10+ Graduation Announcement PSD Flyer Template


Graduation Announcement Template for Modern Graduates

How many years do you need to complete your education? Although education is a process and graduation is just part of the process, it is hard to forget the fact that graduation is an important milestone for many people’s life. They want to celebrate it and they want to announce it to the world that it is the result of their hard work. You can celebrate and announce your graduation in various ways including by using the graduation announcement template.

Share Your Happy Graduation Moment with Style

Why do you need to celebrate your graduation? It is indeed a happy moment because you have to spend years studying before you can graduate. Some people want to keep it humble and down to earth but there is nothing wrong to share this happiness with other people. It does not mean that you have to throw a party because a simple graduation announcement can be made with style.

Digital Announcement for Modern Graduates

As modern graduates, you might have your philosophy or lifestyle that you want to present on your graduation announcement. The printed announcement sounds great and there was a time that people think it is the most suitable way to announce something. You can use the graduation announcement template for creating a stylish graduation announcement easily and quickly. However, if you do not want to print it, you can always go for a digital announcement that is getting more popular among modern graduates. It is simpler and more importantly, it is also more eco-friendly.

How to Find the Best Graduation Announcement Template

Now, you will not find any difficulty to find various templates that can be used for making your graduation announcement. Nevertheless, to make the best one, you need to consider these factors.

Customizable Designs

You have to make sure that the design of the graduation announcement is customizable. This way, you will be able to make it more personal and suitable for your style.

Text to Add

Of course, the template should allow you to add and adjust the text to make the right announcement.

Photo to Add

A great way to personalize your graduation announcement is by adding photos. This should be something you could do with the chosen template.


If you want to print your graduation announcement, you will love the template that also comes with envelope design.

You can find the graduation announcement template for announcing your graduation happiness with a modern and humble style.

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