12+ How to Create a Good Itinerary Template Sample

In an itinerary template, there are several things to consider such as using pictures, listing your activities, planning your budget, and so on. These are required so your itinerary template can be used over and over again when you have to plan a holiday. Here are things you should consider when creating an itinerary template.


Use a picture

Using a picture can generate an interest, especially in an itinerary. The reader will have a clear view about what they are going to experience and have during the holiday. Whether you create an itinerary for personal use or professional, a picture plays a big part to attract interest.

You can get the picture you want on the internet, but the good ones often times found in Flickr, Tumblr, or Pinterest. If you want to put your itinerary online, a video might be a good inspiration to keep you motivated or to attract people to join your itinerary. Either way, a photo or video will keep your motivation or the reader’s interest high so keep that in mind.

Put necessary information to reach the destination

Information about how to get into your destination is important. You can start by putting the price of the airline tickets. You can focus on a budget, standard, or luxury travel so the type will determine the cost of everything. Next, you can put the hotel reservations. Include all the price of the related hotels so you and your reader won’t be confused. Then you can pick the restaurants reservations and the car rental confirmations. Check the availability of the restaurant and car rental schedule so your itinerary won’t overlap with others.

Listing the activities

Here is the main part of an itinerary. Your motivation is high and the picture will maintain that. You have all the necessary information about the flight, hotels, restaurants, and transportation when you arrive there. Now is the time to list what you are going to do when you reach your destination.

According to the destination, you can suit the style of the vacation to be a budget, standard, or luxury vacation. Check tourist activity that can be done in your designated area such as water sport, natural activities, or winter sport. You can also check the current event or expo in your travel destination. Stick to the style of vacation so you won’t go overboard with the activity and the budget.

Insert some free time between activities

Having all of your activities scheduled doesn’t mean that you have to follow all of them. Your itinerary will be boring for both you and other people who read it. It is best to insert some free time between your holiday activities. This will allow you to take back a loss of time caused by uncertain factors such as flight delay, weather issues, and many more. Also, you can have other activities of your own outside the list on the schedule so you will have a memorable holiday experience. Asking locals for a recommended art gallery or restaurants can be a good way to spend the free time of your itinerary. To put it simply, the elements mentioned above are required in your itinerary template so your schedule will be fun and keep you on track at the same time.

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