The Polite Way To Write A Dental Patient Dismissal Letter

The relationship between dentist and patient must always be well. However, several things happened that allowed the relationship between the dentist and the patient to break apart even end due to the patient’s discharge. If you are confused and unsure about how to end your relationship with your patient, start looking at the regulations in your state. If a dismissal is permitted, it’s the best time to start writing your dental patient dismissal letter in the correct and polite format.


Can I Dismiss My Patient?

If you can improve your relationship with your patient, it is better to try to improve the situation first. But if there is no other way out, you may indeed have to stop contacting the patient.

You must observe the statutory regulations of the state you live in now, then formulate your discharge from the patient using formal written notification. If some requirements allow the patient dismissal for some reason, you have to pay more attention to them.

What Should I Prepare Before Dismissing A Patient?

Before you decide to terminate your patient, prepare a few important things as we will explain in the following points:

Stay Professional

Professionally make your letter, not too general and not too specific. Write in a business format that’s short, clear, and objective. Do not use statements in a negative tone that will only offend the patient.

Give Period of Time

It is preferable to give the patient a period of time of about 30 days. The period of time you give will be very useful for patients to find a new doctor who can replace you. During this transition period, you must be willing to help the patient.

Submit Medical History

Besides, you also must not refuse to send important documents such as patient medical records or Rontgen to the new dentist.

What Is The Best Format For Dismissal Letter?

The format of the dental patient dismissal letter will be different, it depends on the reasons given by a dentist. However, some basic aspects must be completed, such as the effective date of dismissal, the reasons why the patient is terminated, as well as information about the time period, or the referral of a new dentist. You also should not miss contact information and payments that must be paid.

Dental Patient Dismissal Letter Sample

If you are unsure about how to start your letter, here is an example letter that you can take as an insight:

Dear Ms. Nicole,

I am writing to inform you that I can no longer be your dentist starting from January 30, 2021. I feel that the relationship between doctor and patient is very important, unfortunately, I don’t think you can do that well enough. You have missed several appointments even though we sent you an email notification one day before the meeting. In addition, there are several violations that you have committed regarding the recommendations that I have given for your dental care.

I will be happy to forward your dental records to other dentists upon your request. I will also help for 30 days if you need emergency treatment. I am sure that within 30 days you will see a new dentist.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact our office at (444)-4444-444. I hope that you will soon find a replacement for a new dentist for your good.



Evan Douglas, D.D.S.

Family Dentist Clinic

That’s all our brief explanation about a dental patient dismissal letter. Hope you can get inspiration after reading the explanation and sample above.


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