3+ Avery Name Badge Template Sample

Avery Name Badge Template Sample

Are you looking for the Avery name badge template sample? We all know that placing a name badge is essential especially if you are working on a business field. You need to display your name in a decent and good way so that people will know who you are and how to address you. It is not just simply introduce yourself to other people. We are talking about self-promotion and self-identification. How are you going to mingle and talk to other people if your name badge does not even display your name properly? This is why you need to use the template as it will help you in designing a good name badge. Now, if you want to know the detail of the name badge, then keep on reading on this article.

What you need to know about a name badge

Now, before we get into the Avery name badge template sample, you need to know a few things first about a name badge. What is the name badge? A name badge is a kind of tag which is used by people at events, offices, or for other purposes. Generally, the name badge is used to show the identification of the wearer. Not only that but a name badge is also used for engagement and data intelligence. Another purpose of the name badge is that for a marketing tool for companies. People will be able to talk to you by knowing little bits of information present on the name badge. This is what then called networking. Typically, the name badge is made of paper and it is held within a lanyard and a plastic cardholder. Then, the wearer simply hangs the name badge on his/her neck as an identifier.

The sample

Finally, we get onto the exciting part which is the Avery name badge template sample. There are at least 3 types of name badge templates that you can download. The first one is the 2-per-sheet badges from Avery. This name badge templates can be used to display your first name. You can also customize the badge with your own design to make it looks more eye-catching. The second one is 5-per-sheet mini badges. You can use these mini badges to display your names or nicknames and mingle with people to build your networking. The last one is 8-per-sheet name badges template. Just like the previous ones, you can also customize these badges and display your first name.


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