5+ Customer Journey Map


Essential Components in Customer Journey Map

Have you ever heard about a customer journey map? There are already many people who apply this customer journey map, especially those who work in a marketing field. But it is also beneficial for customers as well, just like the name.

A customer journey map is actually a visual presentation which describes the relationship and interaction between customers and a certain organization or brand. If you decide to use a customer journey map template sample, there are 5 main components that should be included.


A persona represents the characters of customers which include the customers’ basic identity, habits, and goals, characteristics, and many other things that are related to a product or service provided by a brand or organization.


The timeline outside the persona circle is a specific cycle of time which is usually in the form of stages of interaction between customers and an organization or brand from beginning to end.

For example, the initial stage is an introduction phase where a brand introduces its services or products to customers. The second stage is a learning phase where a future customer starts to find out more about the product or service.

The third stage is a purchasing phase where a customer decides to buy the product or use the service offered by a certain brand. And the last stage shows the customer’s reaction after purchasing the product or using the service.


The touchpoint is activities which describe the interaction relationship between customers and organization or brand on the customers’ side. For example, in the learning phase, customers compare with other brands which offer the same products or service.


The customers’ emotions should be represented well in every touchpoint. Whether they are satisfied, disappointed, angry, happy, or others. It will be better if the emotion is accompanied by sentences or words that directly come out from the customers.


The device means the media where the customers know about the product or service of a certain brand or organization. Whether it is on the internet, television, and more.

Those are the 5 main components that should be in a customer journey map template sample. With the customer journey map, a brand will be able to know the customers’ reactions to the product or service offered as well as useful information to create insights.

This way, the customers’ needs will be able to be fulfilled through the product or service offered by the brand.

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