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4+ Flow Chart Templates Photoshop

Amazing Flow Chart Templates

In simple words, the chart flow template is the graphic representation of an algorithm or process. The series of specialized boxes or symbols connected to the arrows representing the steps of your flow chart. You can understand this cart easily by seeing the flow chart template.

Graphically, it describes how a process works, at least this chart will show you the steps’ sequence. There are some different types of a flowchart, such as, detailed flow chart, high-level flowchart, and the flowchart that show people included in that process.

What is the flow chart template?

As mentioned before, it represents the organization chart, logic sequence, manufacturing process, or other structures. This template also provides you with the same language or reference to deal with a project or process. To define the connection, then it uses a simple geometric symbol – this is something that you will see in this chart.

Why do you use a flow chart template?

By using the flow chart, you can break down any process into smaller parts and display them in a shorter form. By doing it, you can show them to the audiences easily about the connection and logical sequences between these steps. In some industries and careers, the flow chart is a very essential tool. It is because this chart will display your information clearly and concisely.

Even flow charts can convey your data in an amazing visual. It makes sure that you can communicate it effectively, and your work will look more professional. So you will understand all things easier.

The ideal way to communicate this step-by-step process, then the flowchart will make the most complex process will be easier to understand. By allowing you to stay focus on each element and step, prevent you from getting overwhelmed by the situation. By seeing this chart, then you will understand why this chart is essential to you.

The benefits of the flow chart template

Making the flowchart while solving any issue has some advantages as mentioned below:

You can use it to standardize your process for efficient analysis

By using this graphic, a process can be learned easily by creating detailed parts and communicate a process for the training purpose.

A better communication process

This template will help you to make an oral presentation, and you can manage an individual or group project by using an easy scenario for you.

Easy systematic process

It helps programmers to keep unnecessary steps in a program and fix them. 

10+ Email Signature Customizable PSD Template

Email Signature Template: 7 Things You Must Include

Having a good email signature template is important. It’s a great way to make it easy for people to reach you out. They can also find out more about you and your business. Here is how you can make full use of your email signature.

What Your Email Signature Template Must Include

Your signature will depend on your organization or business, but these things must be included.

First and Last Name

Your name must be included so that your recipient knows who you are. It’s usually the first line of the signature.


After your name, list your affiliation. This may include your job title and your organization or company. Your affiliation gives you more credibility, especially if it’s recognizable. Your recipient is more inclined to take you seriously.

Secondary Contact Information

It’s important to let your recipient know the other ways to reach out to you. This may include your office number, fax, or even address. You may also include social media. If you work with people around the globe, make sure that your country code is listed in your number.

Social Media

Nowadays, social media are an important part of your personal brand. They show the image that you want other people to see. Including them in your email signature help you build a following and increase traffic to your social media. However, make sure that your social media always have interesting, up-to-date content.

It’s better to use icons rather than links as icons stand out more. However, don’t include too many. 5 should be enough.

Booking Links

Are you sending emails to colleagues and clients who want to have a meeting with you? You can include a link to book your calendar in your signature. There are many great tools that synchronize

Photo or Logo

Including an image is a great way to make your signature more interesting. You can use your professional photo for personal branding, or the company logo to increase brand awareness.


While not technically a part of the signature, it’s important to make your email signature mobile-friendly. People check their email through their phones more frequently than through non-mobile devices.

Creating Your Own Email Signature

Now it’s time for you to create your own. If you’re not sure how to do it, there are many email signature template you can find online. Keep in mind the above factors while making your signature.


5+ Table of Contents Customizable PSD Design Template Sample

Why Use Table of Contents Template for Your Documents

Using a table of contents template might make it easier for you to create a great table. You may think that this part of the document is unnecessary and nobody reads it. But it is actually very useful and can help you a lot if you know how to write it well.

Why You Need a Table of Contents

The table of contents (TOC) is a list of your document’s chapters, sections, and figures, and which page number corresponds to each part. It gives a quick glance at how your document is organized. A good TOC should be easy to read and well-formatted.

There are benefits to having a table of contents, such as:

Easier Navigation

Even if your document is digital, a TOC can make navigating it so much easier. Great TOC’s should have embedded links to the chapters or sections of your document. This makes it even more convenient to read a particular section.

Setting the Tone of Your Document

If you are writing an ebook, a TOC can be very useful to set the tone of your book. Online book-selling services often include features that give a reader a look at your book’s TOC. If you can write a comprehensive but interesting TOC, it will be easier to catch your potential readers’ attention.

Using a Table of Contents Template

When it comes to creating a TOC, it is better to use a template for the following reasons:


You can write your TOC manually, but it is difficult and time-consuming if your document is long. Many word-processing programs such as Microsoft Word have templates that allow you to format your TOC conveniently. If in the process of editing your page numbers change, you can easily update the format automatically.


The style of your table of contents will depend on what your document is like. If the document is for an academic setting or office matters, a formal one is the best. But if you are creating a write-up for a non-profit organization or a charity event, something less formal works well. Non-fiction books might benefit from a balance between formal and informal formats.

There are countless online resources where you can find many template variations. Most of them are made to be used with programs such as Microsoft Word. So, you can automatically incorporate the table of contents template of your choice into your document.

9+ Resume Template Free Download PSD

Using a Simple Resume Template: What Must Be Included

A simple resume template can work wonders. You do not need a very sophisticated resume to land a job, as long as it includes all the important information your potential employer needs. Here is how you can build your own resume.

Writing a Simple Resume

Even simple resumes can go a long way in job applications. Follow these steps to make sure that you can write a powerful one.

Select a Template

It is easier to start with a format. The most common format is the reverse-chronological resume. It highlights your relevant achievements, skills, and experience in recent years. However, this template may not be suitable if you are a fresh graduate with little skill or experience.

There are many websites that provide many simple resume template variations, such as Google Drive, Freesumes, Behance, and Canva. Find the format that suits you the most, while still including important information.

Personal Information

The first part of your resume is your personal contact information. This section tells your future employer how to contact you for the job interview. The information you put here must be accurate and up-to-date. Here is what you must put:

  • First and last name
  • Mailing address
  • Cell phone number
  • Professional email address
  • Link to online professional profiles or portfolio
  • Social media and website or blog, if relevant

Resume Summary

Your summary is a short statement to convince the employer that you are the best candidate for the role. It includes your position and years of experience, your achievements, and what you want to do in the position you apply for. If you have no experience, write your motivation for applying and skills that are relevant to the position.

Work Experience

Include three relevant job experiences from the most recent to the oldest. Specify your job title, your employer and job location, start and end date of employment, and key responsibilities in the position. For entry-level candidates with no work experience, replace this part with your educational experience.


Mention your degree and credentials in reverse-chronological order. If you have a college degree, you do not need to include your high school. List the program and institution name, years attended, as well as GPA and achievements if necessary.


Only include relevant skills in your simple resume template. They can be hard skills such as proficiency in using certain programs or soft skills such as leadership or teamwork.

10+ Wedding Invitation Free PSD Template

What to Look When Searching for Wedding Invitation Templates

A wedding is an important event in someone’s life and one essential part of celebrating the event is the wedding invitation. It is sure nice to have the wedding invitation that is designed and customized according to your wish. But what if designing is not your thing or you don’t have enough time to design the wedding invitation from scratch? The answer will be to get wedding invitation templates.

Why getting wedding invitation templates

Many trusted sites will give you a wide variety of templates and your job will be choosing which one you think is the closest to your dream wedding invitation. By getting wedding invitation templates you will get many benefits.

Saving money and time would be the most notable advantage of choosing templates for wedding invitations. It will cut the time if compared with designing it from zero. Saving money means that you don’t have to pay a professional designer to create the design for you. Thousands of unique and beautiful templates are free to download,no payment needed.

What to look in wedding invitation templates

If you have no idea where to start, there are some things you must consider before getting to choose the templates for the wedding invitation. In choosing wedding invitation templates you must pay attention to certain things.

  1. Deciding on colors

To pick colors is not simple of a task. Colors as important as themes, styles, and motifs should complement each other and should represent what you want the whole wedding to look and the vibe of the whole thing. The colors and style should also represent you and your partner’s personality, which will make the wedding invitation look personalized.

  1. Make it legible

The purpose of an invitation is to give information about an event. So your wedding invitation must do so. It must be clear enough to be read. Avoid using fonts that are hard to read though they are considered pretty.

  1. Check the information 

In choosing the template you must check first if all the information you want to include is all there such as the time and dress code. It won’t be good if any information is left out and causing confusion to the guests.

  1. Know the etiquette

Though the template is available for you without having to design form zero, it does not mean that you should ignore the etiquette in the wedding invitation. Things like how to write the bride and groom’s name, or what should be written full and which one should be abbreviated.

3+ Venn Diagram Free PSD Template Free Template in PSD

The Components of Venn Diagram Template

Choosing the Venn diagram template which is available online is the easiest way to start whatever projects you are working on. With hundreds of examples of diagrams, you can easily modify it to make it how you like it to look. The templates will make it easier for you to prepare your next presentation.

What is this Venn diagram

The diagram is made from two or more circles that overlap and is used to show relationships between the variables. The relationships that are being informed are mostly differences or similarities. In the diagram, the data are not always put inside the circles. There are some which exist outside the circle for they don’t belong to any of the categories presented.

One circle is a Venn diagram that represents one category of the data and the overlap parts show how the categories of the data have similarities. This overlapping area is named intersection. You can include more than two categories which also can be represented by more than two circles in one Venn Diagram.

History of Venn diagram

The name of the Venn diagram is taken after the one who popularized it named John Venn, an English Logician. It was known to be used since the early 13th century but was made popular in 1880. John Venn was inspired by Swiss mathematician and Logician called Leonhard Euler who used the same approach in organizing data. The Eulerian circles were not overlapped like Venn’s.

What are the components of the Venn diagram?

in the Venn diagram template, you will find these components that we will discuss shortly.

  1. Intersection

The intersection is the name to call the sections that overlap.

  1. Union

Union happens when all circles are combined.

  1. Symmetric difference

This is to call the parts of the circles which do not intersect. The parts which are indicating differences than similarities.

  1. Relative complement

The individual circle overlaps but does not belong to the intersection.

  1. Absolute complement

The absolute complement is the name to call any area in which is not included in the set. The area around circles also belongs to this category.

  1. Universal set

The last component that you will find in the Venn diagram template is a universal set. This is to call the area around the existing circles. The universal set is the largest and usually drawn as a big rectangle which then all smaller circles are drawn inside it. The universal set is usually given the letter E as its symbol.

4+ SWOT Analysis Free PSD Template Sample

SWOT Analysis Template: Important Tool for Market Analysis

Templates are so helpful. Being able to have various templates can make work a lot easier without having to build the tool from scratch. All of those templates including the swot analysis template are so much of help especially for product managers or marketing teams. But what is this SWOT analysis and what are the components of the template? All of them will be discussed in the following section.

 What is this SWOT analysis?

First of all, SWOT is an acronym. S is for Strength, W is for Weakness, O is for Opportunities and T is for threats. The swot analysis template is used in strategic planning by the product and marketing team to identify whether the products are doing well and where they need to be improved as well as how they fit in the competitive landscape.

SWOT analysis components

As mentioned before that SWOT is an acronym and it also makes up the components of the templates. Here are the explanations for each of the components of the swot analysis template.

  1. Strengths

This is one internal assessment from a product in terms of how it will give more advantage over another product. The strength of the product can be the features of the products or the business’ characteristics. What can be categorized as strength from products is their wide range of integrations.

  1. Weaknesses

Weaknesses are still part of the internal assessment of the products. This point is the opposite of the strengths. The weaknesses are the assessments on how the products are located at a disadvantage when they are compared to the other products. A weakness of a product can be a feature that does not present in the product.

  1. Opportunities

Different from the two first components, opportunities are usually an external assessment of the products. What belongs to this component are partnerships, new markets, as well as opportunities for the products to expand. Opportunities are expressed as customers’ needs that are unmet.

  1. Threats

Threats are external factors that have an impact on the products. External factors that will externally threaten the products can be emerging technology or economic factors. The threats are things that can potentially affect the product and are obstacles for the business.

Types of SWOT analysis Templates

To create a swot analysis template, mostly tools like Excel and PowerPoint are used. The template that is made from Excel is usually for a more detailed analysis that includes a large amount of information and data. PowerPoint is used when you want the template to look more appealing and will be used in presentations.

5+ Lesson Plan Template Free PSD

Getting Your School Agenda Organized Perfectly by Lesson Plan Template

Many students and teachers are looking for a reference to their lesson plan template, as one of the tools to share the information of the lesson schedule each day, mostly found in the classroom. A creative lesson plan template is also often a fascination for students.

The goal is to give a clear lesson plan to the students so that they understand and realize what should they learn each day so they will easily pack up the related books and get ready the day before. It helps them to remember the dateline of the homework as usually the homework should be submitted the next day on the same subject.

What is the lesson plan template consist of?

The lesson plan template usually consists of the title, the owner, day, time, subject lesson, and any additional notes. Those empty points should be filled based on your school agenda each day.

What is the benefit of using the lesson plan template?

  1. Reminder for your lesson schedule

The lesson plan template includes what lesson the students should be learnt or what lesson the teacher should be taught. It helps either the students or the teachers to keep on their schedule, and perfectly manage their time, as they may forget what lesson is for the day.

  1. Easy to edit

The already made design makes it easy to use. You just need to edit the blank point according to your lesson schedule, and here it is, you can attach them already in the place near your desk. You can do the editing by adding the name of the template owner or filling in additional information on the template. Adding some photos, illustrations, filters, or any decorative icons to make it attractive.

  1. Available in various design

You can find plenty of lesson plan templates based on the design you like. You may like the plain design to keep your agenda neatly. The colorful ones will attract your attention so you won’t miss your agenda. There are many designs that you can choose to suit your tastes.

Where should you attach the template?

This template is suitable to be installed on the board in your desk at the room as the personal agenda, or even in the classroom for students to be seen. Wherever it is, of course preferably affixed to an easily visible place

So, you already know the lesson plan template, make sure to have it one for you and your class!

10+ Youtube Banner Template Example PSD Design

Create A Professional Youtube Banner With Youtube Banner Templates

Youtube is one of the places you can unleash your creativity from choosing the content material, video making, and editing. On YouTube, there is a feature, where you can upload images for your profile and banner photos.

The right banner will bring up the characteristics of the Youtuber. Banners on Youtube are also often referred to as header images. This header is the first thing your visitors will see when they visit your Youtube account.

What is the advantage of youtube banner templates?

There are many YouTube banner templates that you can download and use on your Youtube account. You don’t have to worry if others turn out to use the same design. Editing precisely and adjusting to your taste so that the header describes the owner of the account.

Youtube banner template can also be used as inspiration if you don’t want to use the exact same template design. After all, the purpose of the YouTube banner template is none other than to make it easier for YouTubers to get their banners done quickly.

How to add a banner on a YouTube account?

1.     Create a banner

You can use the design app to create your own design. For easier and faster, you can also use the YouTube banner template for your banner. This will help you complete the banner in a short time.

To do this, you can download it on the template provider’s website and then perform the editing on the template. Determine the right size so customization is easier and no important piece of design is cut off.

2.     Log in on your Youtube account

Next, when the banner is ready, you are logged in on your Youtube account and go to the homepage. Move the mouse over the Cover Art, and a small Settings button will appear.

Next, you click on that Setting and it will be redirected to the Channel Settings. The rectangle place is where you attach the banner. While the rounded image in the middle of the rectangle is where you put the profile picture.

3.     Uploading the banner

If you want to change the banner, then click the camera icon in the upper right corner. Then click Choose from your photos, choose the banner you created earlier and upload it.

Next, you will be directed to edit the banner so that it is appropriate, by crop the image. When you’re done, click Use Photo.

There it is, you have your youtube banner template as the header of your account!

10+ Gift Certificate PSD Template Free

5 Reasons Why You Need to Use a Gift Certificate Template

The certificate is often an additional gift or gift, or also as a thank you from one party to another party in terms of appreciating the help, help, or arrival of a party in the success of the event they are holding.

Even though it looks and seems trivial, it is often a matter of a certificate issue that will become a serious problem if it is not addressed. In the end, the organizer, for example, will panic and feel guilty if the promised certificate will not be given to the party that was promised before.

This is because the division that manages the certificate part is often forgotten. Not to mention if there is no reliable person in the design of certificates in the team, surely the problem will be even worse. Therefore, to be able to overcome the problem it would be better if you use the gift certificate template later.

Not without reason you use it because there will be so many benefits that you can feel when in time. Curious what are the benefits that you can get when using it? Check out the 5 reasons below!

First reason: easy

Yes, you will easily manage this certificate later. You don’t need to bother thinking about what kind of design is right for your certificate later. Just follow or make a little inspiration from the existing certificate template, then adjust to your taste.

Second reason: save costs

In the absence of a special team division to manage the certificate, of course, the costs that have been prepared will be able to be reduced because they do not form a special division team to overcome this. Only the most you will pay for the process of printing certificates that are ready to be printed later in the printing section.

Third reason: free

If you choose not to create a special division in handling certificates and are entrusted to handle them independently, then the best solution is to use this gift certificate template. Because there are so many other models and designs available for free. This is certainly very better than you have to go to the printing shop or hire a special person to design this certificate later.

The fourth reason: does not require a long time

By using a template, then you don’t need a long time to prepare the certificate later. It doesn’t even need to last for days.

The fifth reason: not to mess around with graphic design applications

Don’t you have graphic design skills? Or can use it, but not so master? Instead of the results later not as expected and requires a long time, using a gift certificate template is the best solution available because you do not need to mess around with these things later.