15+ What should be in a Letter of Intent Sample Template

There are some important elements that should be included in a letter of intent sample. Generally, a letter of intent should contain an opening, body, and closing. Although it is simple, you have to pay a great attention when creating a letter of intent. A letter of intent is the main key of your cooperation with other parties so you have to make the best one.


The opening or greeting

When you create a letter of intent, you may not know who read it so it is safe to be as general as possible. Also, you have to be polite, professional, and formal in any way. This is because the letter will be recorded as the start of your cooperation if your intention is approved.

A letter of intent should be formal, polite, and professional but you don’t want your letter to be stiffer than a new kid on the block. Also, you shouldn’t be too conversational because the person you are going to face is a professional to be professional. Thinking that you don’t know each other but really want to know what will happen if you and your target reach an agreement can be a good way to keep your letter of intent on point and proper.

The main issue of your letter of intent

There is a slight difference between a cover letter and a letter of intent. In a cover letter, you totally know what you are going to have and in what position you currently are. When in a letter of intent, you don’t know that you will get what you intend to have or no. To tackle this problem, you can try to position yourself so the reader thinks that they really need you. Also, putting a brief explanation about the company or industry can help you to further advertise your skill to be in line with what is needed by the company. Going specifically for your experience and level is optional because if the letter is too long, some reader may find it not interesting.

If you decide to not go deeper for your experience and job level, make sure that you stay on track and don’t sell yourself too obviously. Stick to the point where you describe the ideal situation that suit with your experience and level. If you are a level-headed person, you can try to tempt the reader with your knowledge of your intended company. Find out their mission and priorities on the company website. You can read the review about the company from their ex-employee. If you really have no idea about what you are going to write, you can predict what things that the company needed and then suit yourself into that description. Keep in mind that what you are selling should be relevant to the company.

Closing your letter

Casually closing your letter and be formal and polite is a great way to end your letter. The basic professional closing, although overused, is still one of the best. Make sure that you don’t sound too stiff and formal. Be brief and orderly so the reader will get what you want. All of the elements above can be applied in a letter of intent sample.


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