Guidance before Writing Legal Analyst Cover Letter and its Sample Letter

People are getting more aware of the importance of legal analyst for a company. With the crucial skill of gathering and analyzing the stream of data, there are massive hiring process done by the law firms or any company which owns its legal unit. As the work demand is increasing, the competition between the applicants gets fierce and so does the requirements. Before joining the job, it is better to know the duties and basic skills as well as reading the sample of a legal analyst cover letter below to give you more thorough understanding.

Legal Analyst Job Descriptions

Legal analyst job descriptions can be varied based on the task assigned by each organization, but mostly it deals with gathering and analyzing set of data to be able to interpret and make use of it for the organization’s purpose. The legal analysts usually make reports to the management department and team leader regarding the data to help the company achieves the goals. It is possible that legal analysts deal with company’s legal documents, contracts, investments, or transactional documentation. They collect the information from the needed documents to be analyzed and reviewing it for the beneficial of the company.

Skills Needed for Legal Analysts

Before you are writing thelegal analystcover letter, it is time to check if you have the following skills needed. As the job is to analysis and interpret data, data visualization needs to be mastered. The ability to present the data in an interesting and easy-to-understand way becomes important to deliver the result. Then, legal analysts also need to have the ability to present it clearly, through good communication skills. In researching and analyzing the data, legal analysts have to thinking critically in order to find the pattern, correlation, or solution from the data. With more experience, an individual usually can do it better.

Legal Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Below is the sample of legal analyst cover letter sent by someone who moved from a company to law firm to achieve personal career goal.

Dear Mr. Maher,

I am writing this letter to show my interest in applying for a legal analyst position at ABC Law Firm, as it is advertised on the newspaper. I have been within the same field for three years as I was working in a legal unit at Unity Organizations so I believe I have the basic needed skills for the position.

I handled a huge part of data such as legal documents, transactions, and contracts, during my previous work. Researching, collecting, and interpreting data with figures and facts can be a lot but I am excellent at taking conclusions. I am also great in presenting the result so that everyone understands well.

Working for several years give me sense of professionalism as I always meet the deadline in finishing the job and I have no problem in working under pressure. I can work effectively in team or if I am assigned to work individually over a specific matter. Feel free to contact me at 123-123-123 for further interview. Thank you.



Donald Keihl

The legal analyst cover letter above is brief but it is enough to highlight the skills of the applicant.


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