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How to Make Your Company Letterhead Template Sample

company letterhead template sample won’t be that difficult to make. You can create it in minutes if you have already known how to make it.

Sometimes, looking professional can be seen from the letters established for other parties. Your company can look more professional when you use the formal letter format as well as the words used.

But, it will give you less impression if your company letter doesn’t have the letterhead. You can create your company letterhead template sample that can be used over and over again.


Company Letterhead Template Sample 

It is an introduction of a company to the addressees of the letter. Without giving an introduction sentence, your company can be noticeable by the use of the company letterhead.

You can be successful in creating it one by knowing how to create it. Do you wonder to know how to create a company letterhead template sample? 

1. The Things you have to put in the company letterhead template sample

There are several things you put in the template, such as:

  • Logo of the company
  • The tagline or slogan
  • company name, address, telephone number, web address and email information.
  • The license numbers of the company. Make sure that it is the professional ones.
  • The memberships
  • The date of establishment
  • The addresses of social media

The tipsYou need to think about the graphics of the letterhead carefully. The graphics are about logos. They can pose the issues that your company takes.


2. How to add a picture in a company letterhead template sample

  • Go to MS. Word and open a blank document.
  • Go to View menu and choose Print Layout.
  • Find the Insert menu. Choose Header.
  • The screen will appear options of headers.
  • Choose the theme you like, or you can use the Blank theme to design your header.
  • Go to the Design menu and click Insert. There will be a Pictures button. Click it to have your image in the header.
  • If you have your image in the document, you can adjust it to your header.
  • If you have got what you need, you can save it as a template by selecting the menu Save As from the File menu. Then, you need to type the file name. After that, choose the Document Template file type. And click Save.


You can use your saved company letterhead template sample again and again. It will make your job easier than before since you have got your letterhead template.




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