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Why Use Table of Contents Template for Your Documents

Using a table of contents template might make it easier for you to create a great table. You may think that this part of the document is unnecessary and nobody reads it. But it is actually very useful and can help you a lot if you know how to write it well.

Why You Need a Table of Contents

The table of contents (TOC) is a list of your document’s chapters, sections, and figures, and which page number corresponds to each part. It gives a quick glance at how your document is organized. A good TOC should be easy to read and well-formatted.

There are benefits to having a table of contents, such as:

Easier Navigation

Even if your document is digital, a TOC can make navigating it so much easier. Great TOC’s should have embedded links to the chapters or sections of your document. This makes it even more convenient to read a particular section.

Setting the Tone of Your Document

If you are writing an ebook, a TOC can be very useful to set the tone of your book. Online book-selling services often include features that give a reader a look at your book’s TOC. If you can write a comprehensive but interesting TOC, it will be easier to catch your potential readers’ attention.

Using a Table of Contents Template

When it comes to creating a TOC, it is better to use a template for the following reasons:


You can write your TOC manually, but it is difficult and time-consuming if your document is long. Many word-processing programs such as Microsoft Word have templates that allow you to format your TOC conveniently. If in the process of editing your page numbers change, you can easily update the format automatically.


The style of your table of contents will depend on what your document is like. If the document is for an academic setting or office matters, a formal one is the best. But if you are creating a write-up for a non-profit organization or a charity event, something less formal works well. Non-fiction books might benefit from a balance between formal and informal formats.

There are countless online resources where you can find many template variations. Most of them are made to be used with programs such as Microsoft Word. So, you can automatically incorporate the table of contents template of your choice into your document.

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