10+ A Professional Simple Resume Template to Download

Are you seeking for a job at the moment and need a simple resume template? We provide you with a lot of types of resume to help you with that. We also give you some tips to have a good resume.


The importance of a resume

A resume is the most important document when you want to apply for a job. It is one of the job applications that you need to attach along with other supporting documents. That’s why you need to have a professional look of resume. You need to emphasize a formal tone and format in your resume. When you have a great detailed and crafted resume, it will lead you to a successful job application. It can help you get the dream job you’ve always wanted.

A good resume can also lead to a great first impression from the recruiter. If you don’t have time to make your own resume, you can download our samples of resume that can help you search what you are looking for.

A successful resume guide

We would like to provide you with the guidelines of how to make a successful resume. Here is how:

  • Choose the format that is correct based on what you need. It includes the experience, industry, and desired part will help you to choose the format of your resume.
  • Write your resume for both humans and robots. You should use the Applicant Tracking System when you are done writing your resume. It is for checking whether your resume can pass through it. Meanwhile, your resume also needs to grab the attention of the recruiter.

Key elements in the resume

A good resume provides detail information that can be fit only on a page. Most of the resumes are only on a page that makes it different from CV. The key elements that sometimes people forget to write can make the recruiters do not pay attention to your resume. Here are the key elements you should write in your resume:

Personal Information

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Address of your E-mail
  • Telephone number


Write a short summary of your aim in finding a job. Write in a sentence. The aim should be related to the desired position you apply for.


  • Name of your high school
  • State and city
  • Graduation date
  • Major Highlights (make sure that your major is needed for the position you apply for)
  • Certificates if there is any

Job and Experience

  • Side job, volunteer job, internships

(Don’t forget to include the title, organization or company, state or city, dates and a brief list of the job duties)

  • Honors and Awards

Recognition of any academic, athletic musical, talents and so on (Include the title of the honors and date when you got that)

  • Hobbies

Write in your resume about what kind of activities or hobbies you like to do. If there is any experience of becoming a football captain or something, don’t forget to write the position, the sport’s club or the name of the organization, and dates.

  • Skills

Mentions both hard and soft skills in your resume will help the recruiter describe your personality. The examples of hard skills are including Microsoft Offices, public speaking, writing, research, and others. On the other hand, soft skills are your traits like outgoing or loyal.

Download our collections of simple resume template now and adjust it until you create a perfect resume. Good luck!

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