7+ Customer Service Resume Examples


Customer Service Resume Examples for Students, Fresh Graduates, etc.

Being a customer service is very fun. If you are interested in this job position, you should apply for this job when available. Many companies need customer services. A solid resume is required for a job application. The following customer service resume examples can be your reference.

Sample of Customer Service Resume

The customer service resume sample can be seen below:

Federico Albert

Austin, TX 55292




An energetic customer service representative with 4 years of experience resolving complex customers’ inquiries. Passionate about building good customer relationships, increasing customer engagement, and driving brand loyalty.


The University of Coral Springs, Coral Springs, TX

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 2013-2017


JJ Group Inc., Austin, TX

Customer Service Representative, July 2019 – present

  • Achieve 98% avg. customer service satisfaction rating to date, surpassing the goal of the team by 15%
  • Propose a more efficient call script to reduce avg. customer handling time, well received & implemented by management
  • Train & mentor 5 new employees on conflict resolution, Zendesk CRM, and JIRA
  • Pioneered development of an improved system to follow up with unsatisfied customers, reducing customer churn by 8%
  • Resolve 250+ weekly customer inquiries via email & phone, exceeding targets consistently

Underwater Corporation, Austin, TX

Customer Service Representative, July 2017 – April 2019

  • Exceeded weekly credit card app targets consistently by 13% with innovative upselling techniques
  • Assisted develop a new customer service representative training program cutting training time in half from a month to 15 days
  • Spearheaded customer referral program, increasing customer base by 17% in less than a quarter
  • Made 35 outbound calls a day to follow up with customers who were overdue in their payments
  • Received #2 Customer Service Representative in the Western Region Award (out of 400+ reps)


  • Outbound/inbound calling
  • Proficient in Ms. Office
  • Fluent in French


How to Write a Customer Service Resume

To write a solid customer service representative resume, there are a few steps you will have to do:

  1. At the top of the resume, you should display your name and contact information.
  2. After that, open your resume with a brief summary!
  3. Then, what you will need to include in the resume is your education.
  4. Next, you are required to highlight your experience including your duties.
  5. At the end of the resume, don’t forget to list your skills!
  6. You can also add other sections such as honors, awards, interests, etc. if needed.

People also ask

There are some specific skills to put on a customer service resume template including interpersonal skills, time management, bilingual customer support, positive attitude, building customer loyalty, improving customer experience, active listening skills, and attention to detail.

What Are the Duties & Responsibilities of a Customer Service?

The main job duty of customer service is to address customer problems and resolve them fast & efficiently. Customer service is also responsible for supporting reps interact with customers on various channels like social media, email, & phone.

What Is Customer Service Experience?

Customer service experience means the sentiment related to a company’s ability to provide positive job experiences to their customers. Services may range from one-on-one interactions where a support agent resolves a customer problem, to exchanges with the brand on a more public scale.

How Do I Make My Customer Service Resume Stand Out?

You have to keep your resume short. It is better to consider a single-page resume. You also need to make it easy to read. Besides, don’t forget to add a summary. In addition, you should also consider keywords. Following this free template will also make your resume stand out from the competition.

Customer Service Resume with No Work Experience

After you graduate from your college, you can look for work experience in customer service soon. Because you have never worked before, your resume should focus on your education and skills. These sections should be optimized.

Customer Service Resume Template Word

This customer service resume template is customizable. Anyone who is interested in a customer service position can use and customize this resume template Word. All the information provided must be based on your qualifications.

Customer Service Resume for College

It is a good idea to work part-time as customer service while studying at a college. This resume is appropriate for college students. With this resume, you can convince a hiring manager that you are the best candidate for his/her customer service.

Resume for Customer Service First Job

If you are looking for your first job experience in customer service, this resume can help you. Looking for the first job is very challenging so that you have to make your resume as impressive and convincing as possible.

Customer Service Resume Sample

There are many free customer service resumes available on the internet. This resume sample can be a good option for you. This can be your reference to guide you structure your own resume. Using a professional format and structure, this resume sample is very inspiring.

Customer Service Resume Example

This example will give you a lot of advantages. If you want to apply for customer service, this example will ease your task in writing a solid resume. You can see the basic format of this resume example and follow its structure. Just feel free to write it based on your own qualifications.

Free Customer Service Resume Template

Everyone is free to use this resume template. You don’t need to pay at all to get this template. Just use it and match this resume to the job posting you are interested in. You have to optimize key sections including your experience, education, and skills to impress a hiring manager.

You have seen the customer service resume examples and guidelines above. Now, your task is to write your own resume. This resume uses a reverse-chronological format and most recruiters prefer this resume. So, using & following this resume is a good decision for you to get your desired job.

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