5+ Marketing Calendar Template


Make a Good Marketing Calendar with a Marketing Calendar Template Sample


When you choose to promote your product or service through a calendar, the first thing to consider is how to get calendars containing important information about your business and products to be accepted and displayed in strategic places.

If you want to make a good marketing calendar for your business, you can refer to a marketing calendar template sample. They are all over the internet and can surely help with your endeavor.


Things to Do in Making a Marketing Calendar Template Sample

Even when you have a marketing calendar template sample, you still need to know what do you need to do to make a good marketing calendar.

1. Determine the Purpose

The most important thing is to determine the purpose of making calendars, whether for product sales marketing, company introduction, branch office promotion, service promotion, or others. Set goals so that you can determine the right design for your calendar.

2. Determine Target

After setting goals, the other thing you should pay attention to is setting targets. For example, if you are engaged in the automotive business, then your calendar design must contain images that smell like automotive modification cars and others.

If you are engaged in construction services, the calendar design must contain pictures about the building, for example, magnificent buildings and others. You can choose your target and sort it out in terms of work, gender, social life, and even education and economic activities.


3. Determine the Type and Style

Not to load a lot of writing in your calendar because it will only make people or your target confused. Try to reproduce more images and something unique that inspires people to see your calendar.

A good calendar design doesn’t have to look crowded and colorful. Calendar design for a good marketing tool is a simple calendar design, easy to understand, and does not create ambiguity. The better your calendar design, the easier it will be accepted by your target.


The most important task for a calendar is not just a reminder of time. But it is functional and can be used to its full potential.


These questions can be the best source of advice in filling out the marketing calendar template sample so that in the future, your company’s marketing calendar design can achieve better results.


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