Executive Assistant Cover Letter Examples, Duties, And Responsibilities

Forget every image you have seen in movies about what the executive assistant does. There is more task than doing meetings and answering calls. If you are going to write a cover letter, make sure you understand well its duties and responsibilities so you can match it with your skill. On this page, we have provided the executive assistant cover letter example that you can reuse.


What Are The Duties Of An Executive Assistant?

An executive assistant has several duties and responsibilities such as the following things:

What Are the Requirements To Be An Executive Assistant Cover Letter?


The minimum degree required to fill this position is a high school diploma. However, most executive assistants are filled with bachelor’s or associate’s degree. Many professionals also take various professional courses to elevate the skills. some companies even require a candidate to be experienced in certain years.


Most candidates should follow through with certain training for few weeks or even months. They are trained to use specific software and shadow another assistant.


It will be a plus when a candidate has a related certificate that can be used to improve the skills and increase the earning potential. Several types of certification can be taken, such as certified administrative professional, Microsoft Office specialist, and many more. These certification programs are very useful.

What Are Skills Needed To Be A Professional Executive Assistant?

The skills required to be a professional executive assistant are interpersonal, organizational, writing, flexibility, and computing skills. These soft skills are mainly used in the organization. So, consider taking some soft skill training to help you look outstanding.

The Example Of Executive Assistant Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Derreck,

I am Ella Henderson and I am interested to apply as an Executive Assistant in ABC Company. I am currently working as an executive assistant for Mr. Darren Wood, the director of the Marketing  Division at Candera Inc in Baltimore. I will be relocating to Washington D.C with my husband and I would like to work for ABC Company.

I have 5 years of experience working with Candera Inc. I graduated from XYZ University with honors with a Bachelor of Administration. I have also enclosed my reference letter from Mr. Darren Wood. I believe you are acquainted with the director and he will be happy to discuss it with you.

Technology and management are my greatest skills and I am aware it is a big deal in making the tasks run smoothly. I am used to using Ms. Office tools, Photoshop and PowerPlugs Charts. I also possess excellent management skills which I manage various tasks and filling in these 5 years.

I hope you will take some minutes to have a close look at my resume. I will be glad if you also spend some time setting a meeting for an interview. Please contact me by phone at (777)777-777 or email at ella.henderson@email.com.

Thank you for your consideration.


Yours Sincerely


Ella Henderson

We hope our  short tips can help you. You can reuse our executive assistant cover letter examples with your own style. Good luck!

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