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