Beautiful and Professional Envelope Template

Are you looking for an envelope template so you won’t write on an envelope manually? We provide all types of envelope templates you can download easily. Let’s check them out!


Envelope in our lives

Before you send it, a card or letter will not complete without an envelope. The usages of the envelope are many since you can’t deliver a letter without it. Among of many functions, the functions of the envelope are for a feeling of respect or mark, courtesy, and sense of privacy as well as a declaration, invitation or message. An envelope also can protect your letter from someone who wants to know the inside of the envelope. Even though many kinds of technology give an ease for all of us to communicate, envelopes are still important things to have to send secretive documents, messages, and even invitations. This thing can really make our lives more private and secure.

Microsoft Word envelope

Once you select the envelope template you need from our collection, now it is the time to edit or print it using Microsoft Word. The envelopes in Microsoft Word also exist in our page. There are different sizes of the envelope you can choose from. There are including A4, A2, and A7. There is also a size that you can customize by yourself in a format of Microsoft Word. You can also add your own logo and customize it according to what you need.

Types of the envelope templates

There are various types of envelopes that we already provide here for you. They are including:

  •    DVD and CD envelope template

Your DVD and CD are important things and need optimum security in order to avoid them from scratches, dents, fingerprints, and another type of damage. That’s why you need an envelope to send or carry them in a full coverage. The envelope should cover the whole area of the disc. The design of an envelope template for DVD and CD should be transparent and in a form of cellophane circle form in the middle. So the title of the CD can show up clearly.

  •    Label envelope template

You need several labels when you need to send some letters in the post office. But it will be a tiring day if you make the label one by one. You don’t need to worry anymore because we also provide templates for label stickers for both recipients and senders. You can also customize them the way you like it.

  •    Present card envelope template

A present card is really famous to use during special days. It is also a perfect touch on your present for your special someone. The template we provide for present cards are small that can be a nice attachment to the present. There are also many colors of the present card envelope template you can choose. You can pick the color that is matching with the wrapping gift.

So, that’s all envelope templates we provide for you. Happy download and don’t forget to review the template you’ve downloaded.

Download Template

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