7+ A Timesheet Template to Download

Are you looking for a timesheet template for your staff? Then we surely can help you with it. We provide you various templates that can help you track your employees working hours.


About a timesheet

It is an essential thing to remember the working hours we spend at work. It is to avoid wasting working hours and work overtime. You will find yourself spending time in the incorrect way when you don’t have a plan about the time you have and the way you spend it. That’s why a timesheet exists for that kind of reasons. A timesheet is an essential thing to track your record the way you plan, account, and spend your time in a certain task or session.

The function of a timesheet

A timesheet is an important thing for some companies around the world. The function of a timesheet is to record the history of the employees’ working hours in a certain period of time. A timesheet actually isn’t only for big companies, but also for a freelancer, independent contractors, and small business employees. Today, we would like to provide you templates of timesheets that are downloadable. They are also various types of timesheets including daily, weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payment schedules. There are also timesheets for employees or freelancers who insert hours of billable.

The advantages of timesheets

There are many advantages of timesheets. They are not only for tracking the record of your time at work but also make everything at work runs smoothly and fast. Any working organization should use timesheets because they are very important. In our collection, there are many types of templates to download and use including for companies like legal and lawyer, graphic design, industrial, IT timesheet templates. Employees can have their right to get the salary based on how much time they spend to work. Besides to keep track of time, timesheets for employee also can help a manager to define the employees’ ability to solve a module. The manager can assess how fast a certain employee can finish a problem.

From the employees’ side, a timesheet can give them a transparent payroll because there is evidence about the working time they spend. An employee will likely spend much time for nothing if he or she doesn’t keep track of their time using timesheets.

Why planning using timesheet matters

Without a good planning in a professional life, employees usually end up in unsatisfied or mismanagement results. Our timesheets come to help this kind of problem and to save your time much efficiently. They are ready and so easy to use to help anyone who wants to involve in a certain task or project without wasting too much time.

Timesheets from us

We provide you various timesheets which the formats are easy and user-friendly. All of our collections are reliable and acceptable timesheets for either small business or freelancer. You can edit the template first based on the thing you need or simply download it.


Timesheet template is very useful to avoid wasting time activity. By using a timesheet, you can work more efficiently.

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