3+ 5E Lesson Plan Template


5E Lesson Plan Template Sample Makes Teachers Easily Creating The Comprehensive Lesson Plan


5E lesson plan template sample is a document that teachers need to make their jobs more comfortable to do. This template consists of many things that the teachers need.

Before running the instructions, teachers will make a lesson plan to support them, delivering the lesson materials to students. For some teachers, creating a lesson plan can be time-consuming while others think the other way around. If you believe that it is so, you may use the 5E lesson plan template sample for your class instruction.


What is 5E Lesson Plan Template Sample?

This kind of template is a document of the lesson plan. That is important to obtain primarily for teachers to know the directions of their instructions in the class. This template allows the teachers to create a constructive model of instructions in the classroom.

This template is not boundaries by the ages. It can be used by the teachers who teach the students of all ages, including the adults. But do you know what 5E is?

1. The definition of 5E

The lesson plan that is based on 5E is created to fulfill the constructive model of learning. This 5E is about Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and the last is Evaluate. Each phase has a specific process.

  • Engage

The present learning experiences of students are connected to the past learning experiences

  • Explore

Providing the students with a joint base of experiences. In this phase, students identify the concept, skills, and processes as well as to develop them.


  • Explain

Students explain the ideas they explore before. This phase allows the teachers to introduce the terms, definitions and explaining the concepts, skills, behaviors, and the processes


  • Elaborate

It is to extend the conceptual understanding of students. This phase offers them to practice their behaviors and skills.


  • Evaluate

It is to encourage students to do a self-assessment about their understanding and their abilities of the key concepts and development of skills.


2. What are in the 5E lesson plan template sample?

The template usually consists of several terms to describe each phase of the 5E model of teaching.

  • The teacher’s name, the date of the class instruction, the grade of the students, and the materials are in the template.
  • The essential standards and objectives are clarified in the template. There will be space for the aspects.
  • Differentiation strategies used to meet the different needs of students should be stated in a particular space.
  • The activities of each phase are described well in 5 different spaces of the template.


That’s how to fill up the 5E lesson plan template sample. Happy Teaching Teachers!


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