What Should I Include In My Chef Recommendation Letter?

Like any other job, a chef also needs a letter of recommendation to apply for a job at a hotel, restaurant, or even to become a personal chef at home. As a supervising chef, you may get requests from your chefs who are forced to leave the restaurant to move to another city. Be prepared to write a proper chef recommendation letter. A good recommendation letter will make the applicant be considered by the employer to hire him/her. In the letter, you must pay attention to several important aspects and elements.


How to Write A Letter of Recommendation for A Chef?

Before writing a recommendation letter, make sure that you know the applicant well. Think carefully about whether you know about the applicant’s performance. Then, pay attention to the following tips to make your reference letter more attractive:

Follow the Business Letter Format

The recommendation letter you write must use a business letter format. Pay close attention to what information you need to write in the letter.

Relationship with the Applicant

You need to define the relationship with the applicant. How do you know the applicant, and write a description of the applicant while working with you. What are the qualifications and experiences of the applicant that you think can support your recommendation.

Short and Positive

Write your letter in a concise and positive tone. Don’t let the letter be too long or seem overwhelming, otherwise, keep the tone in the letter always positive.

What Should Be Included In Letter of Recommendation?

The chef recommendation letter that you write must include several elements such as salutation, body, then a conclusion. Keep the letter short and clear. Remember that you are writing a letter to recommend a chef, the better your recommendation letter is, the better chance the chef you recommend will be accepted.

Chef Recommendation Letter Example

Here is a simple format of a recommendation letter for a chef that you can use as a sample:

Dear Ms. Elizabeth,

I am more than happy to recommend Belle Deborah to take the position of chef in your restaurant. She has served our restaurant, Family Restaurant, excellently for seven years. When her co-chef takes time off for family matters, she is willing to come to work even though she is on vacation. She has a great passion for cooking, I know that from the first year she joined our restaurant. Even though I would miss Belle, I had no choice because she had to move to Toronto with her family. It is my pleasure to recommend Belle to work with you at XYZ Restaurant.

Belle is a talented woman, as a chef she is very good at finding new recipes. Our clients love her food, so I’m sure many of our customers will miss it. She is also friendly, humble, polite, and cheerful. Although she has had many brilliant achievements, Belle is never arrogant, she also continues to do her job as usual.

Belle is also very adept at arranging sudden additions, even many of our menus are her ideas. I hope you are willing to consider Belle as the chef in your restaurant. If you have any questions regarding Belle’s performance, please contact me at (333)-3333-333 or email me at chefdebra@email.com.



Chef Debra Christine

Family Restaurant

To sum up, you have to know many things about the chef’s performance and qualifications before writing a chef recommendation letter. Hope our sample and explanation above can be a lot of help.



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