Hotel Cleaner Cover Letter Sample, Duties, And Responsibilities

Writing a cover letter is a professional way to get the attention of the hiring manager. No matter what the position is, even though it is not office-based work, a cover letter will be very appreciated. It means a candidate has a professional standard. Even for a hotel cleaner position, writing the hotel cleaner cover letter is necessary so the hiring manager can spot the potentials of a candidate easily.

What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Hotel Cleaner?

A hotel cleaner performs various duties which must be done in several areas. It also has similar tasks like housekeeping. The following are some of the responsibilities to understand before writing a hotel cleaner cover letter:

  • Clean the hotel areas from lobbies, elevators, corridors, lounges, and also the guest room.
  • Organize the working schedule in the shift.
  • Distributing supplies to the rooms, guests, and other areas.
  • Restock the supplies in each room from soaps, drinking glasses, and others.
  • Change the dirty lines with clean ones and inspect the facilities regularly in case some need to be changed.
  • Respond to guests’ requests and also respond to calls for various housekeeping problems such as broken glasses, spills, and many more.
  • Making reports for various safety hazards and issues and continuously observing the damage of the property in the hotel.

What Are The Requirements To Be A Hotel Cleaner?

to be a hotel cleaner, you can apply with a high school diploma or relevant degree. You also need to have good knowledge of cleaning techniques and sanitation products. Besides, you should have a well-knowledge of cleaning sensitive materials. It is important too to have strong stamina as this job requires a lot of mobility from lifting, kneeling, bending, reaching, and so on.

The Example Of Hotel Cleaner Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Jefferson Celgne,

I would like to apply for a Hotel Cleaner position in Orchid Hotel. I am very confident that my educational background and skills meet your requirements.

I have graduated from hospitality school and I have experience working in the hospitality industry during my apprenticeship. I am good at management skills and able to follow the company’s policy.

Also, I have learned a lot about the hospitality industry in the school and I am very excited to expand my knowledge in this sector. I am in the good physical condition and can bend, lift, run errands, push, and other heavy works that are most needed in the industry.

I will appreciate it if you spend some time reviewing my resume. I would be glad if we can set up a meeting so I can explain my potential. Please reach me at (444)444-444 or by email at


Yours Sincerely,



Adam Hook

A tip to make your hotel cleaner cover letter look outstanding, avoid unnecessary details like your hobby and your emotional stories. This is a professional letter in which the employer only recognizes your professionalism in working. We hope this example helps you.

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