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The Purpose of Wanted Poster Templates


Talking about the wanted poster, make our memories flying to a vintage film scene when the criminal photos printed in a brown sign and patched in the public display, complete with a WANTED sentence in a caps lock and bold.

The Purpose of Wanted Poster Templates

A wanted poster initially made for a criminal-searching purpose by the police. This poster consists of the criminal photo, or a facial sketch complete with the description of the person and the crime they did. In some cases, this wanted poster that includes a reward in the form of money. Nowadays, wanted poster post digitally, mostly in the billboard, or on the internet. Now, a wanted poster not only used as a criminal-search matter. There are many ways we can use these wanted poster templates for various purposes.

The primary purpose of the wanted poster is to search. It can be someone or something. Did you lose your puppy? Does your animal shelter need an adoption? Search for volunteers? A job posting? Or even humor purpose? Turn this wanted poster into an eye-catching poster. The sign came in various designs. It can be a vintage wanted poster like we used to see in vintage movies, a black and white, or the modern one with the colorful design.

If you want to start to create wanted poster templates, many things must be considered.

  1. The purpose

What the purpose of you wanted poster? The lost dog poster surely will be different from the search of volunteers. The meaning of the sign will make it easier to determine the design we want to use. For example, if you’re going to make a wanted poster for humor purposes, make sure to use a light note filled with humor sentences. Attach a funny pose to maximize the effect. Are you searching for volunteers? Use an eye-catching design to gain people’s interest in joining your charity organization.

  1. Attach a photo

Attaching a photo is very important. A unique, exciting photo will gain people’s interest. It also useful when you search for an object. The picture will make people more comfortable identifying the purpose we seek, and adding a photo also helpful when we search for adoption. Add a cute animal photo that will gain a people affection.

  1. Clear information

A clear description of the object we search for is the perfect addition to making the audience identify the purpose more efficiently. Don’t forget to add your contact, so people will easily reach you when the object is found. When you make wanted poster templates for a job vacancy, search for volunteers, or an animal adoption, make sure to add specific information on the requirements.

  1. Add a reward

Depend on the purpose, adding a reward is a vital point to draw an audience’s interest. It also makes the poster looks like a crime-wanted poster. The prize mostly came in the lost-object advertisement or the salary for the job vacancy poster.


Wanted Poster Design Ideas

Wanted Poster Ideas

Wanted poster templates usually used as a media to share information with the public. It had been on our lives for ages. With the modern era, we can turn this formal, rigid poster into a fun banner that can use for various purposes. If you want to make one, make sure to use the tips above!


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