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Email Signature Template: 7 Things You Must Include

Having a good email signature template is important. It’s a great way to make it easy for people to reach you out. They can also find out more about you and your business. Here is how you can make full use of your email signature.

What Your Email Signature Template Must Include

Your signature will depend on your organization or business, but these things must be included.

First and Last Name

Your name must be included so that your recipient knows who you are. It’s usually the first line of the signature.


After your name, list your affiliation. This may include your job title and your organization or company. Your affiliation gives you more credibility, especially if it’s recognizable. Your recipient is more inclined to take you seriously.

Secondary Contact Information

It’s important to let your recipient know the other ways to reach out to you. This may include your office number, fax, or even address. You may also include social media. If you work with people around the globe, make sure that your country code is listed in your number.

Social Media

Nowadays, social media are an important part of your personal brand. They show the image that you want other people to see. Including them in your email signature help you build a following and increase traffic to your social media. However, make sure that your social media always have interesting, up-to-date content.

It’s better to use icons rather than links as icons stand out more. However, don’t include too many. 5 should be enough.

Booking Links

Are you sending emails to colleagues and clients who want to have a meeting with you? You can include a link to book your calendar in your signature. There are many great tools that synchronize

Including an image is a great way to make your signature more interesting. You can use your professional photo for personal branding, or the company logo to increase brand awareness.


While not technically a part of the signature, it’s important to make your email signature mobile-friendly. People check their email through their phones more frequently than through non-mobile devices.

Creating Your Own Email Signature

Now it’s time for you to create your own. If you’re not sure how to do it, there are many email signature template you can find online. Keep in mind the above factors while making your signature.


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