A Full Guidance of Writing a Spanish Teacher Cover Letter

The ability to able to speak international languages is in demand nowadays. Aside from English and Mandarin, Spanish is another language that many people start learning. With more people speak in Spanish, the opportunity for being a Spanish teacher gets bigger. If you are interested, you can check the information below and the sample of a Spanish teacher cover letter at the end.

Education Background to Become a Spanish Teacher

Before sending a Spanish teacher cover letter, you need to consider having the education background with taking specifically a Spanish language degree or education-related degree in the Spanish language such as Spanish Literature and Language Culture. If you consider teaching in the K-12 education system, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate to teach that is issued by the government. You can obtain it by joining a teacher program conducted by an institution. If you consider teaching higher education, you must at least have a Master’s degree or even a doctoral degree.

Skills Needed to be a Spanish Teacher

First is the ability of the Spanish language, of course. Not only for speaking, but other skills as well. The pronunciation, sentence structure, syntax, or everything has to be mastered, depending on the focus of the lesson. Some institutions require you to be able to speak another language like English, especially if the class will have foreign students. It allows communicating easily if it cannot be done in Spanish. Being a teacher has to be able to deliver the lesson clearly and it requires good communication skills. During a pandemic, the teacher has to teach from home and s/he has to be able to understand how to use basic video conference programs to teach. They need to be creative in using the teaching media to deliver the lesson.

Sample of a Spanish Teacher Cover Letter

The format of sending the Spanish teacher cover letter is similar to any other job by greeting and stating the intention at the beginning of the letter. The sample below will give you a clearer idea of how to do it.

Dear Ms. Potts,

I am writing this letter to apply for a Spanish teacher position in your language learning center, as it is advertised on the company’s website. I have become a teacher for five years and I believe my experience makes me the right candidate for the position.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Language and I have had the experience of teaching English in Spain which gives me first-hand experience of using Spanish, thus it makes me able to speak both English and Spanish fluently. During my career, I have taught young learners to adults so I know how to deal with different levels of students. I can operate basic Office programs and video conferences, as well as the teaching media for online classes. I have a good understanding of teaching approaches and resources to teach for online classes which help the students in understanding the lesson even though we cannot meet in person.

I am excited to be a part of your language learning center and do not hesitate to call me at 444-555-666 for further information or interview. I enclose my resume along with this cover letter for detailed information on my experience and achievements.



Rebbeca Georgina

We hope the sample Spanish teacher cover letter above gives you an idea about what to write for your cover letter.


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