5+ Easy and Simple Literature Review Example Template

We write a literature review example either to refute or support a certain argument. Look at our tips and example below. Choose one that suits your research the most.


The format of literature review

Writing a literature review needs the correct format that is acceptable in academic institutions. Here is the format to help you produce an excellent literature review:


The first important format is the introduction. You should tell what your topic is and write the reason why the topic is interesting to talk about. Don’t forget to explain how important and significant the topic is for academic journal or writing.

Article’s summary

Explain the aim shortly in one or two paragraphs. You should write how you collect the information how you did it, and the result of the study. When you want to mention a certain article, you use this format: the author’s or authors’ last name and the publication date in the text. The example is: Spivak (1995) stated that subaltern is….or Subaltern is everywhere and grows unconsciously (Spivak, 1995).


This part contains the short summary of your findings. You should include all the answers to all your questions of the study. You can include one or two questions that can be the next discussion for further study.


Last but not least, write all the studies or books as your base and inspiration to write the literature review. You should write the references using APA style format.

The purpose of writing a literature review

There is an important purpose in writing a literature review among other reasons. One of them is to discuss a certain latest event or statement from various topics. It can open many scholars and students’ mind about how a person sees a certain case related to what happens around us. In order to reveal or express someone’s argumentative statement in the literature review, he needs sources. There are a lot of sources to help you write a strong, argumentative review. Several of them are including websites, scholars’ articles, and reports from governments.

How to write a literature review

Let’s discuss how you should start writing a literature review. Follow these easy steps:

Understand APA style

APA style is a crucial element in academic writing including a literature review. Take notes about the guidelines of the general documents including spacing, margins, and font. You should also check how to write the page of the title, quotations, abstract, text citations, and body paragraph.

Choose a topic

You can choose from a scholar’s topic or any topic that may interest you.

Know the way you want to review the literature

You should try to narrow the topic and figure out the way you want to analyze it.


After you narrow down your topic, now it is the time to analyze the topic by giving supporting essay as the sources.

 Build your review

A good review should contain a coherent argument. Make sure that your argumentative statements and the sources are all relevant to the topic you choose.

Guidelines for the literature review

  • The important guidelines to write a literature review are including:
  • Make your personal statement general without choosing a side
  • Your writing can motivate or inspire the next scholars
  • Make sure one paragraph to the next paragraph is linked well

Finally, we hope our literature review example below can inspire you to start writing. Good luck!

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