4+ Facebook Ad Template


Create a Facebook Ad Template Sample for Your Facebook Account


Since Facebook is known as social media, it has multi-functions such as to connect people and marketing media. Why? Because this is a powerful connection between people around the world. When you activate your Facebook to be a marketing platform, it means you need a facebook ad template sample to create your promotion of the product.

Facebook Ad Template Sample

When you decide to advertise a product on your facebook, you need to manage and set up the ads you publish on Facebook. You have to think of the visual content of the ads. This visual content should have a good quality in the aim to grab the viewer’s attention. You can start it by creating your facebook ad template sample. There are many templates you can get online. The platforms of them are various. They are about to manage the promotion you do on your facebook.

1. How to Create a Facebook Ad template sample 

There are five steps you need to take in creating a template of Facebook ads based on what you need. They can be done online.

  • Search an online website which offers you a template
  • Then, you can start by selecting the model as you like
  • Then you follow the instruction they give. The direction is usually about to upload the photo.
  • If you have already fixed it up, you can save and share it

2. How to Customize the facebook ad

If you have already got your model, you can customize yours. You need to change the image as you want as well as the fonts provided on the website. Then, you can change the background and the color of the template based on yourself.


3. Tips for creating the facebook ad template sample

  • You can grab the viewers’viewers’ attention through the correct imagery since you need to grab their attention on the product you offer.
  • Describe the product you provide in a brief explanation since there is a facebook text rule that is 20%.
  • Collaborating with the communities is also essential. This is important due to the effectiveness of the advertisement. Besides to increase the opportunity to be more popular, you can have the suggestion of the ads you publish from the communities you are in.


Facebook ad template sample is an easy way to advertise your product on facebook directly. Happy trying!



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