9+ Important Elements in an Executive Summary Template

An executive summary template is usually brief, straight to the point, and very formal. Your goal is to impress the reader with facts about your content. If you have a good template, then your executive summary will be great. Here are things that should be on our executive summary template.

Solid introduction

Your introduction should be short and powerful but not too flashy. You have to state your intention and the content of the document. You should create a paragraph that will make the reader interested to read more.


Explain your company information

Your company information should contain your company name, a brief description of your goal, contact information, size of your operations, and location. If it is necessary, you can add investors, founders, or corporate leadership so the reader will have the interest to read more. A brief history of your company can be good so your reader will know what your company have been through and captivate the interest of your reader. If you have to do a presentation, make sure that you mention those who responsible for the report’s finding.

Tell what your products and services are

Either fulfilling a need or solving a problem, you should put the goal of your product or service. The reader should know what you are highlighting on your document and the research you have done. Explain your vision and mission to your reader. Also, you should mention that if your product or service is relevant at the current time.

Market analysis is important

Doing an analysis of your product or service market is obviously important. With a business plan explained, your reader will get you are trying to achieve with the product or service. Mentioning your solution for future problems is important to further convince the reader. Generally, you should present your product or service as unique as possible until the reader gets the innovation you are trying to achieve.

Analyze the competition of your product or service

Further analyzing things you propose is important so the reader can be convinced to use anything you offer. You can explain basic things such as the sustainability of your product, the risk you will take when your product launched to the market, or you can compare your product with major competitors. The goal is to convince the reader that you have a great product and it will be a waste if the reader can’t utilize what you are proposing.

Explain the source of the financials

To fulfill your intention, you have to be really detailed about your product. How much it cost, how much money it takes for a research, and how much money needed to further develop your product. Using metrics is a wise decision so your reader will have a greater understanding of your intention. Context is everything so keep your financial detail as clear as possible.

Concluding your executive summary

Explain briefly the problem and solution, findings, or the future plan when the product is successful. Make your summary to be clear but leave some things unanswered so your reader will be more interested in what you are proposing. The points above are good things to be included in an executive summary template.

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