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3+ Business Memo Format Template Sample, Ideas and Delivery

Just like other business letters or documents, there are certain regulations and requirements for the right business memo format. After all, the memo is a part of written documentation sharing the same information importance – just like the other business documents. That’s why paying attention to the right layout and proper format should be included in your management and careful planning.

A Deeper Insight to the Memo

According to many business establishments, the memo shares similar importance as any other business documents. In fact, most of them would include the business memo as a part of their business correspondence. The memo comes in the second place (of importance and priority) after the business letters. Whereas emails may be considered super crucial and important, the memo is also crucial. Some people say that emails have flexible arrangement where it can be used for internal and also external use of a business, while memos are generally used for the internal use.

What’s the use of a memo? Just like other letters, it is used to communicate and convey messages. The memos can be used for sending requests, ideas, announcements, and decisions. The memos are more formal (when compared to emails) and also more private, but they are also less formal when compared to the letters. Some people say that thhe memos are almost similar to the reports although memos are the shorter version. That’s why it is important to consider the business memo format properly if you want to compose the right structure.


The Structure and Composition

There are some specific rules when it comes to the proper and correct business memo format. The general structure would be:

  • A header. It generally includes the recipient, the sender, date, and a subject. For instance, you can compose it like:

To: Imelda Wilkins, Debra Emery, William Davoe

From: Frank Mueller

Date:  October 20, 2017

Subject: Business Meeting for Elson’s Project

  • A body. It can be divided further into discussion, opening, and summary. It generally:
  • The first sentence of the paragraph should start with the purpose of the memo sending. No need to introduce anything because you want to keep it as brief and simple as possible.
  • The explanation details and descriptions of the problems and situations, including the solutions
  • Closing, which can include requests for actions or conclusion to the action


Important Facts

There is such a thing to remember about writing the memo:

  • Try to be direct, concise, and straightforward
  • The use of the language depends on the intended recipient. It shouldn’t be too formal but it would be different if the memo is exchanged between the boss and the employees. If it is between colleagues, a not-too-formal language or tone can be implemented
  • The way to write the memo depends on the company’s policy. Some companies don’t have any specific regulation about the memo (and how to compose it) but some do – they can even implement a quite strict rule about it. You should pay attention to it. If the company doesn’t have any rule about the memo writing then you are free to follow the standard business memo format

9+ Business Memo Format Template Importance

Knowing the right business memo format can be quite helpful especially if you want to compose a professional memo to discuss work projects. You also need to consider the fact that different people may have different purposes and interpretation on reading the memo. Of course, it would be great if you can learn about the basic facts.

Business Memo and Its Usages

You have to remember that readers have different aims when reading the memos. The reactions can be:

  • They need to make a policy and also decided actions, and everything is based on the recommendation
  • They need to get specific evidence or information to understand the policy and the decided actions
  • They need to have the data and information to justify the decision
  • They want to get the professional sense regarding your judgment and ability

In general, there are 3 different types of memo readers, despite whatever business memo format you are using:

  • The readers reading the executive summary only
  • The readers skimming the whole memo, looking for details (which they are interested in) and key points
  • The readers reading the whole document, looking for details supporting its recommendations and claims

How to Compose an Efficient Business Memo

If you want to compose an effective business memo, here are the things you should do:

  • Put yourself in the recipient’s shoe. Who will get the memo? What do you expect after reading the memo – what kind of action do you expect after it? What kind of information will the recipient look or search for from the memo?
  • Once you have put yourself in the reader’s shoes, you can compose the right structure, content, and style – and it helps guide you in the business memo format.
  • Be sure to compose a memo that is direct, easy to understand, and brief without missing the main points.
  • The main point should be presented first. If you want the recipients to understand the contents and have a complete understanding of the memo, you should present the major point at the beginning. If the memo is about the solution to a problem, the recipients would want to know about the answers and the solutions – and they won’t bother waiting for a long time reading to get the answers at the last page.
  • Be sure to remain professional. No matter how close you are (personally) to your boss or team members, you should maintain professional conduct and behavior when writing a memo. A business memo requires a formal style – it has its own standardized model. You want to maintain such a professional flair even when it is concerning your dear members. You should be able to separate professional business with personal matter.
  • Be sure to mention specific subject so the recipients would understand the topic they are being given. Instead of writing ‘Calgary’s Trip’ (which is quite broad and general), why not writing ‘Funds Management for Calgary’s Trip’. It narrows the subject and he recipients would undersand the given topic – or what expected from the memo.

You can always consult reliable and trusted sources when it comes to finding the legit examples or templates for business memo format.

4+ Memo Format Template, the Proper Way to Compose One

Not many people understand the importance of the proper memo format in business. Memo isn’t the same as a scribble, especially in the professional business setting. If you know the right format, you can deliver the message effectively without making yourself look silly or not credible.

The Functions of a Memo

A memo is basically a written message, usually distributed internally within a company or an organization. It can be among members of a certain team or from the leader to their subordinates. The purpose of a memo is to announce or to inform – whether it is about an update or a new improvement that is often followed by a call to act.

When you are about to write a memo, there are some things to consider:

  • Ask yourself, do you REALLY need to have the memo? Can it be something that is talked or announced by phone or text message? Do you have to issue the memo right away? Can it wait?
  • Put yourself in their shoes. If you get such a memo, will you consider it seriously or you may just roll your eyes?
  • If you can get them to act, will they do it just you have expected?

How to Write the Memo

So, how is the right memo format?

  • Make sure to create the heading first. However, if the memo is included within an email (the body), the heading won’t be needed. Here is the common format:
  • Memo To: (the recipient(s))
  • From: the sender (and full name)
  • Date
  • RE: the subject specific line
  • CC: names of the people who will get the memo’s copy
  • Compose the body. There should be 3 components:
  • Introduction consisting of a short paragraph of why the memo is sent
  • Purpose or recommendation, where the background info, highlights, or key points are included. It can include reasons, examples, statistics, or facts
  • Conclusion consisting of the needed actions

Handy Tips for the Proper Format

There are some things –aside the right memo format – that you need to address before sending the memo:

  • Always and always check the memo – twice or three times if necessary.
  • The language should be direct and straightforward. It should be free from any typos with related points.
  • The memo should be addressed by looking into the recipients’ background, education, and status in the company. If it is between employees of a department, it may not be too formal. But if it is from the highest boss to the lowest structure, then the language should be formal.
  • Just use simple structure. One paragraph should have only one idea – mixing up everything isn’t only confusing but it will also make you less professional.
  • It would be perfect if the paragraphs are made short. If you have key details, use bullets to make it easy to read and understand.

The memo can be distributed through a regular way or through email. As long as you know that the format is correct, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Try on how to compose the memo with the right memo format.

10+ Memo Format Templates and Examples

You can always make use of memo format templates to help you with the task. A memo is a short written message which is conveyed internally within a company or an organization. However, a memo isn’t like your regular scribble or message. You can’t just write ‘Hi, I need your report immediately because we are having an important annual meeting next week.’ Despite the short length, a memo needs to have a formal language (at least in the professional tone) and it should be accompanied by reasons and a word for actions.

The Functions of a Memo

Okay, so you may just realize that you can’t really underestimate a memo – or you need to pay a detailed attention to the proper memo format templates. But what are the functions? And what is the importance of the memo – and its right format?

As it was mentioned before, a memo is a written message that is generally passed by between departments or members of a team. A memo can be an announcement or an encouragement for something, and it is usually ended with the words of encouragement – or call for actions. But it isn’t only a written note for ‘ordering’ something – there should be a reason why such an action is needed. That’s why it is crucial to pay a detailed attention to the proper forms and structures.

How to Make a Memo

  • The right format should include:
  • The intended recipients
  • The sender (name and title)
  • Date
  • Subject
  • The body consists of the background of the problem, the solutions or actions, and the conclusion
  • Signature and name of the sender (sometimes it is needed, sometimes it is not).

See this example:

To: All Employees

From: Alana Carly, President

Date: September 2 2018

Subject: Parking Issue

Thank you for the concerns about parking arrangement at Tuesday’s meeting. So far, we have come with 3 different solutions.

  • You can find other parking spots that are located on the northern side
  • Employees can make use of the available free bus offered by the company
  • Those who want to drive to work need to have monthly parking subscription so there will be a priority of the parking arrangement.

Thank you for your concern and patience. Please let me know is there are still problems or concerns.

Some Handy Tips

As you can see from the example above, there are some things that you need to consider when writing the memo. You can find the memo format templates that encourage your needs.

  • Be sure to use a direct language – no matter the tone. Whether it is official, formal, or casual, you should have a direct message.
  • The memo should be short. The longest one would be two pages of memo. If you make pages of memos, you will only bore your audience.
  • Use a simple language with general terms.

If you are confused about how to write the memo, you can always use the templates. You shouldn’t worry about the format or structure because you can focus on the contents. That’s the importance of memo format templates.

5+ Free Memo Templates Functions in Business

Are you always in a need of free memo templates that can help you with your professional routine? Not many people are familiar with the correct format and structure of the memo, especially in the business sector. However, you should know that knowing how to compose the right memo (for the right purpose) can be an added positive point. It will make you look professional and you definitely gain the respect (and trust) from your colleagues.

Understanding Memo

A memo is the short for memorandum, which means a reminder. This short written form is often used to communicate procedures, official business, or policies within organizations. A memo isn’t designed as the one-on-one communication purpose – it is more like one-to-all communication where one person (usually the leader or the one responsible for the project) is giving an announcement or message to the audience. There is nothing personal about the message because it isn’t intended as the interpersonal communication.

The purpose is to inform an action, event, observance of the specific group or to provide an update of a certain project. The basic purpose is to provide information but there is also an inclusion of persuasion or the encouragement to act. You’d be surprised to know that there are different kinds of memos, such as business memos, professional announcement report, or such thing alike. Not everyone will be familiar with the right format, that’s why knowing the templates can really help. And it is a good thing that there are free memo templates that everyone can access.

The Right Format

As it was mentioned before, a memo is basically a formal written communication so it should have the right construction and structure. For instance, it should come with a header, showing the sender as well as the intended recipient. It is then followed by subject and date lines, the message, the discussion, and the summary. Basically, you will see an introduction, the body, and also the conclusion.

Handy Tips to Write One

There are some things that you should know or address when you are writing the memo. Of course, when you have the free memo templates, the subjects are already provided. But there are some things to know about effective writing.

First of all, always think about the recipient or the audience. Let’s say that you want to inform the entire department about the conclusion of your team. Acronyms that are familiar to your team may not be familiar to everyone, so you need to really understand how to convey the message and achieve the goal. Put yourself in their shoes and you should be able to come up with the right format – and clear information.

Second, don’t forget that the memo uses formal and professional tone. You can’t use the non-formal, everyday language. Remember that the memo is about official information that generally goes linear, so don’t use friendly or casual tone. It is strictly business.

This is why it is great to have sources providing the templates. If you can get access to the free memo templates, it is even better.

6+ The Way to Find Memo Examples Template for Any Kind of Purposes

If you want to find more creative memo examples to send a memo via email, you can just check the list of memo template online. There are several memo templates you can use and it makes your important memo more interesting to read.

About Memo Template

Memo template is memo designs which can be used based on its purposes. By using this template you are able to send the memo to all the contacts on your email address in a single instruction. You need to make sure that the template is exactly just like what you want. To fill this need, the template is designed in a custom format so you can change it. You can change the layout, text style, paragraph, and background. As the result, you are not only creating a perfect memo but also an attracting memo to read.

Types of Memo Templates You Can Use

There are some memo templates you can use to fill your needs. Let say, you can use a formal memorandum memo template and professional memo template. These two templates are perfect for those who want to create a formal memo for business colleagues. There are also specific templates for certain cases such as work expectation memo, employee internet usage memo, incident response report memo, announcement memo, and many more. The best part of using a memo template is that you don’t need to think about the complete content. You just need to change the specific parts you need to do so and reread the point of the memo. When it is exactly just like what you want, you can directly send it to the receivers. This is an effective and efficient solution to share important information.

The Steps to Get Memo Examples

The way to use the memo template is also easy and fast. You just need to go to the portal which offers the template. Then, find the memo template you need and download it. After downloading it, you will have the memo and you can edit the parts you need to do so. That’s it! Your memo is ready and you can send it to friends, employees, or business colleagues. Interestingly, you can do it without spending your money at all because sometimes you can use the free memo templates.

The Benefits of Using Memo Template

So, what do you get from the memo template you might not get when you write the memo manually? The first benefit of using memo template is that you get a standard format which commonly used. Because of that, you don’t need to think about the format. Just download the memo with the format you want and use it. Moreover, you don’t need to write from the beginning to the end. The memo template is designed based on the memo you want to use and you just need to change the specific parts. As the result, you can prepare the memo fast and send it right away. Indeed, it is a valuable product, especially if you have to send a memo right away. The most important benefit is that you can send the memo to all your friends automatically in a single instruction. You don’t have to print the memo examples and send it one by one. Even, you don’t have to meet the person face to face only to deliver the memo.

6+ The All Purposes Memo Examples Template to Download

Do you want to give a message to your colleagues? Or, do you need something to make you remember the important thing? That means you need a memo. And, ourmemo examples can help you to create it. Let’s take a look!

What is a Memo?

It’s an abbreviation of the memorandum. It comes from the Latin word, “memorandum est” which has a meaning “It must be remembered…” It comes in different shape. The simple form is the memo note, which has a small size and you can stick it on the place that makes it easy to see. And, the other form is the formal form. It looks like notification paper, which usually used in office or business.

The Function of Memo

According to the purpose or message, the memo also has different categories. You can find the policy memo, the agreement memo, the understanding memo, the association memo, and many more. It can contain the message, complain, announcement, and many more.

The length of the memo is varying. It could be one paper length. But, if you want to tell many things, it also can have several pages. You can handwrite the message in the memo. However, for business, you will need to make it formal and type and print it.

The Benefits of Using Memo in Business

The memo can be classified to be the high-priority document. Therefore, by using the memo to send the message, it will be easier to notice. This will be very useful if you want to tell other department or colleagues to do the subject in the memo right away.

The memo also helps you to make the receiver of your message understand it much easier. the memo will contain the detail message that you want to send. Moreover, it is a written paper. Compared to the message that you send by phone, the memo will make the message easily to remember. And, the receiver of the message also has the document that they can use as a reference.

How to Use the Memo Examples

The template of the memo has detail part that you can edit. You just need to download the template and open it with the document editing software. Then, you can add any message and even your business or company logo and header to make it more official.

There is also template with a good structure of memo. This will make you easily to create a good quality memo for your business. Just edit the several parts inside the memo and your memo is ready to send.

Our Sample and Template for Your Business Memo

Our memo template collection will help you to create best and correct memo. We have several different types of the memo you can use. The business, professional incident report, and even official navy memo sample is available in our place. You just need to download it, edit to change it like what you want, and it’s done.

With our memo examples, you don’t need to worry, whenever you want to create a memo in your company. It will help you to create it easily. Plus, you also can avoid the mistake that most people have when they create the important memo.